A change of mindset changes lives

A change of mindset changes lives

In all “reprogramming” techniques, the first step is important, to become aware of our beliefs and patterns of behavior that lead to unpleasant, painful and bad experiences. The winning formula for realizing a wish is visualization, and then action and achieving a goal, which is the recipe for success of top athletes.

How does a change of mindset change lives?

HOW MANY times have you hurt yourself because of anger, fear, jealousy, or a desire for revenge? Only when the “storm” calms down, do you realize that you are not feeling well. Negative emotions destroy, so it is important to “feed” the subconscious with positive thoughts, and over time we can change lives, that is, erase bad patterns. Although we are not born with negative attitudes, deep-rooted attitudes have been instilled in us by our parents and the environment, and we have “programmed” ourselves to think so. What kind of influence can thoughts and emotions have on our lives, reveals Serbian psychotherapist Maja Mandic Markovich.

We can inherit patterns of behavior and beliefs from distant ancestors, but we mostly accept them from parents, close people, peers, authorities, as well as those from their parents. Some beliefs are the result of opinions and experiences that we experienced in childhood. Of course, not all of them are negative, much help us to function successfully in different situations. However, over time, we begin to recognize and recognize patterns of behavior that make us feel unhappy, hurt ourselves or others, and experience ourselves as unsuccessful and incompetent. In all “reprogramming” techniques, the first step is very important, and that is to become aware of our beliefs and patterns of behavior that lead to unpleasant, painful and bad experiences in various areas of life. It is also important that we accept responsibility for our lives and work.

A change of mindset changes lives

How do thoughts and feelings create life?

Both thoughts and feelings act in several ways. First, our environment notices what mood we are in. Do we feel when our partner came home nervous and when a colleague at work is angry? Other people’s negative feelings often repel and frighten us, so we get the desire to distance ourselves from someone who spreads negative energy around us. On the other hand, both consciously and unconsciously, we tend to join the company of people who are full of enthusiasm, smiling, witty, friendly, who encourage a good mood. Just as positive energy attracts us, negative energy repels us. Feelings and thoughts lead to action, and when they turn into deeds, it can be seen in our life and in the lives of the surrounding people. If we perceive colleagues as enemies, who threaten and threaten us, it eventually leads to stressful situations and conflicts.

Why are the things we are afraid of happening to us?

Mark Twain said that he survived a thousand unfortunate situations in his life, the largest number of which never happened. Of course, we are all sometimes inclined to make negative projections and constructions, unfortunately much more than positive ones. We are taught to be focused on problems and possible complications, so the more often we deal with negative and unhappy outcome, the more we direct the energy of thoughts and feelings in that direction. Also, we notice that something bad happened, rather than admitting to ourselves that there were good situations. Negative beliefs and expectations act as a kind of perceptual filter or selective glasses, they determine what we will see in our environment. For example, we can be infuriated by rude drivers and we will be angry because of their behavior and under stress, so we will not see the sunny sky and the happy smile of a child approaching us to hug us when we return from work.

A change of mindset changes lives

If fear is holding us back from achieving our goals, how do we set ourselves?

Fear is not our enemy. Fear tells us in which direction we can progress and develop. When we want to expand the zone of influence, abilities, success, contacts, we always feel a certain dose of fear and tension. When we go towards the goal, even though we are afraid, we always feel an influx of extra energy. If we do not give up, after a while, the situations that scared us seem quite ordinary, even attractive. For example, we were afraid to give presentations in front of colleagues and to express our opinion. But, on the other hand, we wanted to show our knowledge and ideas. After some time, we gained experience and skill, and that activity became pleasant for us, and we were satisfied with the results.

Dissatisfied people often “attract” bad events. Are thoughts enough to change lives?

Honestly, there’s a lot to do. To begin with, it is important to accept full responsibility for your life and what happens in it. Such a person, first, must move from the place of “victim” and immediately stop all the mechanisms by which he takes away his strength and life energy. These are, most often, blaming others for life’s failures, justifying oneself, whining, self-pity and negative attitudes on various issues. Without these changes, initiating positive thoughts has a short-term effect, from a few days to a few weeks.

What is the connection between thoughts and feelings?

They are always connected, for example, thinking about a loved one is accompanied by certain feelings. And vice versa. Even when our feelings are vague, they soon begin to be accompanied by thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. By changing our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, we can also change our feelings. We, indeed, have that ability. For example, if we think of our work as meaningless and stressful, of ourselves as a missed topic, of colleagues as losers or “energy vampires”, of course it will be accompanied by certain states and feelings. We will hate to get up and go to work, we will despise ourselves and our lives. And that will result in poor business results. In time, we will become depressed and probably physically ill.

A change of mindset changes lives

How do we “invoke” more love into life?

A positive view of the world is an attitude. As many bad and difficult situations around us, so many good, friendly, joyful and encouraging ones. The fact that culture and the media are mainly focused on emphasizing and giving meaning to negative things, does not oblige us to follow that. It is important that we consciously and lovingly open our eyes to the good, beautiful, honest, friendly, which happens every day in our environment and life. Try to keep a “diary of good things”. As you deal with daily commitments and work tasks, stop and look for positive impressions, allow yourself to feel their energy. For example, I slept well, my husband prepared breakfast, I saw a playful kitten on the street, a girl and a young man were laughing and hugging, the sun was rising under the clouds, a colleague said that we received praise for the project, my son got a four in math … It doesn’t matter how small the impressions are. Small things lead to big ones. In love, it is important to be aware, not only of what we do not want, but above all what we want in relation to our partner. We can make a list of positive traits, interests and joint activities.

Can we “revive” our desire through visualization?

When we want something, it is normal to imagine it and dream about it. Visualization gives the best results when we go step by step. For example, imagine meeting and first contact with your soulmate, and stand there until you have a clear picture of that encounter. Then, go to the next step. When we like someone, many tend to fantasize too much. Then, in our thoughts, with someone we haven’t even met well yet, we quickly get to have fun, marriage, children, life together … We get lost in fantasy, which is usually more beautiful than reality. We have imagined our future life so much that there is no need to live it. We do nothing and stay in the world of dreams, and time passes. So the winning formula is a bit of visualization, then action and goal achievement. It gives great results in the preparation of top athletes, so why not in your life as well.

A change of mindset changes lives

Which emotions hold us back, and which are useful?

Try to emphasize your good qualities, strengths, successful deeds. Because, they are true, as are our shortcomings. When we are aware of our virtues, it is easier for us to cope with the behavior that is holding us back. We see their transformation as a challenge through which we will be able to become happier and more successful, so it is easier for us to face the fears, sadness, resentment, anger, and injuries that we carry within us. The most important thing is to be honest with ourselves, accept responsibility and acknowledge how things stand in our lives and important relationships with people. It is also important to be aware that it depends on us how we will live, what we will do and who we will be with.

The subconscious always knows the answer!

From the earliest childhood, we have been exposed to negative suggestions. Not knowing how to deal with them, we usually accept them silently. “You are not capable of that”, “You will never become a man”, “You will fail”, “It doesn’t matter what you know, but when you know”, “You will never succeed”, “You will soon run out of dinars”, “No one can be trusted “… Thus acquired impressions from childhood, create patterns of behavior, which can later lead to problems and even defeat in personal and social life. The only cure is to change the way of thinking, “consultation” with the subconscious. If you send her thoughts such as “I am not able to do that”, “I am too old”, “I was born at the wrong time”, “I do not know the right people”, she will always react in accordance with their content. Thus, you deprive yourself of happiness and well-being and invoke poverty and want. If you create obstacles, difficulties or negative thoughts in the consciousness, the power of the subconscious brings bad events.

The subconscious is not capable of solving problems, but if you want it to work for you, make the right request to it and cooperation will not be lacking. She is always in our service, she monitors the work of your heart, the rhythm of breathing, heals the cut on your finger, she is directed towards life and constantly takes care of us. He adopts our patterns of opinion and will answer whenever you embark on a search for a solution to a problem, but at the same time he will expect you to create the right starting points in your consciousness. The subconscious always has an answer. However, if you say “I don’t believe there is a way out, I’m confused, because the answer is constantly eluding me”, you nullify the power of your own prayer, that is, your subconscious.

A change of mindset changes lives



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