A cup of good coffee – an instructive story!

A cup of good coffee – an instructive story!

A group of former students, now successful business people, gathered and visited an old professor from the faculty. The conversation soon grew into complaints of fatigue, exhaustion, stress at work, in the family and at every step of life.

The professor listened to them with full attention and compassion.

“I think you need a cup of good coffee,” he said and retreated to the kitchen.

He returned with a large pot from which coffee was smoked and a whole assortment of cups. Each was different. There were porcelain, plastic, glass, paper, crystal, ceramic… Some looked precious, as if they came from the court of the last Chinese emperor, others looked quite ordinary, others were truncated and broken…

“Serve yourself a coffee”!

A cup of good coffee – an instructive story!

When all the former students had a cup in their hand, the professor remarked:

Beautiful and precious ones burst into flames. There are still, untouched, ugly, ordinary and cheap cups on the table. You want only the best for yourself, which is also a source of stress for you. And yet, the look of the cup does not taste good. It just gets more expensive, and sometimes it obscures what we drink. You all really needed good coffee, not a cup. You reached for the best though. And then you kept measuring other people’s cups.

When you get caught up in a whirlwind of stress and dissatisfaction, remember that coffee is like life. And work, money and position in society… like a cup. The cup does not define or change the quality of life we live. Sometimes, concentrating only on a cup, we miss enjoying coffee.

You drink coffee, not a cup!

The happiest people don’t have all the best, they get the best out of everything. They live simply, speak kindly, love generously…”

A cup of good coffee – an instructive story!


I hope you liked the instructive story about the professor and coffee?

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