A great man!

A great man!

The former Liverpool striker, and the new member of Bayern, Sadio Mane, is known as a great humanitarian.

One of the best football players of today, he often donates money to his people in Senegal, and especially generously donates to his village and its inhabitants.

Mane grew up in severe poverty and knows very well what a good part of his people are going through. That is why he decided not to spend money on luxury, but to help as much as possible.

His village of Bambali was reborn thanks to him. The place with 2,000 inhabitants received a new school for which Mane set aside 270,000 euros, then a hospital for which he gave about 500,000 euros, and a church. But that’s not all. He built a gas station and a post office in the village, and the village will soon get a grass football field. He also introduced 4G internet in the whole village.

But that’s not all! Each family and it is assumed that there are about 700 of them, received 70 euros a month from Mane.

Truly, a great man.

A great man!


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