A letter to a newborn granddaughter

A letter to a newborn granddaughter

One grandmother wrote a letter to a newborn granddaughter and delighted the world.

My dear, I could have written this letter a quarter of a century ago, for your mother… But, then I was twenty-five years old and I was dealing with other questions: how to feed the family, will I be able to take the child to kindergarten and get to the lecture. Your grandfather worked night shifts and couldn’t find me when your mom cried all night because of frequent childhood illnesses. I am now fifty years old and have a little more experience that I would like to share with you. I’m not claiming to know everything about life, but after all, I’m your grandmother and I want you to be happy. And these tips of mine won’t bother you!

Don’t be afraid of falling!

Swing, skate, ride a bike, Rollerblade, and don’t be afraid of falling. It will hurt, but you will also learn to be fast and to get up when you cry.

Don’t be afraid to show your point of view!

It is not your obligation to remain silent if you do not like something or do not agree with something. Do not hide your opinion for the sake of friendship or love. If they don’t hear what you have to say or ask you to be loyal – they lack such friendship and love.

Don’t be ashamed to apologize!

Only brave girls know how to apologize and see their mistakes, and I would really like you to be like that. It’s not easy to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. How can I fix the situation?” But you have to learn that, and when you learn that, no one will beat you anymore.

Don’t be afraid to get a bad grade!

The unit is not a terrible thing at all. The unit points out weak points and tells you what to work on. A lower grade does not mean you are stupid. It’s just your motivation to work. It is the same during life when you leave school. Defeats are an integral part of life and they are not bad at all.

A letter to a newborn granddaughter

Don’t be afraid of not being popular!

While all the popular snobs go to parties, waste time on various corners, and spend days on the Internet uploading their photos, you will master, for example, archery, horseback riding, singing … At the age of eighteen, these popular ones will still iron a chair in front of a computer, and then you will already conquer the world and, perhaps, really set out on a journey around the world.

Don’t be afraid to be “weird” to others!

Your grandmother isn’t afraid of that either.

Don’t be afraid to get married or not to get married!

When you grow up, no one should care if you have a wedding ring on your hand or not. But, if you have decided that marriage and family life are for you – try to meet the man of your life, and then everything will be fine. Not even socks all over the house will annoy you. In addition, there will be someone to massage you in the evening, and you will have someone to walk the dog with…

Don’t be afraid of giving birth!

I won’t lie to you – it hurts. But it is the most beautiful thing that can happen in a woman’s life.

A letter to a newborn granddaughter


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