The life story of Agatha Christie – the queen of crime novels

Agatha Christie is an English writer best known for her crime novels. That is why many called her “the queen of crime” and “the queen of mystery”. She was born on September 15, 1890, in Torquay, England. She died at the age of 86, on January 12, 1976.

Her works, such as “Murder on the Orient Express” and “The Mustery of the Blue Train”, have positioned her high on the list of best-selling authors in history.

In her 56-year long career, she has written about 70 crime novels and 165 short crime stories. She has also written several plays, the most famous of which is the play “The Mousetrap”, which is in the theater in London, played more than 25,000 times and is one of the most played plays in history. “The Mousetrap”, was played for the first time in 1952. She also wrote love novels and memoirs. Her works have been translated into 50 languages to make the books available to readers around the world.

Agatha Christie published her first novel in 1920. It is about the novel “A Mysterious Event in Styles”. This novel hinted that Agatha would become one of the most famous authors of mysteries in history.

Afterwards, novels such as “„The murder at The Vicarage“, “Partners in Crime” and “„Said cypress“.

In the following text, I will describe the life story of the life story of Agatha Christie – the queen of crime novels!


The best-selling author, Agatha Christie was born Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller in the south-west of England. Her father’s name was Frederick Alve Miller, and her mother’s name was Margaret Miller. At just 11, Agatha was left without a father who worked as a self-employed entrepreneur on the stock market. Frederick and Clarice, in addition to Agatha, had two other children, a son Louis and a daughter Margaret. Agatha was the youngest child in the family.

The Miller family was Christian. Yet Agatha, like Louis and Margaret, believed that their mother was clairvoyant and possessed paranormal powers. Clarissa was the daughter of a British military captain.

Agatha’s mother educated her at home and encouraged her to write, while her brother and sister attended school. As a child, Agatha loved fantasy games and character creation.

She had trouble reading and writing. Her writing was slow and full of mistakes. As she did not attend school, her father taught her mathematics at home, but, as mentioned in the above text, he died when she was eleven years old. Still, despite everything, she found a way to write extremely well – read books, full of incredible mysteries. It remained a mystery how she did it? Some believe that she had an assistant to whom she dictated, because she herself claimed in her autobiography that spelling gave her a lot of trouble, both in childhood and later in life.

When she was 16, she moved to Paris to study singing and piano. She spent two years there and although she was very successful in music, she did not continue her career in that direction, because she was very shy.

Fame, love and problems

In 1914, she married Colonel Archibald Christie, who was a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. Agatha had a daughter, Rosalind, with Archibald.

During the First World War, she worked as a nurse. She considered this invitation to be one of the most humane in the world. During the Second World War, she worked in a pharmacy and got acquainted with the effects of drugs. Later, motives from this work very often appeared in her crime novels, such as, for example, poisoning.

She based her first book, The Mysterious Event in Styles, in 1920, on the murder of a wealthy heiress. Then, one of Agatha’s favorite characters was introduced to the readers – the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. For years, Agatha has been looking for a publisher for her first novel.

In 1926, Agatha published the book ““The murder of Rogerd Achoryd“. It is a bestseller that was later characterized as a classic of the genre and is one of the author’s favorite novels.

In the same year, Agatha Christie faced great problems, because her mother died that year, and her husband told her that he was in a relationship with another woman. Traumatized by this discovery, Agatha disappeared, so that the authorities, after 11 days, could find her in the “Haroggate”, registered under the name of her husband’s mistress. Later, there were various speculations whether she did it because of marketing or whether she really experienced, as she said, amnesia due to shock.

Kristijeva recovered and divorced Archibald in 1928. Two years later, she married archaeology professor Max Mallowan, who was 14 years younger than her. With Mallowan, Agatha traveled on several expeditions which she recalls in a memoir entitled “Come on, tell me how you live.” These trips to the Middle East served as inspiration for her in her other novels as well.

Interestingly, when Agatha married Max, he worked with a very recognized and well-known archaeologist. However, the wife of this archaeologist did not like Agatha at all, so she did not allow her to stay in the archaeological camp. So Max had to travel by train to see his wife. Then Agatha wrote the novel “Murder in Mesopotamia”, which talks about the murder of an archaeologist’s wife who was killed with a mace. After that, the archaeological couple withdrew and never cooperated with Max Mallowan again.

Agatha lived in harmony with Max. They had many common interests. Both have received the highest accolades in their professions thanks to personal merit, which is very rare for couples. They had no children, and they focused on their careers.

After her wedding to Mallowan, she published in the book “Murder in the Vicariate”, which became another classic, and introduced Miss Jane Marple to the readers.

Agatha’s characters

Poirot and Marple are the most famous detectives of Agatha Christie who appear in dozens of her novels and short stories. Poirot mostly appears in titles such as “The Assassination of Roger Ackroyd”, “The Mystery of the Blue Train” and “Death in the Clouds”.

The detective, Miss Marple, appears in novels such as “The Evil Finger,” and “A Pocket Full of rye.” The character of Marpel was presented on small screens by actresses such as Angela Lensbury, Helen Hayes and Geraldine McEwan.

Other notable characters in Agatha Christie’s novel are Tuppence and Tommy Beresford, Colonel Reyes, Parker Pyne and Ariadne Oliver.

Late years

Although she wrote love novels such as “Unfinished Portrait” and “Daughter is a Daughter” under the name Mary West MaCott, Agatha’s success as a detective novelist earned her titles such as “Queen of Crime” and “Queen of Mystery”. She can also be considered the queen of all genres, because she is one of the best-selling writers in history with over two billion copies of her works sold worldwide.

Christie is a renowned writer of plays such as “Hollow” and “Werdict”. Several of her works have become popular films.

The last appeared in public in 1974 at the premiere of the play “Murder in the Orient Express”. By the way, it is believed that this work was created because Agatha always used the transport in the Orient Express, so she decided to use this carrier as inspiration for one of her works.

In 1971, Agatha Christie became the winner of the highest national award – the Order of the British Kingdom.

Agatha died a natural death on January 12, 1976, at her family home in Wallingford. A year after Agatha’s death, Max Malovan remarried his archaeology colleague. Although there were rumors near the end of Agatha’s life that Max was in a relationship with this woman, the married couple did not pay attention to that and it was never proven that Max really cheated on Agatha. Max died a year after this marriage.

By the way, all fans of Agatha Christie today can rent her home so they can see how their favorite writer once lived. There are still all the old things, furniture, and even the piano that Agatha played.

Agatha left all her property, as well as the right to the author’s work, to her only daughter Rosalind, who died in 2004. Today, Agatha’s grandson, Matthew Pritchard, has all the rights.

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