The life story of Alicia Silverstone

If you grew up in the nineties, it is almost impossible not to watch at least one of the legendary teen movies such as “Clueless”, “The Crush”, “The Babysitter” and others in which the main star was a famous Hollywood favorite, Alicia Silverstone.

In fact, it can be freely said that the actress became a planet-famous idol of teenage girls after her debut in “Sympathy”, both because of her beauty and her great style. For this role, she was also awarded the MTV Award.

This is the life story of Alicia Silverstone!

Among her first roles is Cher Horowitz from the famous “Crazy Blonde”, a film that was a big hit in our country and which is often repeated today.

However, in the end, Alisha was just another “victim” of harsh Hollywood standards, although that did not stop her from acting, albeit to a far lesser extent, choosing her roles carefully.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

After a great start, there were a number of good roles, one after the other. It didn’t take long for her to reach the list of the most beautiful and popular actresses. Alisha showed huge talent but also sex appeal, especially in the films “Batman and Robin” and “Flash from the Past”. However, by then, problems were slowly beginning to appear.

At the height of their popularity, they began to unjustifiably call her fat (as if such nicknames had ever been in place). That shook her and confronted her with a psychological crisis. She often stated that after Batman, she stopped loving acting and that she would only do it when, as she says, “it comes” to her.

However, although she did not play roles that reached planetary popularity after the 1990s, and although her career did not go as expected, it is not true that Alisha gave up acting, as it was written.

In fact, she has more rules and fewer breaks in her career, and she is still active in her profession. Last year, she made one of the last films, “Sister Groom”. What is actually at stake is that Alisha was running away from the media and the watchful eyes of the paparazzi. Everything that happened during her career turned her on the other side, and she is very engaged as a member of the animal protection organization “PETA”.

She turned to veganism a long time ago, and in 2009 she published a book of vegan recipes, “The kind diet”. She launched a collection of natural cosmetics, and fiercely “shook” newspaper headlines when she advertised eco-friendly vibrators. Then the actress said: “Ladies, sometimes it’s good to have an interesting accessory when you’re in action, alone or with a partner. These vibrators of different shapes are inspired by nature and look feminine, not scary. It’s nice when you can start your groove and be environmentally aware”.

On the other hand, Alisha has never been known as a scandal-master when it comes to love relationships. From 2005 to 2018, she was married to Christopher Xharaki, with whom she has a son, Blue Bear or Blue Honey. At first, many were surprised by the name she chose, and then the actress once again made headlines due to the unconventional and somewhat bizarre way of raising a child.

Namely, Blue Bear grew up without diapers, without vaccines, with placental smoothies, with vegan and chewed food and defecation exclusively outside (the method of chewed food was used by our grandmothers and mothers, and the latter was used when Blue Honey grew) .

As the method of feeding was something that was the most criticized, Alisha once said that a boy “attacks” her mouth whenever she sees that she is eating something, and that she cannot resist him, as a result of which she takes food out of her mouth. To give it to the little one.

“Beer Blue absolutely loves it when I feed him like this,” she wrote on the blog and posted a video so that everyone could see this unusual ritual.

Today, the actress does not even care about comments about her appearance, and on her profile she often shares care tips, vegan recipes and activities with her son and dogs.

Although the years have obviously left a mark on her face, there is still a recognizable smile. Alisha is also still very active and trains regularly, in addition to trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

She obviously does not lack the great fame she once had, but enjoys her life with full lungs outside the spotlight and red carpets.



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