The life story of Annette Bening

It is said that real actresses are like good wine and that they acquire charm with age, and the American actress Annette Bening, who turned 63, can certainly be classified in that group of women. With charm, optimism and modesty, she won numerous fans, but also one of the biggest Hollywood seducers, actor Warren Beatty. Their love has lasted for 26 years and they are one of the examples of what a harmonious marriage should look like.

This is the life story of Annette Bening!

Earlier years

Apart from private success, it can also boast of business success. In her career, Annette has received prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe, the Bafta and the Guild of Film and Television Actors Award. Although she has been nominated for an Oscar four times, that prestigious award has not yet reached her hands, but she hopes to receive it. Full name Annette Carol Bening, she was born on May 29, 1958, in the city of Topeka in the state of Kansas, and she says that she always remembers her childhood fondly, because it was filled with love and joy.

– My parents were ordinary people, far from the world of show business. The mother was a housewife who raised four children, and in her free time she sang in the church choir. My father worked as an insurance agent, and I was the youngest child in the family, which is why my parents didn’t really have time for my upbringing, so I was often left to myself.

But it didn’t bother me, because I had the most important thing – parental warmth and love. It is incredibly important that parental love and attention do not hinder inner motivation but encourage it. Children need to be given space to experiment so that they can learn and practice their abilities. I think my parents were guided by that – says Annette, who has shown artistic abilities since early childhood. She inherited a pleasant singing voice from her mother, so she successfully debuted in the main role in the school production of the musical “My Songs, My Dreams”. At the age of 17, Annette went to study acting at Patrick Henry High School, after which she continued her studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of San Francisco.

“After graduation, I spent a year as a cook on a ship and doing some other jobs. I wanted to be independent and earn my own money. It wasn’t always easy, but it paid off”.

In the beginning, Annette wanted to be a good theater actress, and in order to achieve that, after graduation, she participated in numerous productions in the theater. She made her theatrical debut in 1980 at the Shakespeare Festival in Colorado. Shortly afterwards, her talent was noticed, so she was invited to act on Broadway.

– It was a dream come true. I knew I wanted to act and that was my calling. I did my best to succeed. I worked hard, stayed at rehearsals last, and first came. This is the only way you can succeed.

But, the theater was no longer enough for her.

She wanted to try her hand at film, and that came true when she got her first film role in 1988, in the comedy “Great Spaces” with Dan Eckroyd and John Candy.

– You have to follow your goals and do dramatic things to succeed. By that I mean that you have to move to a bigger city, hang out with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with, you have to travel. I don’t think one should be impatient. Today, young people want to taste fame as soon as possible, and they reach their goals by skipping steps. I recently talked to an acting student, so he complained to me that today actors get jobs because of the large number of followers on social networks. Is that normal? That information is very disappointing for me – says Annett.

– At one point, I was afraid that I would not succeed as an actress because I had a normal, I would say, boring life. I have not had any family tragedies, traumatic experiences. I thought I would be uninteresting to people and producers. One of the things I learned in the beginning was how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I really learned to redirect my thoughts and great things came out of it. With that little skill, I got roles I didn’t expect. It sounds empty, but it works. Really! Try it if you haven’t already – the actress admitted recently, who has never talked too much about her private life in public.

– That is the biggest mistake that everyone makes today. Some things you need to keep to yourself. You can’t expose yourself so publicly – says Annette, who married the famous choreographer Stephen White in 1984, but after seven years of living together, they decided on a consensual divorce. – Our marriage has never filled the media space. When certain things don’t work, you can’t force them. We figured we’d better break up. Many people are in relationships just to feel happy and complete. A better option is to be happy with yourself first, because only then can you be happy in a relationship. When the other person is our only source of security, it is usually not about love but about addiction – she said on one occasion.

But then she “caught” Casanova of the 20th century, actor Warren Beatty.

The couple met on the set of the 1991 film “Bugsy,” which tells the story of gangster Benjamin Bagzi Siegel, one of the founders of Las Vegas. Annette was 33, and the seducer Beatty was 54, and it was rumored that the star of the movies “Hollywood Hairdresser” and “Shine in the Grass” slept with more than 12 thousand women. The former include Madonna, Joan Collins, Natalie Wood, Brigitte Bardot, Faye Dunaway, Angelica Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, Diane Keaton, Jane Fondu, Candice Bergen, Angie Dickinson and many others. His sister, actress Shirley McLain, described him in the sentence:

“If it moves and it’s female, Warren will catch fire!” But Bening is a woman who changed all that because, she says, Warren felt with her for the first time that someone really loved him regardless of fame and wanted to stay with him all his life. During filming, he took her out to lunch and promised not to bother her too much so as not to ruin the project, but he quickly called a fellow producer and told him: “I love her and one day I will marry her.”

– If I was wrong in my relationships with women, it was only because I was addicted to love. When things didn’t work out in a relationship, I would immediately start looking for another one, because I thought the previous one was a mistake and it was best to leave. Before Annette, I wasn’t married, I wasn’t ready for that. She changed me fundamentally – he said. – Annette was attracted to him because she was normal, she was completely different from the Hollywood starlets he had been dating until then. She was not interested in going out, Hollywood parties and fashion, she was attracted to him precisely because she was not like other actresses. Modest, honest and always smiling – said a source close to the couple.

– When I was in my 20s and 30s, there were, of course, certain things that were irresistible. Then came the 40s and 50s and I saw that adolescence was still holding me back. Luckily, I also concluded that chapter of my life when I met her. When I first saw my Annette, all the other girls soon fell into the background. It took me maybe ten minutes to fall in love with her, in fact maybe five – the seducer said afterwards. – We were very professional on the set. We kissed professionally, we acted and behaved professionally. Then we ended up at a slightly less professional dinner, then at his apartment. He looked at me across the bar in the kitchen, smiled wickedly, and said, “Do you want us to make you a baby right now?” I answered in the affirmative. After that we just looked at each other and I got pregnant. I’m kidding, something much more fun happened though. I didn’t think we would survive this long then, but I’m happy we did. They often ask me, what is the secret of our harmonious marriage, and I always say that it is respect and understanding – Bening said.

– Yes, I was a really easy prey. Naive. I never thought that our relationship could stimulate so much public interest. At that time, I did not think about fame or life with a man who was known as an eternal bachelor. Then I noticed that our relationship was a shock to all my friends, and especially my family. “Do you know what you’re doing?” Are you sure you need a man like that? Can you trust him at all? ”Were the questions they showered on me. I didn’t know the answer to any of them – she admitted. – I knew that he had never been faithful to any woman before, but our relationship from the first day began to develop from a different position. I did not want to use his fame nor was I interested in him as a passing adventure. I really fell in love with him and intended to stay with him for the rest of my life. I think he felt it and it was something he had always been looking for – says Bening.

The age difference was never a problem because, as she said, she was never attracted to younger men.

– Warren never officially proposed to me. The decision to get married came spontaneously because we talked a lot. Since we both come from Protestant families, the wedding imposed itself when I got pregnant – she said. They got married in secret, and only after they had a daughter, Caitlin. Their godmother was a two-month-old daughter. After her, in 1994 they had a son Benjamin, then Isabel in 1997 and Ella in 2000.

However, from a few years ago, instead of three daughters and one son, the family has two sons and two daughters. Caitlin’s eldest daughter decided to change her gender and become Stephen. It was written in the media at the time that the famous couple were going through family hell because of their daughter’s decision, although they were not surprised because Caitlin wore men’s clothes and behaved like a boy from an early age.

When asked by a journalist how parents deal with a transgender child, Bening angrily replied: – I am proud. My child has the right to choose what he wants from life. After all, it is not fair for me to talk about the lives of my children. I’m not an expert, but today there is so much pressure on women to be sexy, educated, to have a top-notch relationship. And – oh, yes! – to have children and be smiling and happy while doing all that. That is not possible. Do as much as you can. Step by step. We don’t all have to be happy all the time. Who wants that? What works best for me is the role of a mother – says Annette, who tries to keep family life behind closed doors.

You can’t find her or your wife on social media. – It’s so much easier for me. But I sympathize with other people who must have a profile on one of these networks. We want to keep our private life to ourselves as much as possible. It seems to us the only thing that is right – said the actress, who is often said to be adorned with incredible intelligence. – That’s a big compliment. I think that being intelligent means having a sense of humor, being educated and aware of what is happening around you. Be informed about the cultural and political events of your environment. But emotional intelligence is also important in that. It is important to know the true self and live in an authentic way – she said.

When there are no business obligations, the actress prefers to read and practice.

– I love reading. It relaxes me, fulfills me, but also educates me. I also like to exercise. Exercise has strengthened me the most over the years. I can say that I am happy with myself now. All you have to do is walk a few times a week and you will feel how grateful your body is to you. To overcome a lack of motivation, you need to know why you are exercising. What is the deeper reason for exercising? So to look attractive? To experience your grandchildren’s wedding? To experience the birth of your great-grandchildren? Play a dream game and ask yourself – what if? Imagine yourself the healthiest and in the best shape – the actress explained.

In 2017, she chaired the jury of the 74th Venice Film Festival as the first woman in such a role after as many as 11 years. – It was time to break the long tradition of male presidents and invite a talented woman to head the jury for the international program – the artistic director of the festival, Alberto Barbera, explained the decision and added that he was overjoyed that she accepted it. – It is a great honor that I was offered the chairmanship at this year’s Venice Film Festival and I am looking forward to watching quality films and working with colleagues on the jury to celebrate this year’s best film – she said.

– Being a filmmaker is a competitive and difficult job, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, but I also think that we women should be more creative and make more interesting films. But I must also point out that sexism, unfortunately, is still present in this profession. I’ve been to the Biennale and seen a lot of artwork signed by women, and that’s great, but I’ve also seen it stand out that the work is signed by a female artist. You will never read that when it comes to a man, the gender of a male artist will never stand out. Times are definitely changing in the world of film and in general, but we still have a long way to go towards a more just society – she said. Although she has been nominated for an Oscar four times, she has never won it.

– People know how to joke about me and say: if Leonardo DiCaprio succeeded, so can you. I was nominated for a role in the films “Fraudsters”, “Whirlpool of Life”, “Being Julia” and “Children Are Good.” I’m joking that I’m still in the full workforce so maybe I’ll welcome my much-coveted, golden statue. If I said I didn’t want to – admitted Annette who recently joined her colleague Bree Larson in the new project “Captain Marvel”, the first Marvel film with a female main character.

– It will be my first superhero movie. I am very excited and I hope it will be an unforgettable experience – says the actress who is very much looking forward to her new role. – It’s hard to believe that Annette never won an Oscar. She was incredibly close to the fifth nomination for the leading role in the film “Women of the 20th Century”, directed by Mike Mills, in 2016. Everyone was shocked after she was not nominated, comment the film critics.

– I do not aspire to awards, recognition and praises. Don’t waste energy and worry about something you can’t control. Just come to terms with the fact that you can’t control most of it and let it go. If I ever win an Oscar, it will be a beautiful crown of my career – Annette concluded.



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