The life story of Ashley Judd

Life dealt her heavy blows

The life story of Ashley Judd – She was a rape victim, lost a child, she survived a horrible tragedy by sheer luck…

The American actress, who became famous with the Hollywood hits “Collector” and “Double Danger”, hides a creepy life story behind her beautiful face, successful career and political engagement. Behind the mask of a perfect life, hides a completely different person who has gone through real hell in his life.

Ashley Judd, 53, published a book about her life in 2011 called “All That Is Bitter and Sweet”, in which she revealed that she had been a victim of sexual violence several times. She was abused by an older man when she was a child, she was raped as a teenager, and she was also a victim of sexual violence by a relative whose name she remembered only after psychotherapy.

The actress’ parents divorced when she was only four years old, and already at the age of seven, she became depressed. She soon became a victim of abuse for the first time, and when she told that to her relatives, no one believed her.

From an early age, she was exposed to the sexual escapades of her mother Naomi, as well as her physical confrontations with numerous partners. Naomi also had a gun, so Ashley played with weapons from a young age, and even tried her hand at Russian roulette. By the time she was eighteen, she had changed as many as thirteen schools, so she felt unwanted and unloved.

In high school, she won a modeling competition, where she won a two-month contract to work in Japan. She hoped the opportunity would pull her out of misery and give her a fresh start. However, during the trip, she was exposed to immoral offers from the manager in charge of the organization, and one model tried to force her to have oral sex.

Despite all the difficulties, Ashley decided to move on, and one of her priorities was education. She graduated from the University of Kentucky, so she moved to Hollywood where she had an enviable career.

She hid the scars from the public for years, and only at the urging of her then husband, Dario Franchiti, did she decide to reveal her terrible past and in that way get rid of the pain that had eaten her from her early childhood.

She also wrote in the book how Sister Winona motivated her to apply for rehabilitation due to overeating. There she faced all the painful memories of life.

“I survived sexual abuse, rape and incest. I am blessed because in 2006 people who experienced the same thing helped me recover… The summer of 1984 was painful. One adult raped me twice, while another adult constantly abused me, and one man was watching everything (now I know that it was because he needed a witness, someone who would undermine my statement in case I decide to report everything)… “, she once wrote on social networks.

Ashley claims that she still suffers from depression and explains that she decided to seek help at a rehabilitation center in Texas. Therapies helped her develop repressed childhood incest memories, although she did not write which family member abused her.

And then a moment happened that marked her life forever!

At the “Women in the World” conference, she spoke about a very personal and painful topic, about an event that marked her life forever.

Namely, the actress was one of the speakers at the panel on the current state of feminism in the world, where she decided to openly recount her experience regarding abortion.

Ashley revealed to the audience in the hall how she made the decision to terminate the pregnancy, because she was raped by the father of the child. She added that, in case she made the decision to keep the child, the father would get the right to custody from the state.

“The reason I wanted to share my experience here is that I am very open and as everyone knows, I survived the rape three times. After one of them, I got pregnant and I am very grateful to have had a safe and legal abortion. The rapist, who is from Kentucky, would have paternity rights in Tennessee, where I am from. I would have to be a parent along with the man who raped me. It was not easy for me to make this decision, for me it was like losing a child but not I could have lived peacefully if I had to share custody with the person who harmed me, “Ashley said.

A terrible accident

Ashley broke her leg in four places a few months ago and suffered nerve damage in an incident in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As she said herself, she spent five hours “in primordial pain” on the ground of the rain forest before her bones were returned to the position so that she could move. They then carried her on a dirt road for three hours before transporting her on a motorcycle for six hours. The actress traveled to Congo to participate in a research camp that dealt with bonobo monkeys.

“Friends. If it weren’t for the Congolese siblings, internal bleeding would probably have killed me and I would have lost my leg. I wake up crying in gratitude, deeply touched by every person who contributed to something that gave life and saved my spirit during my exhausting 55- hourly odysseys, ”she said in her Instagram post.

Those who helped her are heroes, and she praised the helpers named Dieumerci and Pope Jean, who comforted and healed her. Two men, Didier and Maradona, also helped save him, she said.

“Didier was riding a motorcycle,” she wrote. “I sat facing backwards, and his back was my backrest. When I began to faint, he would invite me to stand up to lean on him.” “Maradona was riding on the back of the engine. He was holding my broken leg under my heel, and I was holding the broken top with both hands. We did it together for six hours on an irregular, uneven and cracked dirt road,” she said and thanked the women. Who helped her: “Women! My sisters who held me. They blessed me”.

Ashley started walking again, five months after she almost lost her leg in the accident. The actress shared the news of her recovery on Instagram, where she explained in a lengthy post how she can walk again. She showed several videos in which she can be seen moving her foot, which she broke in four places, and even injured some nerves.

She added that her leg will never be the same, but that she is overjoyed because of her progress because she cried only a few months ago while trying to move her injured foot. She also showed comparative videos which show how much she has progressed in just two months and emphasized that she always tries to do everything in nature.

Excessive plastic surgery

What is often talked about lately is her appearance. Many claims that the actress overdid it with plastic surgery, and if you look at the photos, it will be clear to you that Ashley does not look like herself. Her face is puffy and too tight, is the general impression of her fans.

Although many criticize her, she does not care about it.



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