The life story of Ashton Kutcher

He gained fame thanks to his role in the hit series “Crazy 70s”, and then he fell in love with 16-year-old Demi Moore and sailed into marriage with her. That marriage did not succeed, so he found real happiness only in 2012, when the “relationship without obligations”, with the actress Mila Kunis, “moved” from the small screens into their private life.

This is the life story of Ashton Kutcher!

Earlier years

After the daughter Tasha, the twins, Michael and Christopher Ashton Kutcher, arrived in the family of Larry and his wife on February 7, 1978. Michael was born just five minutes after his famous brother and was a big surprise for his parents, as they found out they were expecting twins almost just before the birth.

The younger brother was so small that the doctors were convinced that he would not survive. However, the Kutcher family showed them that they were wrong. But it wasn’t long before they noticed that Michael was not developing at the same rate as Ashton, and he was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The family of five lived like most, at that time, typical working families, and although they did not have enough money, they tried to provide education for their children. However, all that caused frequent and numerous quarrels between Larry and Diana, who eventually, when their sons were 16, divorced, and the children continued to live with their mother.

That tragedy never comes alone has been known since the birth of one of the twins, Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy, and sometime around the time the Kutcher decided to separate, he had to undergo an emergency heart transplant, after, as a result of a severe virus, it was damaged. All this had a negative impact on growing up and Ashton.

He found an escape from reality and the problems that life brought, in debauched night outs, hanging out with bad company, which is why he broke into school at night. Because of that, he was even sentenced to three years of suspended sentence and 180 hours of socially useful work. After he almost lost his twin brother, with whom he was very close, he realized that he had to gather himself and do something.

The fact that Ashton, at the age of only 13, wanted to donate his heart to his brother speaks volumes about how connected the two of them were. To help his brother, he decided to enroll in college to study biochemical engineering, all in order to find a cure for a disease that was destroying his brother. In order to finance his studies, he did almost everything – he tried his hand at carpentry, helped on the farm, but also wiped the dust off the machines at the General Mills Plant, and despite the money raised, interest in the studies soon disappeared.

The crucial moment was when a talent hunter found him in a bar and suggested that he apply for the New Face. Because of his handsome appearance, Ashton took the victory, after which he was rewarded with a trip to New York, where he participated in the world competition.

It was there that he received many interesting offers and lucrative jobs, including those to become the face of “Kelvin Klein” in 1997, and then he decided to look for his happiness in Hollywood. Los Angeles was his next stop, and the first role, which eventually opened all the doors for him, was that of Michael Kelso, a handsome but stupid boy, in the hit series “Crazy 70’s”.

He almost didn’t turn around, and he has already become one of the most sought-after actors of that generation, and the roles started to go down. Although at first he got roles similar to Michael Kelso, like the one in “Man, where’s my car?”, Over time he began to play more serious and demanding roles.

“I try to choose things and roles that will move me out of my comfort zone. “As long as you feel uncomfortable in something, it means that you are growing,” he said.

However, he was not only attracted to acting, but also to business, so he constantly invested his money further.

“Life can become much easier if you understand one thing, and that is that everything around us that we call life was made by people who are not much smarter than us and that you can create a new world in which other people will live. Therefore, do not live life but build it. Find opportunities and always be sexy, “he said in an interview.

And when he gained world fame, his brother was still in the first place, and he thanked him when he received the award three years ago. Emotional speech spread on the Internet and left everyone speechless.

“Since I was born, I had to share everything with my brother: birthday, bed, wardrobe, we shared everything and I was never alone. I didn’t know there was a different way, because I always had a brother with me. My brother was born with cerebral palsy and the older I get, the worse I feel because we are not equal. However, my brother taught me that the constitution lies to us, but also to things that I would not know how to recognize. Although we are not equal, we have the same capacity to love. ” said Ashton.

When they were in elementary school, they played basketball and Ashton scored the perfect goal. Mike turned and headed for the exit from the field, when his brother asked where he was going. “You know I can’t score a goal like that. It’s not fair,” his brother told him. Ashton replied, so young:

“You can achieve anything you want. I can’t throw the ball for you. Mom’s not here, she can’t do it for you either. It’s your challenge. Stop using your illness as an excuse. It’s your obstacle,” Michael recalled on another occasion.

A turbulent love life

And, apart from his looks and acting roles, he filled the pages of the newspaper also because of his love affairs and marriages. The first in a series of girls was Januari Jones, with whom he spent three years, years before they both gained world fame. The actress herself, after the breakup, did not have an overly good opinion of him, she considered him a bad boy who did not support her acting career.

Young Ashley Elerin, 21, 19 years ago, was killed at her home in Hollywood on February 21, 2001, the same evening she was supposed to go out on a date with Ashton Kutcher, who was 23 at the time. Michael Gardjulo is accused of her murder, who, according to the police, brutally stabbed her almost 50 times. He is suspected of being a serial killer known as the “Hollywood Ripper”.

This is not the only traumatic experience in his life. The first serious relationship of the famous actor was with the actress Brittany Murphy. The couple also made the film “Just Married” together, and the chemistry between them was visible on the big screen. Although they divorced, they remained good friends, so the news that Brittany died in 2009 at the age of 32 hit the famous actor hard. Even today, when he is asked, he says that he has not accepted it yet.

He wrote this immediately after learning of the sad news: “Today the world has lost a small part of the sun”.

In September 2005, he married 16-year-old actress Demi Moore.

Six years later, Demi announced that they had separated, and in November 2013, they officially divorced “due to irreconcilable differences”. The real cause of the reason was later discovered. It turned out that Ashton was unfaithful to Demi, who had a hard time with that divorce and betrayal.

In early 2012, Ashton began a relationship with his colleague Mila Kunis, with whom he starred in the series “Happy Seventies”. They got engaged in February 2014, and soon after they had a daughter, Wyatt. They got married in July 2015, and in November 2016, they had a son, Dimitri Portwood.


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