Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness, and we achieve more than 85% of success just because of it, so create your value system and stick to it.

In order to live with full lungs, without regret for what was missed and remorse for what was done, you must first of all understand life, claims psychologist Dr. Hal Urban. In the book “The Greatest Life Lessons”, he tried to explain the secret of a happier and more fulfilled life.

Birth and death are not our choice, but life is precisely a matter of choice, not coincidence. We choose the path of life ourselves and create our own future with decisions and habits. We choose friends, occupation and political affiliation. We decide where we will live and what kind of music we will listen to. But we can also affect life in other ways.

Build attitudes, they are the most important choice because they affect everything we do. Research has shown that attitude is more important than intelligence, education, talent and luck. We achieve more than 85 percent of success because of attitude, and less than 15 percent because of ability. Instead of accepting the imposed standards, create your own value system in accordance with what you consider correct.

Keep in mind that even when you cannot influence life events, you can influence how you will react to them.

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

Appreciate what you have and be grateful for it!

Instead of grieving because you don’t have something, be grateful for what you have. Practice gratitude and it will become your life attitude. If you learn to appreciate what you have, you will discover the secret of a fulfilled life.

A new attitude for a happier life

People with a positive attitude always expect the best, and with a negative attitude the worst scenario. Their expectations are mostly met. If you want to change your life, change your attitude.

Success is not measured by numbers

Money cannot buy happiness or success. Success is in attempts, not in victories. They see a successful life as a combination of possibilities and always explore it again and again.

Chronic suffering is one’s own choice

Life is not a film made according to our script. He is the school we have to finish, in an easier or more painful way, we have to learn the most important lessons. Pain is inevitable, but chronic suffering is one’s own choice.

Good habits are the key to success

Successful people differ from unsuccessful ones primarily in their habits. Only by willpower do we rarely manage to get rid of bad habits. It is much more effective to replace bad habits with a positive model.

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

I’m going where everything is my way!

Today you are what you are because of the decisions you made yesterday. With different decisions, we can significantly change our life or completely change our lifestyle and deal more successfully with situations and people, says Dr. Urban.

We decide for ourselves how we will deal with adversity. We can allow ourselves to be broken and pitied, and we can find in ourselves a source of new strength and take the best of life. We can wander aimlessly or find meaning in our lives. We decide how much we will learn and what we will become. Learning can be an awkward obligation or an opportunity for us to build a better self. We can lock or open our minds wide, and it depends on whether we will stagnate or develop. We can allow circumstances and people to influence what we become or we can choose direction and goals.

With strong desire and willpower, you can change almost anything if you are aware that you always have a choice. When you find your way, stick to it. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

With strong motivation obstacles are not insurmountable!

Living without a goal is like traveling without a destination. Motivated people know exactly what they want, and they set goals for themselves. They are successful regardless of obstacles, because they always know where they are going. Whether big or small, every success was first and foremost a goal you fulfilled thanks to motivation.

Hope in vain for success without work!

With smart work, we become aware of our own abilities and discover what we can do if we use our talents. Success must be earned by work, but be patient, because it is not achieved overnight.

Turn failure into success!

Failures are a part of life, but losers drown in them, and successful ones emerge wiser and stronger. Find the strength to accept failure and learn a lesson from it that will help you on the path to success.

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

The more you give, the more you will receive!

Kindness costs nothing, and we achieve a lot with it. Try to find good in people. Instead of a critical attitude, praise the interlocutor, tell him something nice. Because the more you give, the more you will get in return.

Successful people do not waste time, they create it!

Time is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste time means to waste life, and to manage time means to manage life. Time is an opportunity, so use it in the best way. That’s how winners work.

Work and sacrifice

Learning or spending time, saving or spending on outings, more free time or more work? If you make the right decision and such a model of thinking becomes a habit, you will make a big step on the path to success and happiness. The goal is to achieve a balance between work and private life.

Honesty towards yourself and others is the best approach!

Whatever you do, you will not be happy if you are not honest. A lie is like a cancer, at first it looks small and harmless, but if you don’t eradicate it immediately, it will get out of control and prevent you from being the person you would like to be.

Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, education and happiness!

Do good whenever you can and good will come back to you with good!

The most important thing in life is to be a good person. This is very important for spiritual health. As soon as you feel the spark of hatred, extinguish it until it ignites. Encourage positive emotions, love people, animals and nature. Do good whenever you can.



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