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Twelve years ago, British actress Carrie Mulligan (35) shone with the role of a decent high school girl who went astray in the movie “All About One Girl” for love – and was nominated for an Oscar for her – and now for the role of a student in “Promising Girl”. ”She went astray for revenge, she was again nominated for the most prestigious world film award.

In the meantime, she became one of the most respected, but also the most mysterious Hollywood stars, known for her great roles as unusual women, but also for being indifferent to fame. “The Promising Girl”, a great black humor thriller, written and directed by Emerald Fenel, continued through her great roles. In it, Carrie plays Casey Thomas, a 30-year-old failed medical student who can’t get rid of the trauma caused by the rape of her best friend, so she comes up with a hell of a plan – she’ll pretend to be drunk in bars, wait for a man to approach her and try to use it, and if that happens, then they will mercilessly teach him a lesson.

– The character of Casey scares many men, because her victims think of themselves as “good guys”, they do not understand what they did wrong, like most guys. But, we girls know very well what we are going through – said Muligan, praising the great multi-layered script. The screenwriter and director, Fenel, known as the executive producer of the second season of the hit TV series “Killing Eve”, but also the actress who plays Camilla Parker Bowles in the TV series “Crown”, modeled it on romantic comedies from the eighties.

It’s just that she focused women’s eyes on the characters instead of men, deciding to show how wrong some cult scenes from the past are, like the one from the movie “Sixteen Candles”, where the seducer leaves a drunken girl to a virgin and sarcastically tells him to do anything with her. He wants.

– Like others, I watched those movies and laughed without thinking about what was really going on. Then stop for a while, think and realize that it’s not funny, but disgusting – Muligan agrees with the vision of his director. To show that members of the fairer sex are not just an object of lust and people who cannot function without a man, as Hollywood often portrays them, was important to a native Englishwoman because she herself comes from a family of strong women. Her grandmother, Margaret Booth, was a teacher and one of the first women in Wales to attend college, and she passed on her love of knowledge to her daughter, Professor Nano.

– Grandma is my biggest role model. She instilled in me the belief that a woman can become whatever she wants. She did not allow others to set boundaries for her, but she never spoke of others without respect – said the actress, who years later was with her grandmother when it was most important. Namely, in her later years, Margaret contracted Alzheimer’s disease, and in order to help her and other people in her condition, Kerry became an ambassador for the humanitarian organization “Alzheimer’s Society” in 2012, which strives to raise awareness of the difficulties that are coming. With that disease and dementia. For Carrie Mulligan, family has always come first.

In the following text, the life story of Carrie Mulligan!

Earlier years

She was born on May 28, 1985, in London. Mother Nano is a teacher and father Stephen Mulligan is a hotel manager. Carrie never hid how much she was connected to them.

Maybe because the family often moved because of her father’s job, so her parents and older brother, professional soldier Owen Mulligan, provided her with the only stability in life. When she was three years old, her father became the general manager of the hotel chain “InterContinental” for Europe, so they moved from London to the German city – Dusseldorf. When the children were small, her mother Nano decided to stop working in order to stay at home with them. It wasn’t until they became teenagers that she returned to work, and by then Kerry already knew what she wanted to be – an actress.

– I was six years old when my brother got a role in the school play “The King and I”. My mom took me to watch it together at rehearsal, and I was so thrilled and desperate to be on stage. I cried in the dressing room until they relented and gave me a small role. It was not a manipulation, just a strong desire to achieve what I want. And I only wanted one thing – to act – I remembered my beginnings.

While she was performing in school plays, her parents were happy, but when she said that she would like to study acting, they strongly opposed it. They did not want to see their daughter in an unstable acting profession. As she did not know anyone from the world of theater and film, she decided to confess her grief to the famous actor and director Kenneth Brani, whom she had seen earlier in the production of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” in the West End. She sent him a letter complaining that her parents were preventing her from becoming an actress, while she was sure it was her life’s calling. Bran’s sister replied, “If you feel such a strong need to be an actress, Kenneth tells you that then you have to be an actress.” The support of the famous actor gave her the wind in her back. She decided to ignore her parents, so she applied to study at three acting schools. They did not receive her in any of them. The despair was even greater when the disappointed parents found out that she had lied to them and did not apply to any other college.

– When they faced that, I just left the house and did not stop walking for the next few hours. “Disappointing parents is the worst feeling in the world”, Kerry said.

Like many unsuccessful actors, she started working as a waitress. But she did not give up on her acting dreams. She remembered screenwriter Julian Fellows, author of the TV series Downton Abbey, whom she met when he was lecturing at her high school. Although he then advised her that if she wanted to be an actress, she would first marry a rich banker or a lawyer, she still wrote to him asking for advice on how to advance in her career. He was so impressed with her passion that he invited her to lunch, after which he helped her find an agent and very quickly she got her first role with the young Kira Knightly in the film “Pride and Prejudice”.

– I was on my shift at the pub when they called me and said I got the role of Kitty Bennett. I wanted to celebrate right away, but I didn’t want to disappoint my colleagues in the pub, so I did the shift with a big smile on my face – she remembered her first opportunity.

The success of “Pride and Prejudice” encouraged her to start working as an actress, which she did, and very successfully, so she gave up her studies. Notable television and theater roles followed, among which the guest appearance in the popular series “Doctor Who” stands out, and that was just the beginning.

She made the first big step in 2009. The fact that she managed to surpass a hundred colleagues at the audition for the role of 16-year-old student Jenny in the film “All About One Girl” by Danish director Lone Sherfig, was in itself an incredible success. But, after the film first enchanted the audience at the Sundance Film Festival, and then became a big independent hit, a new recognition followed – an Oscar nomination.

– At home, I watched the announcement of the nominations on my own and I couldn’t believe that they read my name. I called my mom first. I told her enthusiastically that I was nominated, and she just replied, “Great, baby. Him, now I have one student here. Can I call you in 45 minutes? ” said Muligan.

Her competitors were Hollywood divas Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock, who eventually won an Oscar. She returned home without a golden statue, but all the doors opened for her in Hollywood. Her agent was overwhelmed with offers, followed by high-budget films such as the drama “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” in which she starred opposite Michael Douglas, “Drive” where her partner was Ryan Gosling and then “Shame” with Michael Fassbinder.

In her teens, she was never among the most popular girls in society. She kissed for the first time at the age of 16, and she had her first real boyfriend only at the age of 19, but now she has suddenly become a Hollywood “in” girl. They compared her to Audrey Hepburn, offered magazine covers, and famous actors hung around her. She, on the other hand, gave her heart to a year younger colleague from the movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, the talented but problematic Shia

– She is the most talented actress I have ever met – Labeouf said in those days, also explaining why they are hiding their relationship from the media.

– Neither of us craves fame. We are not the king and queen of the red carpet.

The connection was intense but short. Neither he nor she wanted media attention, but they did not agree on how they envision their future. While he, the child of divorced parents, was more for a youthful relationship full of adventures, she, growing up in a stable family, dreamed of marriage, children … They quickly realized that it is better for them if everyone goes their own way.

Muligan did not grieve for long, but she learned to be more careful. Journalists linked her to colleagues Tom Struge and Eddie Redemein, which she neither confirmed nor denied. She was silent even when the tabloids reported that in 2011 she was seen with Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal at a dinner in Nashville. The journalists did not know that a love spark really arose then, but not with the actor, but with his childhood friend – musician Marcus Mumford, the leader of the group Mumford & Sons, which performed that evening. Carrie and Marcus met as twelve – year – olds at a camp for young Christians.

Both come from religious families, the musician’s parents even established the Christian Vineyard Evangelical Church, and they quickly became friends at the camp. For years, they maintained a friendship by writing to each other, but over time, their correspondence became less frequent. When they met again in Nashville, they were no longer kids, she was a movie star, and he was a music star, and the memory of friendship grew into love. This time, Kerry did not have a man with her who was afraid of obligations. They got married after less than a year of relationship. An idyllic wedding on a property in south-west England was all they wanted, and they were married by Marcus’ father.

– I don’t call myself a Christian. Spirituality is a much closer word to me. I am a supporter of faith, not religion – the musician described his relationship with faith, which was also accepted by his wife. Although they were at the height of their fame in those days – she was preparing a high-budget Hollywood spectacle “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and he and the group had just released the album “Babel”, later awarded the Grammy for release of the year – they managed to preserve their privacy.

The photos from the wedding did not end up in the magazines, and the paparazzi did not manage to take them often. This is not at all strange, because they chose a 16th-century farm in Devon, a county in the south-west of England, as a family home, which they bought in 2013 for two million pounds.

– Marriage has made me safer and more confident than I have ever been. I know what I want in life, but also in my career. My job is not to be a dancing monkey that entertains people, but to create works that I am proud of – explained Carrie Mulligan, who showed from the first day of marriage that her family is the most important thing again. She carefully chooses the films she makes, she also returned to the theater, and when she became pregnant, she stopped working. In September 2015, she gave birth to a daughter, Evelyn Grace, and two years later, a son, Wilfred. During that time, she almost completely neglected her acting career, and made less than one film a year. “The Promising Girl” is her big comeback.

It is a role with which she proved that, despite the title, she is no longer just a young girl with huge potential, but a mature actress who is aware that her time is too valuable to spend it on trivial roles.

– The best feeling is when I finish a movie and I can completely dedicate myself and my family. When I’m shooting, I’m constantly focused on the character. It’s not methodical acting, I don’t fully become the character I play, but I can never relax completely. Only when the job is done, when I return to my family, can I enjoy. We’re all in our pajamas, eating too much food and watching a bad TV show. It is the best version of life – actress Carrie Mulligan described how she imagines her life in the future.



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