The life story of Cher – Grown up in an orphanage, lost the love of her life…

Somewhere in the hilly neighborhoods of Los Angeles, in the mid-fifties of the last century, a special nine-year-old girl stood for hours in front of a mirror, changing clothes countless times imagining her favorite movie divas. What she saw in the reflection at the time was just a hint of something that would turn into one of the greatest careers in show business. As she often stated later, she lacked self – confidence and had no idea what she was going to do. She didn’t see herself as a singer, she couldn’t imagine herself as a performer, but she only knew one thing – that she would be famous.

That was her goal. No one then could tell this talented girl that one day she would be the owner of an “Oscar”, a “Grammy”, an “Emmy” and three “Golden Globes”.

This is the life story of Cher.

Earlier years

The singer, who today is known as Cher, was born as Cheryl Sargsyan Lapierre in the California town of El Centro, on May 20, 1946. Her childhood was not easy, which may have marked a later life full of ups and downs.

Her father was John Sargsyan, a truck driver of Armenian origin who could not fight vices such as drugs and gambling. He was often not at home, and when Cher was only a ten-month-old baby, he divorced her mother, Georgia Holt, and disappeared. She was raised by her mother, who had problems herself. An occasional model and extra in movies, she worked as a waitress to support her daughter, and she got married and divorced several times, which is why they moved constantly. It all affected Cher. There was never a lot of money, and the singer remembered putting rubber bands on her shoes so that they wouldn’t fall apart. During one difficult period, her mother even left her in an orphanage for a few weeks, and although they saw each other almost every day, it was a traumatic experience for Cher.

At the age of nine, she developed an unusually deep voice, by which she is still recognizable today. She cherished it as a gift. In fifth grade, she produced the Oklahoma musical for her professors and schoolmates. She gathered a group of girls and devised a choreography to perform. Since she failed to convince the boys to participate, she performed their roles and sang men’s songs, which corresponded to her voice color. One of her school friends remembered the first time she saw Cher: She was so special. She looked like a movie star, right then and there. She said she would be famous and we all knew that would happen. Although she was not an excellent student, creativity and intelligence erupted from her. She was good in French and English. However, at the age of 16, she realized that she had dyslexia, and for her, normal schooling was almost unthinkable at the time. She decided to leave school and went to private acting classes. She later recalled:

– I’ve never been to school with my thoughts. I usually imagined what my life would look like when I became an adult and a star.

Moving to Los Angeles

She left her mother and started living with her friend in the city of stars – Los Angeles. To support herself, she played in Hollywood clubs and used the opportunity to meet performers, managers and agents. She didn’t shy away from approaching anyone she thought might help her get in touch or some audition. Already at the age of less than 17, there was a meeting that largely marked her career, but also her life. In November 1962, Cher met the performer Sonia. Salvatore Bono was a musician, sound engineer and assistant to the famous Hollywood producer Phil Spector.

The two met in a Los Angeles cafe, and what started as a nice friendship soon grew into a marriage. Thanks to Sonia, Cher sang backing vocals on several of Spector’s songs. In addition to the marital union, the couple soon decided to become a musical duo. They are simply called Sony and Cher, and in 1965 they released two hit singles.

“Baby Don’t Go” and “I Got You Babe” have announced a new team on the music scene that will soon have a strong impact on the entertainment industry. It is safe to say that Sonny and Cher glowed and ignited the show business of the ‘60s and‘ 70s. In addition to three albums, Bono was also hired to find a producer for a film in which the two of them would play the lead roles. He soon succeeded, and the second achievement was fateful for them in terms of life. Namely, the film “Congratulations” was made in 1969, when they got a daughter whom they named. At the peak of their popularity, in the early seventies, they also tried their hand at the television business. The comedy class with Sony and Cher was a successful special that lasted as long as three seasons and in which the hosts entertained the audience with sketches and music.

However, in 1974, cracks began to appear in their relationship. The differences between them outweighed the similarities, and the following year saw the inevitable divorce of an eleven-year-long marriage.

– He was like a father to me when I’m afraid, even though he never hit me or shouted at me, but he knew how to be very strict in a frightening, Sicilian way. I was not able to oppose him. I felt more and more that my needs could not be expressed, only his decisions were respected – Cher was honest in the interview she gave many years after their divorce.

Sonny and Cher’s parting was painful. They spent a lot of time in court due to finances, but also custody of their daughter, which eventually went to Cher.

– When our tandem ceased to exist, Sonny was broken, which is sad because it obviously meant more to him than our marriage. He was a terrible husband, but I must admit that I learned a lot from him, as a mentor – said the singer.


The turbulent period of her thirties was marked by numerous men. During the divorce from Sony, the singer had a two-year affair with producer David Geffen, who helped her change the publishing house. However, in 1975, just days after the official divorce, Cher married rock musician Greg Alman. Even that marriage did not pass without turbulence. Only seven days after the wedding, she asked for a divorce due to his problems with vices, but they reconciled after one month. The following year, they also had a son, Elijah Blue.

Cher, meanwhile, continued her television collaboration with Sony, as it was a good move for their careers at the time. Her next two albums, ‘76. and ‘77. years, did not go well with the audience, and failure at work went hand in hand with the collapse of another marriage.

As a mother of two, Cher knew how to make choices when it came to her music career. Despite her former desires to be a rock star, she adapted to her current taste and released the disco hit “Take Me Home”, as well as the album of the same name, which achieved instant success. The best-selling record for almost the entire half of 1979 provided the singer with a return in great style and took her on a new, unexpected journey.

– I never imagined that I would switch to the disco genre, but this is ideal music for dancing. Everyone loves the rhythm with which they can play – Cher pointed out at the time.

It was then that the pop icon as we know it today was born. However, characteristic of Sherin’s whole life, after the order of success, he would be obliged through falls and new rises. His music career stagnated for several years, only to regain full momentum in the late 1980s.

However, Cher did not want to neglect the dream of the girl who saw herself as a movie star in front of the mirror. The relative failure of the films with Sony did not discourage the artist from trying her hand at acting again.

The lack of hits in the first half of the eighties additionally encouraged her to try her hand in the film industry. She was first engaged in the Broadway hit by director Robert Altman about James Dean, and then in the film adaptation of the play in 1982. Cher later stated that Altman was key to the development of her film career. Many told him not to entrust me with the role, but he was the only one who believed in me, the artist said with gratitude. Other directors noticed her talent and slowly but surely opened the heavy Hollywood door. She was invited to star with Meryl Streep in the 1983. film “Silkwood”.

She recalled that she was faced with a bunch of stereotypes and that many questioned her acting. At the pre-premiere of the film, she heard ridicule from the audience at the very mention of her name. However, for this role, Cher later won the Golden Globe for best supporting role in the film. The commercial hit “Mask” followed, and Cher caught the eye of the audience more and more. She attracted attention mainly because of her controversial lifestyle, tattoos, plastic surgery, fashion exhibitions and affair with younger men. She was in emotional relationships with actors Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, Eric Stolac, film producer Josh Donen, Bon Jovi guitarist Ricky Sambor, but also eighteen-year-old baker Rob Camilleti, with whom she had a three-year romance.

The muscle of plastic surgery

The public image of the popular singer was widely commented on and whatever the impressions were, no one remained indifferent. She was successful in modeling, after she was discovered by the editor of Vogue magazine at a party with Jackie Kennedy.

She was proclaimed a sex symbol, and in an era when the moral standards of media editors were still strict, Cher fought to keep her cleavage and belly from being censored. People magazine commented: A girl like Cher has not appeared since Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo. She is a fashion icon that appeals to all ages.

The physical appearance of the singer later attracted media attention because of other things. They called her a miss of plastic surgery, and numerous corrections on her face and body were often compared to her life. The changes on it are not only cosmetic in nature, they are hyperbolic, extreme, free… the comments read. Cher has undergone transformations technology that is dramatic and irreversible, others have said. Her appearance and characteristic voice became her trademarks that set her apart from the crowd.

A mermaid who believes

In the sea of Sherina’s successful and smaller circulation discs, in 1989, the nineteenth album arrived. It was titled “Heart of Stone” and reached triple platinum status. He gave birth to one of the most successful singles of the singer to date, and a provocative video was recorded for him, which has been talked about for a long time. “If I Could Turn Back Time” climbed to the top of many charts in the world and marked another fantastic return of this diva to the music scene. However, she did not neglect her film career either.

In the 1990 hit “Mermaids,” Cher paid tribute to her mother. The film, of course, is about a mother who drags her two daughters from town to town, after every love crash that happens to her. The producers gave her freedom, so a closer insight into her childhood was possible in this realization.

The following year, a new album “Love Hurts” followed, which brought her several more hits. The song “Love and Understanding” ended up on many top-ten charts.

The 1990s were another period of turbulence and problems. Although they started great with the offer to play in the famous movie hits “War of the Roses” and “Thelma and Louise”, Cher refused because of the uncertainty regarding her further steps in her career. She soon got the virus that developed chronic fatigue syndrome and significantly influenced the artist to no longer be able to continue her singing and acting career simultaneously.

However, one event left a strong impression on her at the end of that decade. Sonny Bono died in 1998 after a skiing accident. She gave a touching speech at the funeral, calling him the most vivid character she had ever met. She later recorded a special called Sonny and Me: Cher Doesn’t Forget. Although they had a lot of problems and a difficult divorce, Cher sincerely mourned the father of her first child.

In the same year, the singer experienced her fourth musical return. Bigger than ever. She returned to disco sound and released an album called “Believe”. The song of the same name became the most successful in her career, it was on the first place in 23 countries and it sold ten million copies. It is also the most listened hit in 1998, but also in 1999, and it was the first in which the usual auto-tuna was used today. He also brought the singer a Grammy Award.

In the last years of the millennium, she performed at the halftime of the “Super Bowl”, which is considered a great honor in America, since that program is the most watched event in the country. Following the success of the album “Believe”, Cher released several compilations and scheduled performances in Las Vegas. The two thousand years bring her many more concerts, but also a new return to film. In addition to Kristina Aguilera, she starred in “Burlesque” in 2010, and recorded a song entitled “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”. I still have something to show, Cher claims in the title of this powerful ballad, and it has topped the charts again. “Closer to the Truth”, her 25th album, was released in 2013 and confirmed with her success that Cher is still a relevant actor in the music scene, even though she was in her seventies.

Fear of poverty

Even in his later years, Cher does not stop experiencing ups and downs. It seems to be an integral part of her life. The media wrote about her alleged financial problems and depression.

– I will be afraid of poverty until death. It’s like when a fat girl loses 30 kilograms, but she still thinks she’s huge. I grew up in misery and that feeling will stay with me forever. I have a great fear that this will not happen again – she said on one occasion. These days, the audience sees her as one of the actors in the protest against the new American president, Donald Trump. This is not surprising, since she has always been a fighter for human and minority rights. Struggle is what adorns the nature of this artist, the ups and downs are in her blood. She often talked about it herself.

– I’m like an amusement park car. If I hit the edge, I just reverse and continue in the other direction. I’ve hit too many edges in my life, but I don’t stop. I think that is my greatest quality – said this timeless diva.

About her incredible ability to come out of every battle even stronger, perhaps the best description was given by the American comedian Jimmy James, a great admirer of the artist.

– If there was a nuclear cataclysm on the planet Earth, only cockroaches and Cher would survive.


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