The life story of Clint Eastwood – one of the best actors in Hollywood

Although this great American actor and director won four “Oscars” as a director, he is still best known to the public for his roles as fierce guys and anti-heroes from the 1960s and 1970s.

This is the life story of Clint Eastwood!

Birth and early life

Eastwood was born in San Francisco, California, USA, on May 31, 1930. His mother was a factory worker – Margaret Ruth, and his father was Clinton Eastwood, an older metal worker, who often moved due to work needs. Eastwood has English, Scottish, Irish and Dutch blood in it.

He was raised and raised as a Protestant, and as a child he moved a lot and changed schools frequently, so that during his teenage years, his family moved to Piedmont, where he enrolled and finished technical high school, after which he immediately got a job as a firefighter at a gas station. At the age of twenty, that is, in 1950, he was admitted to the University of Seattle, but then he was recruited into the army.

He received numerous decorations and recognition in the army, including the “Fort Ord”, and while returning from a weekend he spent at home, the plane he was traveling on crashed into the Pacific Ocean, north of San Francisco. He managed to get out of the sinking plane, swam five kilometers until he came to safety, he passed without serious injuries and health consequences.

In 1954, he came to Hollywood, where he signed a multi-year contract with the American film studio “Universal”, where he began to play small roles, from just a few minutes of appearing on the screen or even less in films of B production. After a couple of films, he is fired, and the reason is his appearance, that is, the oversize Adam’s apple.

After that, in 1959, by chance, Eastwood found himself with a friend in Los Angeles, in the “CBS” studio, he was spotted by one of the producers and offered the role of cowboy Raudi, in the popular series “Raw Leather”, which had as many as seven season.

Acting career

After his debut series, which was a great success in America, Clint also achieved his first major film roles, the role of a cowboy in the films he made one after another, which became known as the “dollar trilogy”: “For a handful of dollars,” For dollar more and “Good, bad, evil. All three films went great, becoming big hits, and the biggest breakthrough was “Good, Bad, Evil”, which celebrated Clint as an international film star.

It was at this time that he neglected his acting career to try out as a director, and in the early 1980s, in the fourth sequel to the film about dirty Harry, he got the lead role and became one of the leading movie stars of the 1980s. The further development of his acting career alternates with his directing career.

After spending a little more than ten years as an actor, Eastwood wanted to try his hand as a director, and it was interesting that during his life he received more recognition for directing than for acting. While acting, he slowly learned the craft of directing, paying special attention to action and cowboy films.

It is interesting that many actors have tried to direct some projects, but the fact is that only Eastwood can be said to have surpassed himself and to be better at this job even than some of Hollywood’s more prominent directorial names. He is known for his skillful directing, where he has the ability to reduce the duration of the film and keep the budget of the film under control. The first film he directed was “Horror in the Night” in 1971. In his career, Eastwood has directed more than thirty films, including action, cowboy, drama and war.

Four – time “Oscar winner” and Legion of Honor winner

He has won and won numerous other awards, including the America Now TV Award and the Kennedy Award, and received an honorary degree from the University of Southern California. In 1994, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver inducted Clint into the California Hall of Fame, housed in the California Museum.

This timeless director also received the highest French civilian decoration, the “Legion of Honor” awarded to him by French President Jacques Chirac, in 2007, declaring Eastwood “the best of Hollywood” and calling him “an extraordinary ambassador of American culture in the world.”

Eleven facts you didn’t know about Clint Eastwood

1. She has seven children from several marriages.

2. Clint is known for his great love of music, especially jazz.

3. It is interesting that he is a fitness fanatic and that he never lit a cigar, except as an actor for the purpose of making a movie.

4. He owns a chain of hotels and restaurants.

5. He is an avid golfer and owns his own golf club “Tehama”.

6. He passed for a pilot and has his own helicopter, so when there is a big traffic jam, he goes to his destination by helicopter.

7. In addition to acting and directing, he is also a composer of music for films.

8. He was the mayor of the city of Carmel in 1986, where he received a two – year term.

9. He refused to play James Bond, and he also refused the role of Superman.

10. He even managed to save one person’s life, when at a golf tournament party one person started choking on a piece of cheese, Clint reacted and saved the man’s life.

11. Channel “E!” In collaboration with his wife Dina recorded a reality show about Clint’s private life in 2012, which had ten episodes, and it is interesting that Eastwood himself appeared in only three episodes, and the reality show mostly followed the lives his wives and children.



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