David Beckham’s life story – he knew what he wanted!

David Beckham's life story
In this text, I will describe David Beckham’s life story, one of the most famous football players in the world!

Before ending his professional career, David Beckham was considered the most desirable football player in the team among coaches, and he carried the epithet of the most fatal man among girls. He has been married to his wife Victoria for 21 years, and they have four children.

He is a father’s son, but also a devoted father. The husband is a member of a once famous British band, he is considered a fashion icon, a sport’s role model. In addition to all that, it is easy to forget that David Beckham is actually a football player of world caliber, and his center shots with his right foot were assessed by experts as the most perfect when it comes to the most important sideline in the world. He played more than a hundred games for the England national team.

– I feel that now is the right time to end my career because I still play at the highest possible level. Thanks to my teammates and coaches I worked with and learned from them. Thanks also to the fans who supported me and gave me the strength to succeed – David Beckham wrote in a statement saying goodbye to playing sport’s in 2018.

The former captain of the English national football team, in his career he defended the colors of Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, he was on loan in Milan, while he ended his career in the City of Light, playing for PSG.David Beckham's life story

However, many football players around the world have achieved notable careers, but their fame was not even close to that of the hero of our story. Thanks to his personality off the field and his marriage to one of the Spice Girls, Victoria, this Briton became famous in a framework that goes beyond sport’s.

He wore a headscarf, had manicured nails, decorated his body with tattoos and changed his hairstyles almost every month … Whenever he did, many colleagues and kids around the world copied his style. He speaks in a shrill voice and it seems that his wife Victoria makes all the most important decisions in his private life. Despite all that, the public never questioned his masculinity. Beckham became synonymous with the word metrosexual during the 1990s. He was never aggressive or confident in that traditional and masculine way.

He dresses with style and is constantly nurtured while journalists often provoke him with questions related to the horde of his gay fans.

Earlier years

David Robert Joseph Beckham, grew up dreaming of becoming a professional footballer and playing for the famous Devils from Manchester. He was born on May 2, 1975, in the Leighton district of London. His father, Ted, was involved in the installation of kitchen elements, while his mother, Sandra, worked as a hairdresser. He grew up with his older sister Lane and younger Joan.

David Beckham young

As a child, he showed a penchant for football, but he also loved other sport’s, while it was a lot of fun for him to draw copies of Disney characters, as well as boys who play football. His father was a big fan of Manchester United, and he passed that love on to his son. He got him their red jersey and took him to games every time this team played away in London. In addition, Ted regularly took his son, who was very small as a boy, to the park to play football with the elders.

– My father warned me that I had to be ready for it to be rough on the football field. It would be meaningless if I played all the time and shouted at people not to hit me – explained David, who was soon given the opportunity to play professionally. He became the star of the local team “Ridgeway Rovers” and during three seasons, he scored more than a hundred goals, and although small and shy, his skills and determination on the field, attracted the attention of scouts.

– Whenever my teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said – a football player. And they would respond to me: What do you really want to do? But I was just thinking about football – describes the player for whom the jersey with the number 7 was reserved in the jersey of the English national team.David Beckham at Manchester United

David was always confident in his game, so much so that he later admitted that he felt confident only on the football field. After one football match, his mother approached him and said: Fortunately, you played a great game today. That man there is a scout from Manchester United and he wants to meet you.

– Even today, I remember the rush of joy and excitement that I felt then. I immediately cried. I wondered for a long time if I would ever be so happy – said the famous jet-setter later, who immediately accepted to move to Manchester.

– When I was young, I gave up a lot. Going out with friends, fun, I left my family. It was not easy, but I knew that was what I wanted – he admitted.

First love

During that period, he fell in love with the American Jody Price for the first time. They met on a plane, on a flight from London to Dallas.

– He asked my friend if she could sit next to me. He seemed nice. He was wearing a clean buttoned shirt. He may have been too thin, but he made me laugh. We decided to see each other while he was in America – said Jody. When David returned to England, for the next two years, they regularly sent letters to each other.

– Before he left for home, David told me with his funny British accent: I think I’m in love. He was cute. I kissed him. He respected me, he was fun, confident and I enjoyed his company. In addition, he kissed well – Jodie recalled.

David Beckham and Jody Price

Acquaintance with Victoria

Their romance did not last. David dedicated himself to his career and played his first professional game at just 17 years old. He was soon spotted by a famous singer. Allegedly, she literally chose him from the picture album, while he noticed her on television. Beckham recalled watching a TV show with teammate Gary Neville in 1996 when they spotted a Spice Girls video.

“I turned to Gary and said, ‘You see the one over there, she’s the girl I’m going to marry”, David recalls.David Beckham and Victoria

At one of the games, word spread through the locker room that two spice girls had come to the stadium.

– I thought: That at least one of them is Posh – describes the hero of our story. And she was. He took her phone number, which she wrote down on an old plane ticket. He called her the next day and crossed the road to London to see her. David claims that he still keeps that plane ticket with Victoria’s phone number today.

– While other football players got drunk at the bar, he was always with his mom, dad and sister. I immediately felt that he was a gentleman and a family man, which was important to me because I am like that myself – the singer and fashion designer admitted.

The couple fell in love and met in secret, far from the restaurants where the paparazzi hunt them today.

– I knew I wanted to marry her, I have children with her, I will be with her forever. I was sure that I could tell her right away at the first meeting – Beckham once admitted.

After gaining the sympathy of his partner’s protective parents, David knelt in the middle of the Roockery Hall Hotel and proposed to Victoria. Her diamond ring was not ready at that time, so the couple simply moved their own rings from the right hand to the left.

David Beckham and Victoria - proposal

The popular spice girl then went on an American tour where she experienced morning sickness and great exhaustion, which indicated that she was pregnant.

David immediately flew to New York to be with his fiancée, and Brooklyn Joseph was born in a London hospital in March 1999. In addition to having to adjust to life with a new addition, they had to plan another important event – a wedding. The wedding ceremony was held in September 1999, in the romantic surroundings of a castle near Dublin, and the photos were sold to “OK” magazine for a million pounds!

Although he now had a wife, David was forced to listen to another person who made decisions when it came to his life – Mr. Alex Ferguson, the famous coach of Manchester United. He refused to extend Beckham’s days off, so the newlyweds’ honeymoon in the Far East expired earlier than planned. As the footballer’s career flourished more and more, Victoria’s began to fade.

David Beckham and Victoria and their son Joseph Brooklyn

In December 2002, the group “Spice Girls” disbanded, and Victoria dedicated herself to motherhood and gave birth to another son, Romeo James. At that time, David’s parents divorced, but when five years later, his father Ted suffered a heart attack, he still reconciled with his wife.

– While my parents had problems in their marriage, I sympathized with them. Divorce is a painful thing, anytime it happens. I will never blame my father for anything. I inherited stubbornness from him, and caring from my mother. I would not like what happened to my father to happen to me and my sons. I would not allow that – he said.

Marital problems

But something like that almost happened in 2003 when he signed a contract with Real Madrid worth 25 million pounds. That move almost cost him his marriage. The most desirable athlete was left alone in a foreign city, while Victoria was in Britain with her children. At that time, David could not resist the charms of his assistant Rebecca Luz, who attracted him with her beauty and wit.

At one point, Luz claimed that David had become his second wife, and that he had spent his free time with her, given that Victoria was bored living in a beautiful Spanish city. All that, allegedly, resulted in a four-month affair between the football player and his assistant. While many claimed that the distance had done its thing, the more vicious ones pointed out that the reason for the Beckham’s’ marital crisis was that Victoria’s fame was beginning to fade.

Victoria and David Beckham

– Honestly, all her success made our relationship more exciting. I fell in love with the whole package – her appearance, character, energy, those legs … But, I was also attracted by her talent – explains the Briton.

David and Victoria’s media strategy was to cover up their marital problems, so in order to show that everything was fine between them, they regularly appeared together in public. Victoria pointed out that speculations that her cheating husband made her marriage stronger, while Beckham never confirmed or denied his affair with Luz.

Going to Los Angeles

Whatever the situation in their marital union at that time, everything calmed down in February 2005, when Victoria gave birth to their third son, Cruz David, in a Madrid hospital. Then the famous midfielder signed a contract with LA Galaxy, so his whole family moved across the Atlantic where they became friends with many Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

During that period, the media again accused Beckham of infidelity, so prostitute Irma Niki is mentioned among those ladies who allegedly ended up in bed with a football player. During Beckham’s career, several girls spoke publicly, claiming that they had an affair with a megastar. In an interview for the Danish tabloid “Extra Bladet Selina”, Lori said that she met the athlete at the club, after which they ended up in a hotel.David Beckham in the LA Galaxy
– David opened the door and wore only white boxers. He had a fantastic body. I followed him to the bedroom where he kissed me. After all, he didn’t kick me out of the apartment, but let me stay until he got up, until 8am. He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. Unfortunately, he did not give me his and we have not heard from each other since then – she said, and during 2017, the football player was also connected with the singer Katherine Jenkins, which they both denied.

David Beckham has always emphasized his love for football, but he is no less emotional when it comes to family.

– My boys are very different. Brooklyn is a teenager, so he needs a lot more time in the morning to adjust his hairstyle. He started noticing the girls. Romeo loves fashion and often wears a suit and hat when he goes out. Cruz loves to play breakdance whenever the opportunity arises – he describes, while, as he says, he was happiest when his daughter Harper Seven was born in July 2011 in Los Angeles.

– When I was little, I always wanted to have a brother. In fact, when my younger sister was born, I was very upset. And then I got my sons and wanted a girl. In the third month of pregnancy, we went for an ultrasound and they told us that Victoria was carrying a boy. We thought: Great, we will have a man’s team. Later, they told us that it was a girl. We were overwhelmed by emotions – says a successful athlete, but an even more successful businessman.

David Beckham and his family

The contract he signed with the Americans is one of the most lucrative in the history of professional sport’s. It is estimated that in five years, he managed to earn 250 million dollars. He was the face of numerous companies and fashion lines, including “H&M”, “Pepsi”, “Vodafone”, “Armani”, “Adidas” and others. And, allegedly, Victoria is the one who holds the strings and plans every move in their family in detail.

– I trust my wife one hundred percent. When people say that in our marriage, Victoria is the one who wears pants, I am satisfied with such a situation – Beckham is honest.David and Victoria Beckham



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