The life story of David Duchovny

Although he is best known to a wide television and film audience for his role as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, his spiritual talent, extraordinary intellect, astonishing composure and incredible spirit, David Duchovny showed only in the series “California”.

The actor, who differs from most other colleagues in that he graduated from one of the most famous universities in the world, the prestigious American “Yale”, was watched by his fans all over the planet in the cult series “The X-Files” and the “California” series. Crowned with the fame of one of the most watched series of all time, Duchovny did not even assume that the role of Hank Moody, a failed writer with almost all known vices in “California”, would radically change his life and lead to the collapse of his seemingly idyllic marriage to actress Teo Leoni.

“The biggest problem was that I couldn’t refuse any girl who wanted to provide me with sexual services,” the actor said after the first in a series of rehabilitation during which he tried to recover from his sex addiction.

David William Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960, in New York as the middle child in the family of the American-Jewish publicist Amram, originally from the former Russian Empire and teacher Margaret, born Miller, an immigrant from Aberdeen, Scotland.

“I’m half Jewish, half Scot, and that’s why it’s hard for me to buy anything”, Duchovny joked about his origins. It was named after one of the most important works of the famous Michelangelo, a sculpture by the thinker David, and in the company of his older brother Daniel and sister Laura, he spent a mostly carefree and happy childhood. When he turned 11, his parents decided to divorce, after which the father moved to Boston, and the mother took full care of the children from that moment. Wanting to provide them with the best education, she enrolled them in the most expensive private schools.

I present to you the life story of David Duchovny!

The development path of the guy from the end

David enrolled first in “Grace Church School”, and after that, “The Collegiate School” for boys, both in Manhattan. During his schooling, he actively played basketball, college and baseball. In one basketball game, he injured his right eye, which is why his pupil, despite the operation, remained dilated. He continued his education at the famous Princeton University, where he graduated in English literature in 1982, and completed his master’s studies at the prestigious Yale.

He stayed there to work as an assistant and prepare a doctorate which, due to the new interest, he will probably never finish. At that time, his interest in acting appeared, and encouraged by friends, he began to take classes and attend numerous castings for movies and commercials. However, at auditions, he fails to stand out from other actors and gain engagement. The turning point in his career happened in 1987, when he shot an advertisement for “Levenbroi” beer, and soon for “Nokia” mobile phones, after which he went to Los Angeles to take his acting career more seriously.

He got his first film role in 1988 in “Employed Girl” and although he appeared in only two scenes, he was soon re-engaged. She has played supporting roles in several films, and then in three episodes of the cult series “Twin Peaks”, in which she plays Denis Bryson, a transsexual agent of the DEA. Until the end of the eighties, he acted in several productions, mostly of worse production, but the situation changed drastically in 1992 – then he made five films, including a biographical film about Charlie Chaplin, as well as “The Diary of Red Shoes” in which he got his first starring role…

Dossier opening X

The event that definitely made him a real Hollywood star and determined his further career happened in 1993 when the producers of the “X-Files” series, which is based on the theory that the US government hides the existence of an alien life form, assigned him the role of FBI special agent. , Fox Mulder.

He firmly believes that his sister was abducted by aliens and is constantly trying to find evidence that they exist, but also to bring the missing family member home. The role of his partner, Dana Scully, was given to Gillian Anderson, then a little-known red-haired actress, who in the series is the complete opposite of Spiritual. What is even more interesting is that in real life, unlike him, she really believes in supernatural forces. This achievement was an incredible success, it grew into a real television hit and gained cult status, and it was broadcast on “Fox” television for a full nine seasons, until 2002.

The American TV guide awarded “The X-Files” the status of one of the greatest television series of all time, right after “Star Trek”. That same year, in parallel with the shooting of the first season, David also made the film “California”, where, along with Brad Pitt, he was a member of a great acting team. Although he gave preference to the famous science fiction franchise that launched him among the stars, when the weather allowed it, he also dedicated himself to film projects. However, his priorities were then clearly defined and they were called – “The X-Files”.

– I always wanted to continue filming. We envisioned a film franchise after the series ended and made two films. The second was good, but not so much that the third would be filmed and we were all disappointed because of that. I think that the sequel will push the boundaries … Although filming was interrupted, the series continued to live, and many that were shown until a few years ago, just flowed out of it – said Duchovny in an interview before filming the latest episodes of “The X-Files ”. Unlike him, Anderson stated several times that she was not overly enthusiastic about the character of Dana Scully, who made her famous, primarily because of her stiff suits and strict hairstyles.

– I just don’t know what happened to me, so I agreed to look like that. I would never do it again, I only filmed for money – Gillian said on one occasion and added: “I hate Scully. I would never do that filming again, for no money. ”

Future events will still deny it. Although the media often speculated about the emotional closeness of Duchovny and Anderson, those rumors were never officially confirmed. David always spoke in selected words about his colleague and their mutual relationship.

“It’s nice to work with Gillian again. I don’t know why we have such good chemistry, it’s really mystical. The two of us really always work extremely well,” Duchovny said.

The film “The X-Files” premiered in 1998, and the plot of the film deals with the events from the series shown between the fifth and sixth seasons. Three years later, Duchovny got the lead role in the American science fiction comedy called “Evolution”, which achieved solid success at the box office around the world. After the series ended, he had more time to dedicate to films, so in 2004 he wrote his first screenplay for “D’s House”, which he also signed as a producer. A year later, he got the role of Tom in the romantic drama “Trust the Man”, in which his partner was Julianne Moore.

In 2008, another film dedicated to the mega-popular series called “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” appeared in cinemas. In those years, he made several more films, and the most important among them was “Phantom”. After that, he accepted the role of writer and womanizer Hank Moody in the series “California”, which will completely change his private life.

– Career is a strange thing: it is a path that you walk safely, and then the steps either become faster or you stiffen abruptly. A few years ago, I made the right move because, among other things, I started writing screenplays and directing. I think it was a full hit that brought me back as an actor as well. What is inherent in career and life in general is the fact that the more you get, the more you ask for. It seems to me that in Hollywood, as you get older, you can ask less and less and that is why I am very pleased that all this happened to me. Hank is a loser who has lost a lot and that is what attracted me to this role. He belongs to the people who say what they think. It is a trait that gives him real power – David explained his career in a few sentences.

A turbulent love life

His brilliant career was followed first by an idyllic and later by a turbulent private life. At the height of his popularity, on May 6, 1997, he married his colleague Teo Leoni, 54, with whom, in the years when they were considered one of the most harmonious Hollywood couples, he had two children: in 1999 a daughter Madeleine West (21), and three years later and the son of Kid Miller (18).

The first cracks in the seemingly happy marriage began to be noticed already during the filming of “California”, and then in 2008 the actor publicly admitted that he was obsessed with sex, pornographic websites and erotic forums.

His wife endured all this for years, focusing on children and marriage, but things got out of hand and they got to the point where there was no going back. The problem was not only in watching pornographic material, but also in the fact that David could not control himself when he found himself in various kinds of temptations. If a girl offered him sexual services – he would accept it without thinking.

– I believe that my sexual appetites grew extremely because I saw in making love a good way to escape from reality and thus forget about everything, even myself – Spiritual explained the essence of the problem he was facing.

The ultimatum of the wife followed: either he will finally go for treatment or she will end the marital union, after which the actor spent several months getting used to sexual addiction and thus got a new chance. However, the idyll was short-lived and they divorced in 2011.

After that, David goes for treatment again and the two of them try to resolve the disagreements together again, but the passion was still stronger. A few months later, Duchovny announced that he and Tea Leoni were still married, but living separately. Quietly, without scandals and quarrels, this acting couple officially divorced amicably in mid-2014. Irreconcilable differences are cited as the reason, and custody of children is equally divided. The actor agreed to pay $8,000 a month in alimony, as well as an additional $40,000 to support his ex-wife.

– David gave me the two greatest gifts in the world and I don’t know how I could hate him. We have always loved and adored these kids, said Tea Leoni in the first interview after the divorce.

– I’m not pretending to be stupid. It is clear to me that someone can be hurt, as well as that things can get nasty. We have had such moments, but children are more precious to us than anything and I know that he shares my opinion. David is a good man – said the actress. Just at the time of the official divorce, the last recorded episode of “California” was broadcast. The audience had a hard time with that, but they found solace in reviving the mega-popular series.



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