Diana Lane is the true meaning of the life

One of everyone’s favorite movies in which she stars is “Under the Sun of Tuscany”.

Legendary actress, Diane Lane is the true meaning of the life and one of the few stars who is not associated with scandals and who does not try to hide her age and is dignified old (56).

Her biography

Diane was born on January 22, 1965, in New York City as the daughter of a singer in nightclubs and Peybe model Colin Lee Farrington and Barton Eugene Lane, an acting teacher who worked as a taxi driver and taught in college.

When she was 13, Diana’s parents divorced and she had to move with her mother to Mexico, because her mother had custody of her. But later, her father took custody, so they lived in numerous hotels throughout New York, and she took a taxi with him.

At the age of 15, Diane became legally independent and traveled to Los Angeles for a week with actor and friend Christopher Atkins, with whom she starred in the 1981 film “Child Bride of Short Creek”.

“It was irresponsible behavior that resulted from me having too much independence when I was very young,” Lane once said.

After a trip to Los Angeles, she returned to New York and lived with a friend’s family and paid their rent, and in 1981, she went to high school. But soon, her mother kidnapped her from there and took her to Georgia, where she lived. Diane and her father filed a lawsuit because of that, and six weeks later, the actress returned to New York. Lane did not speak to her mother for three years because of the incident, but they eventually reconciled.

Diane has had an enviable acting career and is known for love dramas that have won the fairer sex, especially the two in which she appears with women’s favorite Richard Gere. These are “Cotton Club” in 1984, “Unfaithful Woman” from 2002. and “Stormy Love in Rodante” from 2008.

One of Diana’s favorite films is “Under the Sun of Tuscany”, which is about the New York author Francis. Her world collapses when her husband leaves her for a younger wife and takes her house in a divorce lawsuit. At the urging of Patti’s best friend, Francis travels to Italy, in whose beautiful province of Tuscany, he buys a large old house.

The romantic film is based on the memoir “Under the Sun of Tuscany” by the writer Francis Mace.

Just like the characters she played, Diane had no luck in love in real life. He has two marriages behind him. She was married for six years to actor Christopher Lambert (63), with whom she had a daughter Eleanor (27), and she followed in their footsteps and is involved in acting.

Diana’s other husband was colleague Josh Brolin (53) with whom she was married from 2004 to 2013. When it comes to her private life, the actress is retired and is not present on social networks, so it is not known if she is currently in a relationship or not.

By the way, viewers had the opportunity to watch Lane in the popular series “House of Cards”, and the last film she shot was the thriller “Let Him Go”, which came out last year. In it, he plays the lead role with the famous actor Kevin Costner.



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