The life story of Don Johnson – Came from poverty, conquered the world

The life story of Don Johnson – Came from poverty, conquered the world!

Earlier years

Donnie Wayne Johnson was born on December 15. 1949 in America. In addition to acting, he is also involved in production, directing, and is also known as a singer. He became famous for his role as Sony Croquet in the series “Miami Weiss”, which was planetary popular in the 80s. For his role in the series of the same name, Don Johnson, Came from poverty, conquered the world, also won the Golden Globe. After the great success of Miami Weiss, Johnson starred in another hit series with a similar theme, Cops, named Nash Bridges. His popularity also brought him a star on the Boulevard of Fame in the early 1990s.

This is his biography

Don Johnson was born in Flat Creek, Missouri. His mother was a beautician and his father a farmer. When they got him, his parents were 17 and 19 years old. He grew up in poverty in Wichita, where he has lived with his parents since he was six.

He finished high school in Wichita, and what interested him the most back then was acting. He joined the school theater program, and already as a senior he played the main role in the play “A Story from the West Side”.

After graduating from school and graduating in 1967, he enrolled in college in Kansas, and acting was his major. Don Johnson spent only one year studying, when he decided that college was not for him. He moved to San Francisco, where he began attending acting classes at a respected theater.

Until 1984, he played minor roles in films, and then came the offer for the series “Miami Weiss”, which made him a star. After that role, until today, Don Johnson can choose in which project he wants to act, but also to produce.

Apart from acting, his undeniable talent is also music. Don Johnson went on two 80s albums. His single “Heartbeat” reached the fifth place on the “Billboard list”, but still his most famous today is “Tell it Like it is”.

Private life

Don Johnson married five times and had four wives. With Melanie Griffith, he stood in front of the altar twice, but the second chance did not prove to be successful either.

The first two marriages were annulled only a few days after the wedding, and the names of those two wives as well as their identities are still unknown to the public. One is speculated to have been a stripper.

In the early 70s, Don Johnson lived with a famous group girl, Pamela De Bar. As early as 1972, he met Melanie Griffith, who was only 14 at the time, and with whose mother, Tippi Hedren, he worked on the film. When Melanie Griffith turned 15, she and Don Johnson began living together in a rented house in Laurel Canyon. They got engaged for her 18th birthday, and the wedding took place in January 1976. After only a few months, in November, the couple divorced. It was not until 1989 that they reconciled and had a daughter, today a popular actress – Dakota Johnson. They remarried and remained married until 1996.

Don Johnson is considered a great seducer in Hollywood, so over the years he has been connected with many colleagues, but also with their daughters. He also lived for a time with Patti Darbanville, with whom he had a son. She once told how she seduced him:

– I saw Don in a restaurant in Los Angeles and thought “What a beautiful man”. “I chased after him and said, ‘Hey, tell me, how many times have you been married?’ He replied, “Three”. “Then say hello to your fourth wife.” Don escorted his companion that evening and spent the night with Petty. After a month of passionate relationship, Petty told him that she was pregnant. They planned to get married, but Petty changed her mind.

– I didn’t see the point. We have already seen by then that there are important things in which we do not agree. Alcohol was one of those things. As soon as I got pregnant, I gave up alcohol. He is not. And so we walked away.

Don Johnson later, with her help, managed to quit alcohol. He soon started filming the Miami Weiss series, so he moved to Florida. The couple divorced a year later.

His next great love was – Barbra Streisand. Together they even recorded an album. Their joint songs can be found today on her album, which she released in 2002.

Not much is known about his adventure with the then young Uma Thurman (18), but it is assumed that it was the reason for the breakup between him and Barbra. After a brief relationship with the Mind, Don returned to his first love – Melanie Griffith.

Don Johnson today

In April 1999, Don Johnson finally finds a woman with whom he still enjoys love – Jacqueline Fleger, a teacher from San Francisco. When he met her, Jacqueline was 30 years old. Today, the couple has three children and lives peacefully and secluded.



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