The life story of Drew Barrymore

The life story of Drew Barrymore, one of the most famous actresses of today!

When she gave birth to her second daughter on April 22, 2014, many remembered what the 43-year-old actress, Drew Barrymore, said today a few years ago.

“I don’t want to have children until I’m sure I’ll be a caring mother. It’s very important that you don’t become a parent before you’re 100 percent ready to take responsibility for your children and be able to get them on the right track. I know this best from personal experience. ”

Asked if she communicates with her mother Jade, Drew answered diplomatically: “Our relationship is very complicated. We communicate from time to time, but at this moment I think that there is no place for me in her life, nor in mine for her. ”

Drew described growing up and her relationship with her mother as a teenager, in her autobiography “Little Girl Lost”, which she published in 1990 and which soon became a bestseller.

She turned the life experience she had at the age of 15 into a book that was read with equal interest by her peers and their parents because, as she once said, at the age of six she was twice as mature as her generation, and at 12 she only hung out with adults and behaved that way.

Earlier years

Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975, in California into a family in which three generations of famous actors, as well as heavy alcoholics, grew up on their father’s side. Both her father’s father and uncle were addicted to alcohol, as was her great-aunt, who died at age 39 of cirrhosis of the liver.

Father John has been in prison several times for driving under the influence of alcohol and drug possession. Ildiko’s mother, Jade Barrymore, moved away from her aggressive husband before giving birth to Drew, and the two began living in a small rented apartment in West Hollywood.

The mother never gave up the desire to become famous herself, but all attempts ended mostly without success. What Jade failed to achieve on her own, she tried with her daughter. She started auditioning for TV commercials with her, and so little Drew found herself in a dog food commercial at the age of one.

At the age of two, she already starred in a television movie for a boy, so she appeared in several other commercials, and at the age of four, she told her mother that the only thing she wanted in life was to become an actress. Her mother took her seriously, and Drew’s godfather, the famous director Steven Spielberg, helped with that.

In the movie “E.T.” who filmed in 1981, gave her the role of 6-year-old Gerti, the younger sister of the main character. The role took her to the very top of Hollywood. She traveled the world with the film crew and promoted the film, charming everyone in turn, even then-President Ronald Reagan.

At the age of seven, she became the youngest guest in the history of the most watched TV show in America – “Saturday Night Live”.

Her peers at school did not look at her fame with sympathy, so her mother dropped her out of regular school, paid her private teachers and became her manager.

The following year, Drew played the lead role in the adaptation of Stefan King’s favorite book “Firestarter” and in “Irreconcilable Differences”, and she was already nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in that film as a 9-year-old.

And then at the party of the movie “Firestarter” she bet with the guards that she could drink two glasses of champagne, and that’s how it started … She got more and more roles, and mother Jade, who subordinated her daughter to almost ten years of life, thought that she too has the right to parties.

Her little movie star was her VIP tickets to all the parties from LA to New York, so Drew regularly went to clubs like the famous “Studio 54”, where the show business icons of the time were not very modest. In one of the photos from that time, 9-year-old Drew is holding a box of cigarettes that she started smoking at that age.

A year and a half later, sitting in the back seat of the car with her mother and her friend, she smoked her first joint, and at 12 she was already consuming cocaine.

The first major quarrel with his mother broke out in LA, in 1988, after Drew spent the day taking drugs with friends. She called Jade and told her to move out of the house by evening to stop hindering her from having fun.

When she found her mother in the house, she went completely wild, so the next day she was in the rehab center “ASAP Treatment Center” in Pasadena.

She refused to cooperate and resisted joining the program for a long time, and she understood that as a last chance. A month later, she was already in New York auditioning for the film “See You in the Morning”. She got the role and immediately started a night-life with a friend. They stole Jade’s card, flew to LA, withdrew the money, bought cocaine and went crazy shopping, preparing to continue to Hawaii, but in that madness they crashed the car. The police returned her to the clinic after a short procedure. The recovery was very slow. She was 13 years old and had to get rid of many demons from the past – cross paths with drugs, gain self-confidence, forgive her father for never being with her and her mother who mismanaged her life.

After almost a year of rehab, at the end of 1988, the doctors told her that she was ready to go out. And then the newspaper broke the story. She was on the covers again against her will. Therefore, she decided to defend herself with her own book in which she will explain everything in detail. While writing the book, she twice wanted to take a joint and considered it an unforgivable sin.

She cut her veins and woke up again the next morning at the rehab clinic.

Finally, at 15, she realized that she had to make an effort as soon as possible to confirm that she was capable of living independently and earning her own work. She was helped in this by earning from her autobiography, which she published in 1990, and she also got the lead role in the film “Poison Ivy”, which earned her a reputation as a serious actress.

But everything she had lived until then left a mark on her private life and relationships with men. By the age of 17, she had already severed ties, first with actor Corey Feldman, and then with Leland Howard, the granddaughter of the famous Hollywood producer after whom he was named. But the first serious relationship was her colleague, young actor and singer Jimmy Walters, with whom her manager introduced her. It was right after she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the second time for her role in the movie “Guncrazy”.

Jimmy soon proposed to her, she agreed, but he changed his mind and broke off the relationship while she was in Vancouver making a biographical film about teenage girl Amy Fisher who tried to kill the wife of her older lover.

Drew was depressed again. A small consolation was her offer of “Guess” to be their face, so her provocative advertising photos toured the world.

And then Drew shocked the world once again. At the age of 19, she started dating Jeremy Thomas, a cafe owner originally from Wales, and after a few days, they decided to get married.

“It was one of my biggest mistakes. The main reason for the wedding was the green card that Thomas needed to get to America,” Drew later justified.

Immediately after the wedding, she traveled to the set of the movie “Boys on the Side”, and 29 days after the wedding, she filed for divorce. Next was Eric Erlandson, guitarist and the only male member of the band “Hole”, which he founded with Courtney Love.

Erlandson and Drew started having fun after they met under somewhat unusual circumstances. It was at the entrance to a club where she got sick, so she rushed out into the street and threw up on his shoes. She finally calmed down with Eric. At least temporarily. She also started on a professional level, because she started a private production company “Flower Films”. She broke off her relationship with her mother completely, and began to see her father occasionally. But then she produced a scandal again and posed nude for “Playboy”. She must have liked the stripping, so at a New York club, at the birthday party of “CBS” host, David Letterman, she treated the celebrant to a striptease.

Finally, at the age of 20, after a minor role in “Batman”, she was hired by Woody Allen in the movie “Everyone Says I Love You”, and then she also starred in the horror “Scream”.

Her relationship with Eric was already falling apart, as they saw each other less and less due to business commitments. She didn’t grieve this time. She got two roles in two films on a small budget in which her partner was four years older Luke Wilson, the brother of Owen and Andrea Wilson. She immediately fell in love with him, and he with her. They had fun for three years and Drew could calmly dedicate herself to her career and her company. And then in 1999 she confirmed herself as a co-owner of a production company. With producer Nancy Juvonen, they brought Chris Miller into the company, who was a complete success in business.

That same year, she broke off a three-year relationship with Luke, but they remained good friends and continued to work together. She soon fell in love again. This time, it was a four-year-old Canadian comedian, Tom Green. As a producer and one of the three main female roles in “Charlie’s Angels”, she hired Green, because she adored his show on “MTV”. They immediately fell madly in love and reached the newspaper. She was with him when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Shortly before the premiere of the film, they got engaged and started living together in her house. But not for long. In 2001, a terrible fire broke out in her house during the night. She and Tom were saved by the barking of her pet Flossie. The house burned to the ground. She understood that as a new beginning and married Tom on July 7 of the same year.

The wedding was organized in Malibu, several friends and family were invited, but five months later, Tom filed for divorce.

She continued to work and shoot, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film ‘E.T.’ and fell in love again. Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer of the group “The Strokes”, moved into a new house in Hollywood this time. She met the Brazilian “Fabio” as she beat him, in the backstage at a concert at a rock festival in California. She immediately said of him that he was “the smartest, most handsome, dearest and most talented man she has ever met.”

She endured with him for five years. In the meantime, she also got a star in the Hall of Fame because Charlie’s Angels earned as much as 560 million dollars, and immediately after that she made another lucrative film – “50 First Dates” and then “Fever Pitch”.

But not everything was so fabulous. Three months before her 30th birthday, her father died. “I forgave him everything and was with him until the last minute. I’m sorry he wasn’t made for parenthood, but I don’t want to go to that world with anger,” said Drew, who is the only one of John’s five children. , paid all the costs of his treatment and burial.

However, in 2007, she broke off her relationship with Moretti after five years, and then was filmed twice at a dinner with six-year-old Spike Jonze, an actor, screenwriter and director known for his collaborations with the Beasty Boys, BjOrk and Fat Boy Slim. ”. But, obviously, it was not about a relationship, because the same year she walked with Justin Long on the set of the movie “He’s Just into You”, which was produced by her house “Flower Films”. The film became a big hit, and she went crazy in three years as a younger actor and movie star. The relationship was quite unstable. After only a year, it was written that they broke up, but on the set of the movie “Going the Distance”, they reconciled and lived together again.

At the same time, Drew had a string of film successes both as a director and as a producer and as an actress. For her role in the film “Gray Gardens”, she was nominated for an Emmy, Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe. Amy got away from her colleague from the set, Jesse Lang, but she won the other two. Until the promotion of the film “Going Distance” in the fall of 2010, the relationship with Justin definitely fell apart. She didn’t have time to grieve, because she was already packing her suitcases for Alaska, where she was shooting the movie “Big Miracle”.

As soon as she returned to LA, in early 2011, the media discovered that there was a new man in her life.

It was an art dealer, Will Kopelman. This time, Drew was very mysterious, which was pretty atypical for her when it came to men. Will, two years older, was a real challenge for her. His father was the director of the television company “Chanel”, and his mother’s name is Koko, and all journalistic jokes about the Kopelman family stop there.

He graduated from “Boston University” and lived in a loft of 1500 square meters, which in 2007, the magazine “Ele Decor” declared the most beautiful in LA. He earned his living as a consultant to famous Hollywood actors when they wanted to buy a painting for their apartment. Before that, he had fun with two other actresses – Lara Flynn Boyle and Sarah Romer, but he was accompanied by the voice of a very intelligent and rational analyst, who doesn’t really like appearing at parties. However, it was at one of them that he met Drew in early 2011.

That same summer, they spent a vacation together on Sun Valley in Idaho, and already in January 2012, they were already engaged. Only the two of them knew that the wedding would take place soon, and then the first one. According to Will’s wish, the wedding was small and modest. They said “yes” to each other on June 2, in the garden of her house in Santa Barbara, surrounded only by his family and her closest friends, including Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz and her business associates, Nancy Juvonen and Chris Miller. In September of that year, she gave birth to a baby girl, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, and her sister in April 2014. Just a year later, another family tragedy occurred.

In a car in California, her older half-sister Jessica was found dead. Depression pills were scattered all around her, so it is believed that it was a case of suicide by overdose. The sisters have never been on good terms. Jessica was eight years old when Drew was born in John’s third marriage.

Therefore, Drew did not know about her older half-sister until she was 10-11 years old, when she was already famous.

When her father showed her Jessica’s photo, Drew asked him, “Is it possible that I’m related to such a fat person?”

John recounted this remark to his older daughter, and since then, Jessica has suffered from feelings of inferiority in relation to Drew. Since she was not as successful in anything as Drew, she also drank and took drugs, lost weight abruptly and gained weight. At the time of her death, she was on a strict vitamin diet and, as friends said, drank about 10 energy drinks a day. So in just six months, she lost 45 pounds, but it all culminated in death.

After all, when asked by reporters if she was afraid that her two daughters might one day have similar problems with drugs and alcohol, the actress replied: “I’m not afraid for the future of my daughters. I don’t hide my past and I don’t feel guilty for being I don’t blame my parents for that either. But, unlike my mother and father, my girls will always have me with them and I will be their guide through the most sensitive years. I think that only the one who sins a lot can become humane person and have understanding for others”.



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