Dwayne Johnson’s life story – life like in a movie!

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

Thanks to his films and charisma, he has become one of the most beloved action heroes, and in recent years he can boast the status of the most lucrative star whose films bring the highest earnings.

He is known as one of the favorite people in Hollywood. For years, wealth and fame seemed to him only like a crazy fantasy that will never come true, but fate has mixed its fingers and today he lives the life of his dreams.

This is Dwayne Johnson’s life story!

Earlier years

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, as the only child of Wade Douglas Bowles and Ata Johnson. She comes from the famous Mai via wrestling dynasty, which has a dozen successful fighters, and her mother, Lia, was one of the first and rare women managers of that sport. And the father, better known by the nickname Rocky Johnson, was a successful wrestler who, along with his partner Tony Atlas, was the first black man to win the prestigious World Tag Team Championship.

– Rocky Soulman Johnson was the original “The Rock”. A man who broke down racial barriers in the world of professional wrestling in the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century, at a time when wrestling was not a global and commercial sport as it is today, but an extremely difficult and cruel job. He and the other fighters were paid every night, and the guns had to be carried in case “a little exaggerated” in those small towns across the United States. He started beating me on the mats and in the hall when I was about ten years old, and he would always tell me: “If you vomit, go out, and if you want sympathy, go home to your mother.” In any case, you will work hard to earn respect. ” The more experienced I am, the more grateful I am to my dad for everything I inherited from him – he said about his father, who was absent from his life due to frequent competitions and travels.Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!
His wife, Ata, often accompanied him on trips, which is why Dwayne also lived with his mother’s parents in New Zealand, and later with his mother in Hawaii, while his father toured various rings and fought, which was not well-paid. The family barely made ends meet, Ata barely had enough money to buy them food, after which there was no money left to pay the rent.

– We survived on $120 a week. One day we came home and there was a padlock and a notice of eviction on the door. Mom cried and started crying, “Where are we going to live, what are we going to do now?” It happened when I was 14 and she didn’t have 180 dollars as much as the weekly rent – said Dwayne, who was affectionately called Davy, and a few decades later, his mother also remembered the hard days.

– Before, I was constantly worried about how I would buy food for him, for us … now I can’t believe what my life is like. Grandpa and Grandma would be so proud of my son. I couldn’t be happier – said Ata, who never lost her spirit, which she always passed on to her only son.

“She is undoubtedly the strongest woman I know,” Dwayne said of her mother, who tried to keep her family together, even when she learned that her husband had been cheating on her for years. In addition to having a different mistress in every city, Luan Crabble was his friend for intimate gatherings for years. Almost a quarter of a century.

– Dave was 12 years old, he called me and started shouting: “Stay away from my father, leave my mom alone!” I told him to leave everything to the adults…Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

It was difficult for him as a child, because he never saw his father. Dave was constantly sad – described Luan, who had similar conversations with Ata, and she called her a motel whore. Dwayne once stole her credit cards and spent more than $3,000 at the mall. Despite everything, she maintained a relationship with a married wrestler for about twenty years and was with him when he was accused of raping a 19-year-old girl. He claimed that he was set up by members of the rival wrestling camp, and although the accusations were rejected, Rocky was forbidden to compete. He soon got drunk, and then his wife left him.

“Dwayne was 15 when he found out that his father was accused of rape”, Luan said. Unsettled family relations, frequent peasantry and the worsening financial situation greatly influenced the future star. From a good mother’s boyfriend, Dwayne became a delinquent who joined a group of young criminals who were targeted by expensive shops in Waikiki.

– There were several neighborhoods where there were luxury stores such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Armani, but also a lot of jewelry stores and goldsmiths. A lot of tourists come to Waikiki, so there is a lot of money of all currencies. We robbed rich tourists and boutiques, after which we would immediately resell the goods – recalled Johnson, who was arrested nine times while he was still a minor. He soon devoted himself to training, because all the successful men he knew “built their bodies.”

– At the age of 14, I started practicing, and then the arrests started – because of fights, theft and other nonsense that I did, and I shouldn’t have. I always managed to find time to go to the gym in the afternoon and hit the punching bag. I worked on my body because that way I could escape my thoughts. But I still kept fucking around – he described. In addition to throwing himself into rehearsals, he remembers that time after another event attended by law enforcement.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

– I was 14 and she was 18 when I lost my virginity in the park. Suddenly, a flashlight was pointed at us and policemen appeared. They thought something bad was happening, and in fact something too good was happening. They were fair to us and just told us to get dressed and leave – he described the happy meeting with a smile. It was then that the first signs of depression began to appear, which he later struggled with on several occasions.

Problems with depression

– I have never used drugs, but I decided to be active and train. Bleeding blood, sweating, those were my medications. I will never forget that feeling and the crying mom. Only then could I work on my body, because all successful men – Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis – were action heroes – is one of his statements. He built muscle and moved to the United States with his family, and in high school in Bethlehem, he accidentally became one of the best school athletes. He was a rebellious teenager who did not want to respect school rules and one day he decided not to go to the bathroom for students, but to walk into the classroom and use the toilet intended only for teachers.

– A professor came in, his name is Jody Zwick, a strong guy. He said, “You shouldn’t be here.” I looked over my shoulder and slowly told him, “Okay, I’ll leave when I’m done” and continued to wash my hands. I saw him boiling with rage. Afterwards, I thought about my behavior and decided that I had to find him and apologize. I simply felt bad about everything – recalled Dwayne, who found the professor the next day and explained to him how sorry he was for the inappropriate behavior.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

– He shook my hand. I will never forget that grip. He did not let go of my hand and said, “I want you to do something for me. I want you to come to me to play American football. ” That’s what I did, I played football for Jodi Zwick. He was the head coach, but he also became my mentor and father figure. I love that man and I will never forget how much he influenced me. I made an incredible connection with him and he had empathy for a delinquent kid who was rude to him. He believed in me and then I started thinking about what my goals in life were and how to achieve them – “The Rock” said. After he played football for the school team, other parts of his life gradually began to improve. He improved his grades, and scouts came to the games who wanted to play for the colleges they represented. He stopped stealing and was last arrested at 16.

He devoted himself to school and choosing a college. He opted for a Miami University scholarship to work with head coach Denis Erickson. In order to increase his muscle and body mass as much as possible, he started taking steroids, but only for a short time.

– I tried them with friends with whom I played football when I was 18, but nothing happened, so we stopped – said the athlete who achieved good results. But he lost his primary place in the team when Warren Saps, half a year younger, started playing for her, who later became one of the leading players in the NFL (National League of American Football) and a member of the American Football Hall of Fame.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

– They transferred me to his place in the defense and I was skeptical whether I should accept that. After the coaches told me that, I went to the room reserved for defensive players and sat down. Dwayne came and asked me why I was in that room. “I’m here because I want your job,” I said jokingly, but it was true. I came to take his place on the team. That’s how we met – said Sap. After he became a replacement, he often had problems with injuries. During one game, his shoulder popped out, and his inability to play and his arm, which he could not use for several weeks, threw him more and more into depression, which made him reluctant to take exams, but went to Tampa, where his parents lived at the time. . He came home and just sat on the couch for weeks.

– I didn’t know what was happening to me, why I didn’t want to do anything, why I didn’t want to go anywhere. I cried all the time, but at one point you can’t even do that anymore – he admitted, and he returned to college after the coach called him.

– Get in the car now and come back! It’s one thing when you’re hurt and depressed, it’s another when you take your hands off everything and say, F*** you! He was so angry that I was ashamed – described Dwayne, who listened to Erickson and returned to his college obligations. But a new wave of injuries prevented him from a brilliant career in the NFL.

None of the big clubs in the draft selected him, and after graduating in criminology and psychology, he accepted an offer from the Canadian team “Calgary Stampede” to play for them. The dream of a great career in one of the best clubs was dead, and the situation worsened after he was transferred to the reserve team, where his salary was only $250 a week. In order to be able to pay the rent, he shared a two-bedroom apartment with three colleagues, and in one of the rooms he slept on an old discarded mattress he found in a motel. And that lasted only two months, after which he was fired.

All that time, he was accompanied by his three-year-old girlfriend Danny Garcia, whom he met at the beginning of his studies as an 18-year-old. They quickly fell in love, and “The Rock” knew she would one day become his wife. However, before they exchanged marriage vows, they broke up briefly, just at the time when his football plans failed, which threw him into depression again. Somehow he got to Miami, and since he only had seven dollars in his pocket, he called his father and asked him to pick him up and take him to the family home in Tampa. He admits that that period was the worst in his life, and after he reconciled with Danny, he decided to throw himself into the family business, that is, to try his luck in the ring as a professional wrestler.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

Switch to wrestling!

My father was against that idea, because he himself knew how difficult it was to succeed in that business, but he still agreed to train him. As a tribute to him and his grandfather Peter “Chief” Mai via, Dwayne chose “Rocky Mai via” for his stage name, and he used it to celebrate his Samoan origins. After several minor rehearsals, he was given the opportunity to play for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), where they were convinced he was an experienced fighter.

– They had no idea, and they didn’t even know that I was penniless and that I didn’t have any equipment. I didn’t have boots, knee pads, not even the panties that are most important. I went to the first sport’s equipment store and bought some shiny knee pads for volleyball players and then called my uncle to lend me any of his old pants that I could fight in – he recalled the initial problems. WWF owners saw potential in him, but at first the audience did not react well when they saw him in the ring as a “hero”, so he became part of the “Nation of Domination with Faaroog” team, D’Lo Brown and Kam. In staged fights, they would lose to the protagonists that the audience adored, and for the needs of that entertainment industry, he had to change his image into a “villain”. That’s when “The Rock” was born. He fought as a part of the collective for a year, but his potential was obvious and after that he dominated the sport as a soloist for almost a decade. With 17 titles won, he is WWF’s most trophy wrestler (today WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment).

– I loved it all! That theatricality, that we made real spectacles. It was all very fun and excessive and I was always enchanted by all these guys – said the most famous wrestler in the world, who was given the opportunity to be a guest on the cult American comedy show “Saturday Night Live”.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

The beginning of a film career

His comedic gift was noticed there, and offers for films soon followed, of which he chose “Return of the Mummy” as the first. New projects followed, led by his manager, his wife Danny. Together, they chose projects and decided that he should be represented in the acting world by a new agency. As ideal, they chose WME. Thanks to them, he gained better contacts in Hollywood, and thus he was given the opportunity to work on better and more expensive films, which led him to the status of one of the best paid stars.

– I was told that I have to obey Hollywood standards, that I have to stop going to the gym and that I can’t be as big as I want to be. That’s why I had to move away from wrestling, I actually had to make my own deconstruction – he described.

He started getting roles despite his huge body, and then he replaced his martial arts career exclusively with film. His career was flourishing, Danny gave birth to a daughter, Simon Alexandra, in August 2001, but a harmonious family life came to an end in 2008, when Danny and Dwayne divorced.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

– What kind of father am I now? What kind of man am I when I have to get a divorce? I was horrified that I did not succeed as a husband, that my marriage was not successful and the divorce hit me hard – said Dwayne Johnson, who was then struggling with depression again. Despite the collapse of his love affair, he remained in an excellent relationship with Danny, she is still his manager today and together they are the leaders of the successful production company “Seven Bucks”, which they founded while still married. However, harmonious relationships were not established immediately after the divorce.

– We took a break for a year to get rid of everything, so that we could continue to cooperate well. We have solved communication problems and now our relationship is so strong that we no longer quarrel. It is important to have different views in working together and I always admire that Dwayne does not ask how or who will give answers to certain questions, he knows that we will come to them together – said a few years ago a successful entrepreneur whose second husband, bodybuilder Dave Rienzi, she often coaches Johnson, and her brother Hiram is his partner in film production. One of the films he produced and starred in was “Hercules”, whose shooting had to be postponed for a month. He briefly returned to the ring to settle accounts with John Ken in a special event, with whom he had been in a long-staged quarrel. During the match, he injured the muscles and tendons of the groin, so the doctors told him that he urgently needed surgery. He rejected the proposal at first, but after he was diagnosed with a hernia a few weeks later, he had to go under the knife and then he healed all the injuries.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

The delay cost the production two million dollars, but they more than made up for the loss at the cinema box office. It was filmed in Budapest, and a few days after returning home, he was told that Paul Walker, his colleague and friend from the movie series “Fast and Furious”, was killed in a car accident.

– I was driving with Loren and she suddenly became very quiet and looked at me, wondering if I knew. I stood aside and read the messages. I caught my breath, then we prayed that God would give his daughter strength … The two of us often talked about our daughters. We were both divorced and we often talked about the strength of fathers and how strong our connection to our girls was. When I came home, I started crying – described Dwayne, with whom his unmarried wife was at the time, singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian, daughter of Siba Hashian, drummer of the rock band “Boston”.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!

Dwayne and Lauren met in 2006, when he was shooting the movie “Game Plan”, and the relationship started only after he officially divorced. But, there are speculations that the singer, who is 12 years younger, was the main reason for breaking up with Danny.

– She hugged me and loved me when I was in the worst period. She helped me to be the best I can be – he said about Loren, who gave birth to their daughter Jasmine in December 2015.

– They always ask me what inspires me. My answer is honest and simple. What inspires me the most is always waiting for me when I get home. My Jasmine. One day you will know how happy, proud and blessed you, your sister and your mother are. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the women in my life and I know that I am the happiest man in the world – said Dwayne.

Dwayne Johnson's life story – life like in a movie!



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