Elizabeth Taylor – a diva that the world admired

She was adorned with undeniable beauty, attractiveness and sex appeal, and her somewhat scandalous private life was always in the public spotlight.

This is the life story about Elizabeth Taylor – a diva that the world admired and one of the most famous Hollywood actresses!

In the world of moving images and passing fascinations, one star shone brighter than the others, with a radiance that withstood numerous storms and misfortunes and did not subside for the entire six centuries of its presence on the world stage. It is an infinitely talented, beautiful and unique lady Elizabeth Taylor, a diva that the world admired.

She was adorned with undeniable beauty, attractiveness and sex appeal, while her acting skills and exceptional charisma were confirmed by every role on the big screen, and her somewhat scandalous private life was always in the public spotlight. This is how the story of one of the most interesting Hollywood personalities, which intrigues and inspires, came about.

She was born on February 27, 1932, in London. Her father was an art dealer, and her mother was a former actress. Shortly before the start of World War II, the Taylor family decided to return to America to avoid any inconvenience. They found a new home in Los Angeles, where her father opened an art gallery, presenting European art to the Hollywood elite, which was a very lucrative business and opened many doors for them, introducing them to the world of money and prestige.

She earned the first million as a girl

Elizabeth’s mother prepared her for the world of art from an early age – at the age of only three, she was already attending ballet classes, and her specific beauty always seemed to stand out.

Because of that, at the age of only nine, Elizabeth got her first film role in the realization of “One is born every minute”. The film did not achieve the expected success, but the production company terminated the contract with Elizabeth for unknown reasons, and it was speculated that it was because of her somewhat “strange” appearance, which gave the impression that she was much older than she is.

However, the next role soared Elizabeth to the stars, with a role in the film “Lessie Returns Home” in 1943 and two more successful titles the following year – “Jane Eyre” and “The White Cliffs of Dover”.

The role in the film “National Velvet” determined her status as a star, but Elizabeth paid a high price for her success. During the filming, she fell off her horse, which caused her numerous health problems later in life, but despite that, she once stated that the shooting of that film was the most interesting experience for her. After that, the successes just kept coming and Elizabeth became one of the most successful teenage stars of all time.

“If someone is stupid enough to offer me a million dollars to make a film, I’m certainly not so stupid as to refuse,” she said on one occasion.

Elizabeth missed a lot because of her life on the stage, where she practically grew up, both in education and in socializing and playing with her peers, which was the hardest for her. Because of that, at the age of 16, she expressed a desire to withdraw from the world of acting, which her mother categorically refused.

The most successful and highest paid actress in Hollywood

For most people who gained fame as children on the movie screen, moving to more serious roles is the biggest challenge, but Elizabeth has overcome that seemingly with ease. Her maturity as a person and actress is clearly seen in the following roles, especially in the film that to some extent defines the further course of her career – “Place under the Sun”, in 1951.

“Everything makes me nervous except making movies,” she claimed in those years.

In a long career such as Elizabeth, there were a number of less successful films and those that entered the history of American cinema and brought the actress a prestigious Oscar, but it could never be denied that she was a top actress and an incredible connoisseur of her craft. She was on the list of the ten most successful actresses in Hollywood for almost a decade, and after her role in “Cleopatra” in 1963, she became the highest paid.

The film “Cleopatra” was important also because it was here that she first met Richard Barton, her future husband and faithful collaborator, because together they were the most powerful acting couple of that time.

Elizabeth Taylor’s rich career includes over 60 films, as well as a successful career in theater and appearances in many television shows and series.

A diva who married seven times to seven wives

Growing up on stage, Elizabeth was accustomed to spotlighting and public curiosity, but that meant that every detail of her life was covered by the media, and her love adventures only fueled curiosity about the life of a capricious diva who married seven times seven wives.

“I’ve always admitted that I manage my passions,” Elizabeth told curious reporters and sold every front page she would find herself on.

Elizabeth first married when she was only 18, when she fell in love with Conrad Hilton, the heir to Hilton’s hotels, but the marriage lasted only nine months.

Finding solace in a new love, Elizabeth marries actor Michael Wilding, who was 20 years older than her, and their relationship lasted five years.

The next marriage ended tragically, when producer Michael Todd died in a plane crash after only a year of married life. According to Elizabeth, he was the great love of her life.

The affair with singer Eddie Fisher was the next scandal that stirred up the public, especially since he was married at the time and left his first wife to marry Elizabeth. After five years, their marriage ended in a scandal, just as it began.

“My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days when I was born. But when I opened them, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring and I was hooked,” Elizabeth commented mischievously.

Elizabeth meets Richard Barton, with whom she starts a stormy and media-covered affair, even though they were both married. They were married in 1964 and their entire married life, which lasted ten years, was the focus of interest. After ten years of marriage, a divorce occurs, but after only a year, they get married again, so that this time the marriage would last only a few months, even though Richard was the greatest love of Elizabeth’s life.

The lady, who was still searching for love, then married American politician John Warner, which lasted for six years and resulted in a deep depression, as well as the last marriage of five years with construction worker Larry Fonteschi, whom she married in 1991. at a grand wedding hosted at Michael Jackson’s estate.

In addition to the eight marriages that aroused great interest, there was speculation about numerous romances outside of them. Some men with whom she was associated in the media are singer Frank Sinatra and Nobel laureate Henry Kissinger.

Fight for your own and other people’s lives

Elizabeth Taylor’s health was also a frequent topic in the tabloids, and on several occasions, her fans had reason to fear for her life.

“I am a fighter, a living example of what people can overcome and survive,” the actress assured them.

Only some of these health problems were the removal of a benign brain tumor, a broken spine four times and heart problems. In addition, newspapers often reported on her drug and alcohol problems, as well as weight problems.

On the other hand, Elizabeth has always been dedicated to humanitarian work in many fields, and her work in the field of various AIDS prevention projects stands out. After her close friend, actor Rock Hudson, died of this disease in 1985, she devoted herself to the education, prevention and treatment of AIDS.

“If it doesn’t serve to make the world a better place, then what will money do for us,” she said publicly.

She was one of the founders of the “American AIDS Research Foundation”, and in 1993 she founded the “Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation”.

After her conversion to Judaism, Elizabeth supported many Jewish organizations and helped many foundations raise money for their causes. For her humanitarian work, Elizabeth received the “Gene Hershlot” Humanitarian Award in 1992, and her efforts will be remembered for a long time.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away on March 23, 2011, at the age of 79, due to heart complications. She left behind four children – two sons and two daughters, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

In accordance with the humor and style that defined her life, Elizabeth left instructions to be “15 minutes” late from the scheduled departure time at the funeral of the limousine with her suitcase.

There is no denying that she knew how to live and that she loved life, which is confirmed by her response to one of the offers to write her memoirs.

“No way, I’m still living my memoirs,” she said.


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