Four Women – Read this wise story

Four Women – Read this wise story

One sultan had four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most – the youngest and dearest. The Sultan gave her rich clothes, jewelry, etc. She was happy and satisfied.

The Sultan also adored his third wife – an exceptional beauty, whom he gladly took with him on trips.

The Sultan was also fond of his second wife – cunning and sophisticated, prone to intrigue. To him, she was a person she trusted, always smart, kind, and patient. When he had problems, the Sultan always turned to her, because only she knew how to find a solution to almost every Sultan’s problem.

The first wife was the eldest and the Sultan inherited her. She was the most loyal wife and did everything to preserve the Sultan’s wealth. However, the Sultan did not like her.

It even bothered him that she loved and respected him so much.

So on one occasion, the Sultan became very ill. He remembered the luxury he lived in, so he thought, “I have four wives now, but when I die, I die alone”.

He turned to his fourth wife and asked her:

“I loved you more than anyone else. I gave myself to you, I nurtured you with special care. Now that I am sick, are you ready to follow me to the kingdom of heaven”?

“I am not for that, Reverend Sultan”, said his fourth wife, as her words ached like a knife to the heart.

The heavyhearted sultan asked his third wife:

“I have admired you all my life. Now that I am dying, are you ready to follow me to the kingdom of heaven”?

“Life is so beautiful! When you die, I will remarry”, his third wife said gruffly.

Four Women – Read this wise story

The Sultan was sad, his heart had never felt such pain. The Sultan then turned to his other wife.

“I have always turned to you for help because you have always been my best counselor. Now that I am dying, are you ready to follow me into the shadows of the afterlife?”

“I’m sorry I can’t help you this time”, the other wife replied. “The most I can do for you is buried you honorably”.

Her response struck the sultan like a thousand thunders. At that moment he heard a voice:

“I will go with you wherever you want! Together in life, together in death”.

The Sultan turned and saw his first wife, broken with grief and almost unrecognizable.

“I should have been more careful with you while I had the chance”!

Like the Sultan, each of us has four wives:

Our fourth wife is our body! No matter how much effort and time we put into looking good, they will leave us when we die.

Our wife is our career, position, money, wealth, and social status. When we die, they will belong to others.

Our second wife is our family and friends. No matter how much they helped us, the most they can do for us when we die is bury us with dignity.

Our first wife is our soul, which we often ignore because of the search for happiness, power, wealth, and pleasure. Despite that, the soul is the only one that accompanies us wherever we go.

Take care of the soul, please it, protect it, because after all – that’s how we give ourselves the greatest gift.

Four Women – Read this wise story


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