The life story of Gary Oldman

Growing up with an alcoholic father, who left them when Gary Oldman was only seven, the famous actor found solace, just like him, in alcohol. The struggle with addiction, but also the desire to find the love of life, resulted in the fact that today he has four failed marriages behind him, and he found love again in Giselle Schmidt. Stronger than ever, Gary Oldman is returning to the big door in Hollywood, and because of his new role, he is smiling for an Oscar nomination.

Gary Oldman’s life was marked by many ugly things, and not even the four failed marriages that left him bitter contributed to all that. The divorce from Uma Thurman was not nice, and it ended with accusations of abuse, with which they even went to court. His passionate relationship with Isabellla Rosellini, did not have a better ending either.

The years passed, film roles slipped out of his hands, all because of his alcohol addiction. But now everything seems to have changed – he found happiness in the embrace of his fifth wife, Giselle Schmidt, and at the Golden Globes in 2021, he won the award for best actor, for his portrait of Winston Churchill in the movie “Darkest Hour”.

This is the life story of Gary Oldman!

Today, 59 – year – old Oldman was so “stuck” with alcohol in his early 90s that his best way to relax was to check into a hotel in Manhattan, where he would spend four days without sobering up or leaving his room. It went so far that he knew how to pour alcohol into multiple glasses to make it look like he had company.

“I would go to the fridge three, four, five, six times …”, he admitted in an interview in 2009, adding that his stay at the hotel would cost him about 20 thousand dollars. Although he loved to peek into a glass all his life, he was allegedly brought to complete ruin by his short marriage to Uma Thurman in 1990. The much younger actress, it is rumored, left him by letter, explaining to him that it is impossible to live with him. On the other hand, it was said that she actually replaced him with Robert de Niro, and Gary Oldman pulled it all to the bottom.

He spent the night in jail after driving his colleague Kiefer Sutherland drunk, applying for rehab twice, and even had a big quarrel with legendary director Francis Ford Coppola on the set of “Dracula.”

Despite his unprecedented acting talent, because of all that, he constantly missed good roles and awards. But, all that could finally change now, because he is supposedly smiling at the award of a lifetime – an Oscar nomination for best actor.

His dark days are now far behind him, and he himself admits that it is very likely that he would have been dead if it had not been for the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, who helped him in his fight. He is also happy that he finally calmed down with Giselle Schmidt, with whom he married in a secret ceremony at his manager’s house in August, 2017.

Completely atypical for Hollywood wives, she once even experienced on the red carpet that journalists asked her if she might be the caregiver of his mother Caitlin.

But, Gary Oldman doesn’t mind and finally lives happily with her in their villa with a pool in the posh Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

All this is the exact opposite of where and how he grew up in London, in severe poverty, and until the age of 12 he used the Polish toilet with his family, because they did not have him in the house. Father Leonard was an alcoholic who left the family when Gary was seven years old. That’s why his mother Caitlin did two jobs to feed her three children.

He left school at just 16 to work in a sport’s equipment store, but then discovered acting. He was initially rejected at auditions, and while working at the Royal Court Theater, he met his first wife, Leslie Manville. They got married in 1987, and then he got his first opportunity – the role of Sid Visus in the movie “Sid and Nancy”. He lost so many kilograms for the role, in order to play the drug addict as well as possible, that he fainted in the car, and the doctors warned him to be careful, because he could get a heart attack.

In 1989, he went to Hollywood to find his happiness and left behind his wife and three-month-old son Alfie. His career started because of his talent, and then he met Uma Thurman, 12 years younger. After only 11 months of marriage, their love came to an end, and then his problems with alcohol started.

Although he had two marriages behind him, he never stopped believing in love and in 1994 he fell in love with Isabel Roselina on the set, and after a few weeks he wanted to marry her. Isabela wanted to marry him, but there was a condition. Going to rehabilitation or breaking up.

“When I look back today, it seems to me that I was walking in my father’s shoes, my father’s paved paths. Although he had no influence on me and we only talked on the phone a few times when I was a teenager, genes are genes,” revealed Gary Oldman. Who in 1997 decided to undergo rehabilitation, where he met model Donia Fiorentino, for which he left Isabella Roselina.

He married Donija after five months, so she gave birth to two sons, Gulliver and Charlie.

But, that marriage was also short-lived, and in 2001, Fiorentino accused him of beating her, so he spent incredible amounts of money on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, and he retaliated with accusations that she was an addict and a liar. The split was public with an ugly battle for custody of the children, which eventually fell to him.

Due to his new role – that of a single father – he took a break in his career, during which he married singer Alexander Edenborough for the fourth time. When she filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences, Oldman eventually paid her £ 2.4 million and donated the real estate they bought together, as well as the cars.



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