Genius mother – everyone should read!

Genius mother – everyone should read!

In this text, I will share with you the experience of a genius mother and the way she let her son know that he still needs to learn about himself and life!

A teenager

All parents whose children have grown up or are currently in their teens, know how stressful and difficult it can be, and children are stubborn and full of desire. It is a time when they would give everything to grow up enough and consider their parents to be heartless creatures who enjoy controlling them, so they want to become independent as soon as possible.

Australian Estelle Havisham had a similar experience.

Namely, her son Aaron (13) started a channel on the YouTube portal, and started earning small money through it. He told his mother with great pride that he is now independent, and in the quarrel that followed, he pointed out that he now earns money and that Estelle no longer has the right to control him and determine what he will do.

Instead of continuing the quarrel or punishing the boy, Estelle came up with a brilliant idea – she wrote a short letter to her son and hid his favorite things. Read the letter and you will understand why these few lines have become a real hit on the Internet and why parents around the world are thrilled!

Genius mother – everyone should read!

The letter

“Dear Aaron, since you forgot that you are only 13 years old and that I am your mother, it seems that you need a little lesson in independence. Since you slapped me for making money now, I think it will be easier for you now to buy everything I bought you in the past. If you want your own lamps, light bulbs or internet access, you will have to bear part of the cost:

Rent: $430; Electricity: $116; Internet: $20; Food: $150.

You will also have to throw garbage on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as clean and vacuum the house. Once a week, you will clean the bathroom, prepare food for yourself and clean up the mess behind you. If you fail, I’ll charge you $30 for each day I have to do for you.

If you decide that you would rather be my child again, and not my adult, independent roommate, we can negotiate the terms”.

Mom loves you!

Genius mother – everyone should read!


I hope you liked the instructive story about mother and son?

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