God could not be in every place, so He created mothers!

God could not be in every place, so He created mothers!

God could not be in every place, so He created mothers! That this Jewish proverb is true, I will show you in the following text.

He has been traveling the world for years carrying a son with a disability on his back: He is my inspiration!

From Hawaii to Bali, Jimmy Antram traveled a lot of the world at the age of 26, but in an extremely unusual way – traveling on his mother’s back!

Niki Antram (43) from Australia has been traveling the world with her son Jimmy for years. She gave birth to him when she was 17, they visited most of the country together, Hawaii, Bali and many other destinations, although the two of them go on tours in a somewhat unusual way.

Jimmy is a child with a physical and mental disability. He went blind when he was only two months old and now he needs all-day care. When Niki gave birth to him, she promised herself that she would give him the best possible life, so in order to enable him numerous adventures, she often has to carry him on her back.

God could not be in every place, so He created mothers!

She knows that carrying Jimmy on her back will become more and more difficult over time. They also have wheelchairs that they sometimes use and Niki helps her son to take a few steps himself.

“When I plan our big trip, I always make sure I have enough diapers, clothes, and even pillows, sheets… I plan everything in advance and announce our arrival wherever we go, from restaurants, hotels to various adventures. Even if I know that everything will be fine, I like to inform them about us so that I can be sure that they understand everything and that everything goes well”.

So far, Jimmy has been riding horses, sledding, swimming with dolphins… Niki said that the duo, due to Jimmy’s condition, cannot stay in any accommodation.

“The exception was Hawaii, where everyone wanted Jimmy to join them”.

She had already planned for their next adventure to be in Canada, but a pandemic prevented them from doing so. Currently, due to covid measures, they are touring Australia.

“I’m happy because Jimmy has similar interests as I do. We both enjoy nature, water, adventure. From Bali to Hawaii we would stay out all night because he also likes to have fun. I find ways to provide him with the best He enjoys the simplest things most of the time. He is my inspiration. He is always happy, smiling…

Sometimes I wonder how I can be sad when I see him so smiling even though he has never seen colors, clouds, rainbows… He still sits and smiles. He doesn’t see me in a conventional way, but I’m sure he has a vision of what I look like”.

God could not be in every place, so He created mothers!


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