Good people – the best people!

Good people – the best people!

In school of life, every day is an exam, and every experience is a new lesson.

As in school, so in life – not everything is equally difficult or easy for everyone. Some people do better in mathematics, and some people struggle with simple calculations. Some are talented in languages, while others barely know their mother tongue. Everyone plays with the cards assigned to them. Genetics, material status, origin, and many other factors determine our path.

These are just circumstances. They throw stones at our life path or remove obstacles. We cannot influence them. However, what we do in our life in such circumstances is entirely a matter of our decision and the ability to choose whether to play the role of victim or fighter.

It is no coincidence that the most wonderful people we know are those who have suffered many defeats and losses in their lives, experienced suffering, and still found a way out of it all. These people, through their own pain, gained a sense of other people’s suffering, learned to understand and appreciate other people’s struggles, gained the power of empathy, tenderness, developed care and love for others. The beauty of their personality is not something that was just given to them at birth. They acquired it by going through hell.

Good people are not born good. They made themselves like that – choosing not to be victims, not giving up!

Good people bring light into our lives because they have managed to find their way out of the darkness.

Good people – the best people!

Life did not caress them. They were born in dark times and lived under difficult conditions, but they always found a way to illuminate their gloomy everyday life by extracting the best from themselves and their circumstances.

These are not people born under a lucky star. They had to create their own happiness, while life put its foot on every corner.

Some lived in poverty, others were left alone in this world early on, without their loved ones, others suffered domestic abuse, or grew up in an extremely negative environment. Whatever the case, all of them have in common that they survived it all and came out of it as people that everyone would want in their society – full of warmth, love, wisdom, people who radiate light and happiness.

They had to work for everything that others got for granted and fight for the privilege of living like the whole normal world. Tempered by this experience, they shone like a diamond.

They love the most because they have suffered the most.

They know best what it’s like when a loved one hurts you. That is why they are attentive to other people’s hearts.

Only he whose heart has been broken knows how to fully appreciate the love that someone gives him. He can never wish or inflict on someone the pain he experienced himself.

Good people see obstacles as opportunities for development.

Good people – the best people!

They do not allow pessimism to overwhelm them in difficult circumstances, because they know very well that it is of no use. They have learned to think positively when it is most difficult.

Everything that drags us to the bottom can be seen as an opportunity to improve, every obstacle along the way can become a step that brings us closer to the goal.

Their gentleness was born in pain.

They were teased as children because of freckles, obesity, glasses, pimples, clumsy ears… Physical defects brought them to the disfavor of the environment. Perhaps because of such nonsense and trifles, they have been deprived of the benefits of friendship, love, and warmth since their youth.

But they survived it all and left it far behind. Their kindness was born from the cruelty they experienced in their own skin.

That is why they are gentle and gentle towards others. They know how to give a nice word to the one who needs it the most and provide support and encouragement. They know what it looks like to be hurt and humiliated. That is why they do not allow anyone close to them to feel that way. They don’t want that on their worst enemy.

They survived the storm and are now helping others not to sink.

In the storm of life, they were determined to survive. They decided that they would be stronger than all the troubles that life throws them into. They know that they can survive everything because they have already survived a lot. Each of their scars is a reminder that every wound can heal.

After each fall, they proudly get to their feet. They are persistently following their path even though the wind is blowing in their faces. They never give up.

In the race of life, everyone usually sees only himself. But those who know the face of suffering take care of their neighbors, their companions, and those who may be fighting similar battles. You will hear words of encouragement from them when you start to stumble. They will lend you a hand when it separates you so little from the goal and you run out of strength.

Good people – the best people!


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