How can you not be offended?

How can you not be offended?

As if you are not offended – if you put yourself in this way, no word can touch you!

The only cure for insult is automatic forgiveness. This does not mean that you should suffer insults, stay in a relationship when someone insults you or tolerate people – you no longer have to be in contact with them, distance yourself, but in yourself and for yourself – sorry!

When we decide whether to forgive the person who insulted us or not, it seems to us that we choose humiliation or dignity. In fact, often our choice looks completely different: we choose one of two options – either illness and death or preservation of health and life. Many people accumulate toxicity in themselves for years, they cannot forgive and move on, which can be extremely harmful to their health. Forgiveness is the rejection of resentment, hatred, and condemnation!

Here are three reasons why it is important to forgive someone:

First: We forgive in order to keep love in our own soul and in the soul of another so that we do not kill love. Forgiveness is a Divine thing, it nourishes our soul, cleanses it, and helps it to be free again.

Second: Everything in life happens for a reason and a higher mission, and even when you come out of a toxic experience, you will realize that you have learned some lessons, you are stronger and now you definitely know what you will not do. Revenge is toxic, it poisons the soul, and only forgiveness can suppress that poisonous desire for revenge.

Third: Hatred, resentment, condemnation… never bring anything good. Forgiveness means moving to a higher level, and working on personal and spiritual development. By changing ourselves, we change the world around us and those around us. When a person insults you, the absence of stress and anger makes you act smarter and more meaningful, to protect your rights and dignity. If you say “I forgive you” to yourself and remove that restlessness like a magic wand and move on, you are the winner in this conversation.

People who insult others and are toxic, actually want to get into a conflict with you and feed on that energetic energy. Don’t let them, you will just lose time, energy, and peace.

In order to stop being offended by other people’s insults, we need to have a harmonious inner state. Through love, man acquires complete inner independence from the world. Then no one can hurt us.

Work on yourself, develop a love for yourself and everything around you, respect your being and live with an open heart – then “negative sparks” will not be able to touch you!

How can you not be offended?


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