How do I accept something I really don’t like about myself?

How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?

How to fall in love with your body?

Summer is coming and it’s time to slowly put the coats in the closet until it’s time to put them on again.

The thought of warm summer days and going to the sea cause happiness for many. At the same time, this means that our body will be far more pronounced when the heat starts. Summer fluttery dresses, linen shirts, sandals, and T-shirts, almost every clothing combination emphasizes the physical appearance.

Therefore, it is not surprising that for many people, the fact that summer is approaching cause’s a kind of discomfort and dissatisfaction with themselves when it comes to physical appearance. Then negative self-criticism usually appears in the form of the sentences “Look how fat you are”, “You are flat as a board” or for men, “Look how big your stomach is, you are a real ladybug”, and “What I am – bone and skin”.

This dissatisfaction also applies to physical traits over which we have no influence; height, oversize nose, or lack of hair in men. The more we pay attention to appearance, the more flaws we find.

If you visit Instagram and other media, even during the winter you could see pictures of women and men with perfect looks, and such content almost imperceptibly imposes new standards of beauty on all of us. From so much content, it is as if we ourselves have given our consent that a fit / sculpted body is implied, and everything that is not in accordance with that standard is automatically not adequate.

Although few can say for themselves that they look exactly the way they want, some people suffer incomparably more than others because of their appearance. In fact, those who do not accept their current appearance feel the most uncomfortable in their skin.

To reduce (if not completely neutralize) this inconvenience, the most useful thing you can do is to accept yourself as you are.

How do I accept something I really don’t like about myself (which I even hate)?

By accepting, you are only announcing to yourself that the factual situation at this moment is as it is. If you think that acceptance means giving up the desire for change at the same time, you are mistaken. This does not mean that in the future you will not want to change what can be changed, but only to accept how things stand now.

How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?

Some traits, such as height or eye color, cannot be influenced in any way, so it is only logical to accept them as such and focus on traits that are subject to change.

Contempt for one’s own shortcomings requires a lot of energy, while on the other hand, acceptance liberates.

Anger and dissatisfaction may motivate you to start training right now, but such motivation almost never lasts long and fades quickly.

In fact, accepting yourself is the best starting point from which you can start to change. Acceptance is the best long-term motivation.

Stop comparing yourself!

The life offered in the media is almost never what it seems at first glance.

There are dozens of imperfections behind one “perfect” photo, and it is difficult for them all to have anything to do with reality.

It’s okay to compare yourself to someone in terms of a particular trait or success achieved but only (exclusively) for that area. But keep in mind that we do not all have the same priorities.

Don’t compare yourself to a person whose main priority is to have a sculpted body if, for example, you are busy achieving success in your career and therefore you do not have time to go to training.

Each of us has a path for ourselves, our desires, and priorities, and not all of us have the same things in the first place at a given moment.

Because, then you make the biggest mistake, and that is to compare someone’s best with your worst.

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing what you see in the media, because while you were taking a photo from a couple of attempts, a person invested hours of grooming and then editing to make the photo look exactly like that.

How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?

Notice the influence of the media on your perception of beauty!

Note that even in the media there is no consensus on just one standard of beauty, just as in the fashion industry there is not just one direction that is popular; there are many and they change quickly. The symbol of beauty in the 1920s was extremely thin women, and in the 1960s, Merlin Monroe popularized a fuller figure. People admired both trends equally.

It is just proof that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. Tastes vary from person to person and what is repulsive to some is extremely appealing to others.

And trends – they always change again and again.

In addition to changing trends, one of the main laws of marketing that applies to all industries (including the beauty industry) is the following:

explain to people that they have a problem (if they need to invent it), then scare them, and then offer them a solution (product).

Ask yourself – How and to whom would all cosmetics, make-up and treatments be sold if most were satisfied with their appearance? Not at all… so it is necessary to convince people that they do not look good enough, to be more beautiful, handsome, younger…

Understand that your body is your “house” and the most important thing is that you are comfortable in it!

The layout of the furniture in the apartment, the color of the walls, and the ambiance are the most important to those who live in it.

You will live in your house for the rest of your life, and that is why it is most important that you feel comfortable in it. Neighbors, and even friends, may or may not like your choice and taste. But, if they see that you like it and that you wanted the space to look exactly like that, even the scene will look much more beautiful and attractive to them – just because of the impression you give yourself.

The same goes for your body.

There is no better scene than a person who feels comfortable and satisfied in his skin. And when we feel that way, we are automatically far more attractive to others.

In fact, when you break free, your appearance cause’s others to break free.

How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?

Being “sexy” is more a matter of attitude, energy, and taste, than the look itself!

Surely you have heard many times that it is charisma and energy, and not the look itself, that knocks you off your feet.

That is why we can say that many “beauties” and “beauties” are just that – beautiful, but not necessarily “sexy”.

Sex appeal is felt, even for a kilometer!

Attitude, smile, spontaneity, touch, and body language – all this is done in a sensual way, arouses sexual desire. And none of what we have listed has anything to do with the look itself.

There is no universally sexy, and the only thing that is definitely sexy is when we are happy and when energy erupts from us.

Change the way you address yourself – be kind and never belittle yourself!

It also depends on the way we communicate with ourselves and what emotions we will feel. Rudeness, self-criticism, and belittling will not solve problems, it will only create even greater dissatisfaction.

For a change, offer yourself a little tenderness and warmth, because you need it the most at that moment. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend.

If you are able to offer kindness and compassion to others, offer them to yourself.

How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?

Notice all your strengths – focus on them, highlight your strengths and promote your strengths!

We are not born perfect, nor will we ever become perfect.

So do not allow yourself to completely neglect your qualities due to a few shortcomings. On the contrary – highlight them!

If you are uncomfortable in contact with others due to, say, a little cellulite or short stature, if you are a man, and you have an incredible sense of humor, intelligence, style, or any other quality – focus on them and promote them! Because, those are your qualities, whether you are aware of them or not.

If you look for flaws, you will find flaws in everything (and not just one).

If you focus on virtue, you will be surprised at how much you own.

Understand that (whatever your body is), you are not just your body!

Because, if you were just a body and if the human value was formed solely on the basis of appearance, the world would function completely differently.

If you think others value you just because of your looks, ask yourself if you do. You, too, probably do not look at others only on the basis of physical appearance, but as a whole, so you should not look at yourself only through appearance.

There are many other categories and criteria that all of us (including you) are guided by when forming an impression of a person. So don’t expect your body to do all the work for you, even if you are the most beautiful in the world.

Most importantly – you don’t have to, but you really don’t have to, to please everyone!

Nor can you even want to. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself: Do you like everyone?

Surely you meet people for whom you yourself do not know why they are repulsive to you. Maybe you don’t share the taste for clothes, you don’t like the same things or your beliefs are diametrically opposed. And you will agree, it has almost nothing to do with a specific person as much as it actually has to do with you.

And if that applies to you, why shouldn’t it apply to others?

People will form sympathies or antipathies towards you, first of all, based on their personal taste, beliefs, and interests. And that’s totally okay.

What is not okay is to burden yourself if someone does not look at you the way you would like.

Instead of wasting time and energy on them, focus on the surrounding people who like you just the way you are!

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How do I accept something I really don't like about myself?


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