How to be happy every day?

How to be happy every day?

You want to complain, not solve problems. It is a cult of lamentation – our invention. It is easier to suffer than to live happily!

The most famous psychologist from Russia, Mikhail Labkovsky, discovered how to be happy. He listed ten tips that will help every person to be truly fulfilled.

He advises you to focus on the primordial in you.

Here are his tips on how to be happy every day?

Don’t be afraid of luck!

Most people grew up in families, which practice not enjoying life and where members do not have the habit of saying that they are well and that they are happy.

The inability of parents to rejoice and laugh is also passed on to children, who are beginning to think that this is how this world works. Another mistake is to think that you have to pay for everything good later. We are afraid to feel pleasure in life and associate it with something corrupt.

Stop complaining!

What do you want when you complain to someone about your problems? You want to complain, not solve problems. It is a cult of lamentation – our invention. It is easier to suffer than to live happily. A healthy person will either accept the situation as it is, or will change it. A neurotic person does not want either. This also applies to physical illness – while a mentally healthy person is being treated for an illness, a neurotic person will want to be ill, because in that way they will have a reason to complain. It is almost a hobby – to invent a problem for yourself and suffer from it. Mikhail Labkovski

Distinguish real problems from imaginary ones!

The difference between a healthy and a neurotic person is that the first person cares about real problems, while the second suffers from non-existent ones.

Don’t try to help everyone around you!

The desire to help everyone around is caused by fear, that they cannot love you for what you are, so by helping others you try to raise your self-confidence. Therefore, if you have not been asked to help, do not touch those people, but dedicate yourself to those who actually need your help.

Don’t answer if you haven’t been asked!

When you answer unasked questions with words or deeds, you show your anxiety. Once I was passing by my girlfriend next to the store, she saw a dress and she said to me: “What a beautiful dress!” When I didn’t answer anything, she said to me: “I knew you weren’t a man!” I would buy her that dress if I she asked, but if in such a situation you immediately go to pay at the cash register, then you are an insecure person.Happiness

Distinguish love from addiction

People will never leave what they love. For example – smoking. I have smoked for 37 years, and for the last ten years I have smoked three packs a day. I stopped smoking once, when the doctor told me I was done. And that lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes. I stopped smoking only when I told myself that I didn’t like cigarettes, not that I was addicted to them. Neurotic people cannot distinguish between love and addiction.

Routine is not always bad

I have been doing routine (reading and teaching) for the last 37 years and I feel wonderful. Neurotic people cannot live in peace, they are afraid that they will not be able to do something, they graduate from five faculties, they are always upset, they feel uncomfortable if they do nothing.

Change yourself, not others

And that refers first of all to raising children. You can’t force them to do something if you don’t do it yourself. Children adopt not what you tell them, but what you do on your own and how you treat others. In this case, the stewardess’s advice is very useful: first put an air mask on yourself, and only then on the child.Happiness

Do only what you want!

A classic example of this is the situation when you play with your children because “that’s the way it should be” because you are a good person, which means – you have to play with your children. Stop doing that. Play with them only when you want to play, because they will also feel that you are doing it out of a sense of duty, not interest. And a sense of duty is not love. You take care of the children when you want and how much you want, because you definitely have a lot of other obligations.

These are the tips of the famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky! If you do not agree with this list or would like to add one that has been omitted, please leave a comment below!


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