How to become a good leader?

How to become a good leader?

In the introduction itself, it is necessary to emphasize one very important thing: a leader is not born, but becomes. The qualities that every good leader must develop will be discussed below, and before you think about how it is reserved for the privileged, we will reveal a little secret – developing leadership qualities is easier than it seems at first glance.

Developing leadership skills is based on emphasizing the virtues that a good leader must possess.

These virtues are divided into four large groups, and represent the integrated work of the individual that is necessary before taking the position of leader.

Every person who has the ambition to develop leadership skills, must continuously work on themselves and thus come to the fore the importance of the first group of traits – self-awareness.

How to become a good leader?

Below, I will give you the answer to this question, by listing the virtues that are necessary to develop in order to become a good leader!

How to become a good leader?

Developed self-awareness is the first step in realizing one’s own potentials and desires. This trait gives us an insight into our inner state and the problems, fears and doubts we face on a daily basis. To be able to control these doubts, we need to be well acquainted with ourselves and know how to influence our own condition with the power of positive thinking. The strength of this virtue is in knowing one’s own shortcomings and flaws, but also in acknowledging one’s own strengths and virtues. Only then can we successfully perform the tasks ahead of us, because we know what we can and cannot do!

Everyday situations force us to reconsider our level of self-awareness, because it is not something static, always the same and unchangeable, self-awareness develops and grows together with us.

This virtue indicates to us the shortcomings we have in performing tasks. For example, some people know that they are not good at organizing. With this knowledge, they will treat the task in a way that will emphasize their unwillingness in this area, but still learn with the right guidelines, give their best and accept the opportunity to improve and upgrade this part of their knowledge. If it doesn’t go first, it takes patience.

When we have developed self-awareness, nothing is an unsolvable problem for us, because essentially, no situation is like that. In the sense of becoming a quality leader, this virtue is key. Every person who leads a team of other people must be familiar with everything he is capable of and present it to his team. Despite the shortcomings, the team must be confident in its leader, and this is achieved through openness and self-awareness, expressed by the will to progress and work on their shortcomings. Knowing our virtues and strengths reveals to us every day the possibilities that lie ahead. These possibilities are limitless for those who really know and who are confident in themselves!

How to become a good leader?

Problem solving skills

Problem-solving skills are in the personality of every quality leader. It develops and adapts to different situations, and its development begins when we first encounter a problem. When faced with a seemingly problematic situation, each person has their own reaction. This reaction can be emotional, explosive or static.

In emotional reactions, people are often subject to pressure and the seriousness of the situation. While this can be very uncomfortable and frustrating, the most important thing is to relax and think rationally.

The first step is to understand that there is a solution to every problem.

The second step is to confront and define the problem. When we know what we are facing and when we know how to define it, we often know how to solve it. That would be a manipulation of the problem, because in that case he does not control us, but we control him. When we know what it is and what it is about, we realize that we have different options in solving it. When evaluating options, we look for the one that is optimal for each outcome.

After that, comes the action. When we determine the optimal solution, we implement it. In the case of negative outcomes of the chosen optimal situation, it means that the problem is not well-defined and that it must be re-assessed and the process restarted. This ability develops in parallel with us, and at the heart of this skill is the reaction when we face a problem. As we react, so we will face / will not face the situation.

How to become a good leader?

In order to lead his team well, the team leader must always remain “cool-headed”. This does not mean that he must not react subjectively, it just means that after that initial reaction he has the ability to bring himself to a state of peace and to see the problem objectively. The focus should be on defining and resolving the situation.

The problem is not the problem itself, but the way we experience it. If we manage to overcome our own reaction and think rationally, we have successfully completed the most difficult step in dealing with a difficult situation.

Motivation and empowerment of others

Motivation is a key factor in performing team tasks. Every team member must be equally motivated and committed to what they do. The team leader, who is an encouraging and motivating figure to other members, plays a big role in this. Motivating and empowering others can be very difficult if the person is not motivated by nature. The team leader takes care of the condition of his members and influences their mood. In order to empower others, communication is important, especially the way we communicate.

Even when something seems hopeless, the team leader must have a broad perspective and look at things positively and with a certain amount of enthusiasm, because by doing so he encourages himself and, ultimately, his team.

There is a well-known saying that everything starts with ourselves. This is also true in this case; if we are encouraged and motivated, regardless of the situation, if we do our best to show and announce it, there will be team members. These ways of solving problems are applicable to everyday life, not just work.

How to become a good leader?

Cosmopolitan – a citizen of the world

To acquire the virtue of a title, a person must be liberal and curious. Being a citizen of the world is the goal of every team leader – it is based on this premise of international dialogue. This title is upgraded and developed with each new project and communication.

The meaning of the phrase itself is manifold: a global citizen means a person who is open, accepts and sees beauty in diversity and a person who is curious and eager for knowledge.

Acceptance of different cultures, research and flexibility is imperative, and having such a person as a leader and even a team member is a real treasure!

“A true leader has enough self-confidence to be alone, enough courage to make a difficult decision and enough compassion to listen to other people’s needs. He is not destined for a leadership position, but he becomes one with the consistency of his actions and the integrity of his intention”.

How to become a good leader?


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    You make valid points all through this article! Are you going to offer business training in your service?
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    1. Thank you very much Erica for these beautiful words! You have revealed my future plans! I plan to organize business training when the conditions for that are created! Once again, thank you so much for your support!

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