Maintain motivation – how?

They say motivation doesn’t last long. Well, bathing doesn’t last, that’s why we recommend it every day. – Zig Ziglar

The answer to this question: How to maintain motivation?, lies in the very meaning of the word “motivation” – motive and action! It follows that the meaning of saying motivation is the “reason” for a certain action – to know exactly what we want !? Does that mean we have to have a good reason to persevere in what we want to accomplish? The reason is a different concept from impulsive desire, which appears quickly and disappears even faster.

What drives us, when it comes to motivation, is the desire to achieve a certain good or to avoid pain?

People who bravely face obstacles on the way to achieving the desired goals, push their limits and achieve what they strive for. They are motivated and successful individuals who are committed to what they want and persevere despite obstacles. These are people who feel good in their own skin – they are connected to themselves!

But many people still do not have this kind of attitude and self-confidence, although they clearly know what they want to achieve, but in the face of the challenges that befall them, they give up and withdraw to avoid pain – they are only interested, but not committed!

In order to overcome this situation, it is necessary to change the “mindset”!


What is a mindset?

Mindset represents the way you think. That is all you see, do, pay attention to and observe from your angle.

Mindset is a word of English origin that had its first use around 1930, and then its meaning was to represent “the habits of our mind that are formed on the basis of previous experience.”

The good thing about mindset is that it can change! We have adopted some ways of thinking from our parents and the surrounding people, but they do not always have to remain “ours”. People change all their lives, and so does their way of thinking and looking at the things that surround them.

The basic problem is that we think we are not good enough for what we want to achieve!

Changing our perspective on how we see something or how we react to it is called “rephrasing” – progress that changes our old way of thinking with the new. It not only changes the way we see something, what we think about it, but also how we react in given situations. Personal traits, attitudes and abilities can be developed and changed throughout life with effort, work, dedication and learning.

The way we think determines the way we live. The choice is yours. But why is he so important?

It helps you unleash your potential, work on yourself and feel and live the way you want.

It follows from this that the basic goal is to know ourselves, because a person who knows himself and who wants to understand himself, is a person who will want to understand others! In the process, we affirm our virtues and strive to elevate them to an even higher level, while at the same time revealing our flaws and ways to eliminate them?

In order for someone to be able to change, he must fulfill two painful conditions: the first, to look the truth in the eye, and the second, to start the process of change, taking appropriate actions!

During this process, people are under the influence of emotions, because they have to get out of the comfort zone and expose themselves to situations that make them feel fear and pain! But these are necessary sacrifices in order to achieve the goals and achieve inner peace.

What is important to know is that it is okay if you feel pain and fear. And when that happens, we should leave it to them, until our brain is able to process emotions. What is this condition? A state of calm, without the effect of emotions, when a person realistically perceives a certain situation and based on that, makes decisions that he will implement. During this phase, anger, rage and sadness appear, as our reaction to the unknown. It is okay to feel these emotions as well, but we must be careful not to express them in a destructive way, by suppressing them or hurting others!

“Pain is inevitable, but sadness is our choice”!

When these or similar situations happen to me, I remember the closest definition of a man, which is my guiding idea:

What is a man?

“Cold head, warm heart and working hands”!

For most people, unfortunately, everything is the other way around: “Hot head, cold heart, and hands not working”!

After all that said, we come to the three basic phases for maintaining motivation! That are:

1. Achieving and maintaining balance

2. Work on your self-confidence and

3. Possess a clear strategy

Achieving and maintaining balance

When maintaining balance, think of the balance between mind, spirit, body and emotions!

Each of these items is important and when harmony is achieved, none of them should prevail over the others! Through the mind, working on ourselves, we come to new information and process it. The spiritual part is the instinct we feel, and it is manifested through intuition, which leads us to act properly in a certain situation. In order to persevere in this process, it is necessary that we are in physical condition in order for our body to withstand all the efforts and challenges we face. The emotional part refers to the way we react to what is happening to us. By the way we react, there are controlled and uncontrolled emotions. In the beginning, uncontrolled emotions can be dominant due to new situations. But, due to our efforts, they will slowly turn into controlled ones, because we will increase our self-control!

Work on your self-confidence and

With increasing self-control, there is also an increase in self-confidence, by accepting ourselves, constantly exposing ourselves to painful situations (don’t blame me for repeating this all the time, because without this, you can’t do anything) that are important for our progress and, most importantly, allow yourself the right to make a mistake!

The only way not to make a mistake is to do nothing!

Possess a clear strategy

And the third phase is to have a clear strategy, that is, a schedule – how much will we dedicate to what we want to achieve?

Many people think that the one who has a schedule is his slave, and the opposite is true – with him, we have freedom and save time!

It is a common opinion among many people that in order to maintain motivation, it is necessary to achieve certain results that will keep us on our planned path. That is desirable, but it is not always so, because motivation refers to something that is inside that person (reason), and external circumstances, no matter how negative, cannot disturb the one who knows what he is doing and why he is doing it? The best example of that is Jack Ma the owner of “”Alibaba””, who has been operating without any profit for the first three years since the company was founded!

These are the key items to keep us motivated and achieve what we set out to do! If we apply them, a situation will happen that I define as something that is “doomed to success”!

“Every change is painful at the beginning, uncertain in the middle, and magnificent at the end”!


And don’t forget: “Never defeat, just a lesson”!



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