How to visualize what we want?

How to visualize what we want?

In our minds, we are constantly directing films and projecting images from the past or images of the future. Visualization is so powerful that it shapes our lives! Her strength is extraordinary!

How to visualize what we want?

Visualization in history

Although we cannot determine exactly when people first consciously began to use visualization to create results, it is known that scientist Nikola Tesla used the power of creative visualization to create ingenious inventions that have significantly improved humanity.

During the seventies of the last century, the Russians were among the first to apply creative visualization in order to achieve better results in sports. They found that during visualization, although completely calm, athletes would move the same muscle groups that are otherwise active in training. A test was conducted where there were two test groups. The first group practiced with the load, while the second group only visualized the exercises with the load. After three months, the first group increased their muscle mass by 30%, while the second group increased their muscle mass by 13.5% – just by visualization!

So with visualization we can start processes in our body or create and change habits, and thus our behavior and perception of our reality.

How to visualize what we want?

Using the visualization, I achieved fantastic results! My life has become more fun and exciting. I am surrounded by positive and creative people and I have fantastic friends. I am proud of the team I work with, and my relationships with my family are phenomenal! I am more productive, achieve better business results and I am more focused. Sometimes I’m really surprised at how powerful visualization is and how I draw some things or events very quickly into my experience.

How to visualize?

For starters, you need to know what you want to achieve, or what your goals are, and focus on one of them.

Suppose you want more money, for example a salary of 1000 euros per month. Imagine yourself already getting that salary. Think about what the person giving you money looks like? If you withdraw money at a bank or ATM, how do you feel while going to withdraw the money you have earned? How do you really feel at that moment? What do you spend your money on? Are you buying a new gadget, going to dinner with family or friends, going to a spa or a massage? What does your life look like now that you earn those 1000 euros a month?

Add as much detail to the visualization as possible!

Feel the smell, feel the taste, hear the sounds. Pay attention to the details, it will help you stay focused during the visualization and feel a stronger emotion.

How to visualize what we want?Read the following examples and visualize one by one:

1. Massage

2. Relaxing massage in which you are massaged with fragrant oils with the aroma of orange and chocolate. You feel every touch and you are completely indulged in a beautiful feeling. You like massage so much that you can no longer tell if you are dreaming or if it is really happening to you. Your body is grateful for the attention you have paid to it and every cell in you vibrates. Horror runs through your whole body with pleasure!

Can you feel the difference in emotions? I know you can!

Emotions are an indicator of how much you are really on the same wavelength as what you are visualizing. If you do not feel emotions or feel negative emotions, you must be missing something or doing something wrong.

If you find it difficult to imagine major changes in your life, start with smaller things.

Over time, as you feel more secure, you will be able to visualize and manifest much greater things and changes in your life.

Duration of visualization

If you haven’t used visualization to create any results so far, I suggest you start with 5 minutes a day. As in training, over time your “tolerance threshold” will increase, so you will be able to extend the visualization time to 10 minutes or more, which is quite enough.

How to visualize what we want?

Visualize every day

Continuity is very important to bring about change in your life. By visualizing, you need to create a routine in perceiving things. For example, a certain amount of money per month, a new car, perfect health, the habit of training regularly or traveling to Disneyland may seem unbelievable and far away, but over time, through visualization, you will merge so much with the idea that you will radiate strong energy with which you will attract these experiences into your life.

The process is really simple, but I know from my own experience that it is not easy. You will need a lot of discipline to visualize every day and allow yourself to live the life you want.

That’s why I challenge you!

Decide at this moment that you want a better quality of life! Say to yourself out loud “I deserve beautiful things, events and emotions”!

Promise yourself that for the next 30 days, every day, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, you will visualize at least 5 minutes a day! Be determined. It’s only 5 minutes a day that can change your life for the better!

Remember, visualization is very powerful and brings results!

Step into the new reality with enthusiasm and rejoice in the creative power that you will realize more and more, day by day!

How to visualize what we want?


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