If we just wanted to be happy…

If we only wanted to be happy…

When you have an expensive car, nice things, a big house, and other status symbols, you start to feel like you are worth more and you rise above those who do not have it all.

You look at a neighbor who drives a cheap car and tells yourself that you succeeded because you earn more. So, your neighbor is irrelevant, and you are “someone and something”.

You think the neighbor probably thinks you’re the one because you have such a good car and a big house. And the thought of it warms your heart and helps you rise in your own eyes. Your self-esteem is growing. You feel significant and important when you pass a neighbor, or when you stand next to the one with a cheaper car at the intersection.

If your neighbor’s car is better than yours, then it lowers your self-esteem, because your neighbor is more successful in your eyes than you. And then, there is only one way out for you, at the first opportunity you will try to be “stronger”. And it’s not just about cars.

It will be like this forever and your self-esteem will constantly fall and rise. Every time someone from your environment has something more expensive than you, your self-esteem will drop. But, every time someone from your environment has something worse than you, you will get back the feeling of royal supremacy.

Charles de Montesquieu, writer, and philosopher, once said:

“If we just wanted to be happy, that would be easy to achieve. But we want to be happier than other people, and that’s almost impossible because it always seems to us that others are happier than us”.

If we only wanted to be happy… In the search for artificial happiness, people turn into drug addicts who will maintain their value in relation to the surrounding people at any cost. They buy a new phone, change a car, buy expensive jeans and expensive furniture for the house in case those around them come to visit them, and use expensive perfumes to emphasize sophistication. But, since it is all very expensive, it is not uncommon for people with “taste” to become people with huge debts.

So people sit on credit while searching for happiness. The worst thing is that people don’t give up on how much they would pay just to gain supremacy over others.

In order to maintain their non-existent status, they spend huge sums of money on everything that confirms that.

If there is something that does not fit into the status, they hide it in all possible ways. Conversely, something that emphasizes status is advertised in all possible ways. For example, a holiday in a 5-star hotel will certainly be mentioned on the status social networks. While the 3-star hotel will hide in every possible way.

If they don’t have an expensive house, they hide it in all possible ways. The lives of such people turn into lies. They not only deceive others but mostly deceive themselves.

At some point in their lives, when banks refuse to give money, and the source of joy and happiness is abruptly cut off, they fall into a deep depression. At the same time, the banks, the government, the hard life and the employer who unfairly reduces salaries are most often to blame for all their troubles. The only person they will never blame is themselves. After all, all they wanted was to be “like everyone else” and not miss the important years of their lives … How could they be to blame for their sad economic situation?

And in conclusion, I think it would be correct to quote the words of Henry Ford:

“I don’t have to stay in an expensive hotel, because I don’t see the point in overpaying for excesses that I don’t need. Wherever I stay, I’m Henry Ford. And I don’t see much difference in hotels, because even in the cheapest hotel you can relax. And this coat – yes, you’re right, my father wore it too, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m still Henry Ford in this coat. My son is still young and inexperienced, so he is afraid of what people will think if I don’t have money if he stays in a cheap hotel. I don’t care about the opinion of others about me, because I know my true value. And I became a billionaire because I can count money and distinguish real values from fake ones”.

Not to be misunderstood, I have nothing against wealth, but against the way, people use the same to impose something wrong and marginalize true values: work, perseverance, empathy, respect…

There are rich people who own these categories, but they are in the minority!

The true values listed above are what make the difference and leave a mark indefinitely!

If we only wanted to be happy…


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