James Dean – a life story

James Dean – a life story one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, who became a legend with four films!

James Dean ended his life in a smashed car, and horrible things started happening to those who bought parts of his car…

James Dean’s ascending career was stopped in a fatal car accident in 1955. Yet the details of his death and what followed are equally confusing and disturbing today.

James Dean is one of those rare stars whose personality has become much more famous than any of his films. He was only twenty-four years old when he died and death only cemented his fame and the place of an icon.

Early life and passion for racing

James Byron Dean was born in Indiana on February 8, 1931, where he lived for a short time, before his father moved to California with his family for work. His mother died when he was only nine years old.

– My hobby or what I like to do in my free time is everything related to motorcycles. I know a lot about them, mechanics, and I love to drive. I participated in several races and I did well – he said in high school.

Dean enrolled at the University of California, but left it in 1949 at the urging of his drama teacher to build a career in New York.

After several years of filming commercials and minor roles, Dean began learning to act from the famous actor Lee Strasberg in 1951. It was then that he began to develop his, at the time unconventional, acting technique and got roles in several television shows and plays on Broadway.

His first breakthrough came in 1955 with the film “East of Paradise”, a film adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel. Dean’s mostly improvised acting and his essential representation of restless American youth were widely praised in the 1950s.

Death of James Dean

Although he devoted himself to acting, he never abandoned the passion from his childhood: racing. In the same year when she was the premiere of “East of Paradise”, Dean participated in two races – in Palms Spring and Santa Barbara. He also bought a new “Porsche Spider”, which he nicknamed the “little bastard” and planned to drive it at a race in California.

On September 30, 1955, he set off with his car mechanic, Rolf Waterlich. At around 5:45 pm local time, Dean noticed a “Ford” catching up with his car, which was about to turn left at the intersection. After convincing Waterlich that the other driver had noticed them and would stop, the two cars crashed into each other.

Wutterlich jumped out of the car and suffered several broken bones.

The “Ford” continued across the street and the driver, 23-year-old Donald Turnupsid, fled the scene of the accident with minor injuries.

The Porsche flew into the air and crashed to the ground again, while James Dean was still inside.

Witnesses ran in an effort to help Dean get out of the wreck, but were horrified by the sight. It is still unknown what exactly happened, Turnupsid was never convicted and witnesses from the scene of the accident claim that Dean did not exceed the allowed speed, because he paid the fine earlier. The “rebel for no reason” was pronounced dead, as he was transferred to the hospital shortly after 18:00 local time.

The curse of the “little bastard”

The death of James Dean served to solidify the legend about him and the status of a rebellious icon with hidden, most likely dark, aspirations.

There was another legend that soon spread about his death, and it was related to his “Porsche”. Fans pointed out that Dean had previously recorded a warning about safe driving, urging viewers to “drive slowly, because the life they can save may be his”. The coincidence was eerie in itself, but soon strange indicators related to the “little bastard” appeared.

Although the car was smashed, some parts could be sold separately. But strange things happened to those who bought them. The engine was sold to a doctor, who died in an accident when he first used it. A man, who was sold two tires, was injured while driving. The driver of the truck that was transporting certain parts landed off the road and died.

Many accidents related to the “curse” of James Dean’s death are almost impossible to solve, certain parts of the “Porsche” cannot be traced, but there are a few horrible coincidences that cannot be dismissed so easily.

An anecdote with British actor Sir Alec Guinness, about when he first met James Dean, corroborates the legends. That was the same year Dean died. He showed him the newly bought “Porsche” and, although he had not yet sat in it, assured him that he could reach a speed of 242 km / h. Guinness recounted how he was “overwhelmed by some strange force and with a voice that sounded someone else’s”, he just told him:

– Don’t get in that car. If you get behind the wheel, you won’t be here in a week. You will die in that car after 10 o’clock!

The prophecy came true!

People are still dealing with the cause of James Dean’s death and his car accident. Some claim that alcohol and women’s underwear are included in everything.



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