The life story of Jamie Lee Curtis – the most beautiful woman in Hollywood!

The American actress, a child of Hollywood legends, is the heroine of the new sequel to “Halloween”, a film whose first part she made 40 years ago: in the meantime, she married and became a baroness, adopted two children and recovered from alcohol and drug addiction.

Below, I will describe to you the life story of Jamie Lee Curtis – the most beautiful woman in Hollywood!

Earlier years

For her 60th birthday, which she celebrates on November 22, 2021, Jamie Lee Curtis received the best possible gift that actresses of her age rarely receive in Hollywood: a great role, the same one with which she actually started her career as a young girl. In the horror film “Halloween”, which broke all records at the box office a few years ago, Jamie again plays Lori Stroud, who in the famous first story under that title, directed by John Carpenter, managed to escape from the manic killer Michael Myers, only which this time is not a teenager babysitting someone else’s children, but a grandmother ready for a final showdown to protect her family.

The first movie

After Carpenter’s first film in 1978, “Halloween” grew into a franchise with ten sequels about psychopath Myers, in which Jamie also participated, but the new film was conceived as a direct sequel to the first: Myers leaves the mental hospital after 40 years to looked for Lori again.

While in the first film she was still an inexperienced young actress, although with an exceptional Hollywood pedigree – her mother is Janet Lee, one of Hitchcock’s favorites, and her father Tony Curtis, the star of “Some Like It Hot” – Jamie entered this sequel with a rich film and personal experience: she is now a married mother of two adult children, and behind her is a series of roles in productions such as “She Wants the Best” and “A Fish Called Wanda”, as well as numerous children’s books that she has been successfully writing and publishing for years.

– I did not accept the role in “Halloween” because I was bored, but because I liked the idea that we would focus on the trauma that happened 40 years ago and the consequences of that trauma on several generations – said Curtis.

Namely, in the new film, Lori is a twice-divorced former alcoholic whose whole life was spent in the dark shadow of the bloody massacre from which she escaped that ancient Halloween.

– It is interesting, but also very sad that at the time the film was made, Lori would not have received almost any psychological help. They would probably tell her, “Honey, it’s nothing to you,” and send her to school as if nothing had happened. And she changed and was no longer Lori, a smart girl with dreams and a future, but a traumatized being full of fear and shame, in a state that leads to depression and addiction – the actress explained.

Health problems

Jamie knows everything about addiction, firsthand. She became addicted to painkillers after a failed cosmetic procedure, removing her eyelids, which she decided on after the cameraman on the set of the film “She Wants the Best” told her that he couldn’t film her like that and said to her: “Stop eating with”.

– I was horrible. So I went for cosmetic surgery. And when that didn’t work out, it was even worse for me – says the actress, who then started taking opiates, and didn’t even stop drinking alcohol. – I was addicted twice, the first time because of pain, the second time because of the shame that I was addicted – she admitted.

Like any addict, she managed as she knew how, she stole drugs from her older sister Kelly and her younger half-brother Nicholas, and she was not sober even by Nicholas’ death due to a heroin overdose at 23. Years. However, a decade later, she realized how destructive what she was doing was for her and her family, and in 1999 she was completely cured.

– My daughter Annie, then eight years old, took me on the right path and told me that I was never there for her when she needed me. That startled me – admitted Jamie, who later spoke publicly about these problems, as well as about aesthetic procedures that other Hollywood stars are mostly wise about. – I tried everything, and a small correction, and liposuction, and Botox. And none of that works – she said honestly, emphasizing that no one mentions to you that the fat you take out of your body in one place returns in another.

After recovering from her addiction, the actress realized that she could attribute her insecurity and dissatisfaction with herself to her childhood in Beverly Hills.

– When your father is Tony Curtis, and your mother is Janet Lee, and you grow up in Hollywood, you are surrounded by influential, respectable and elegant people. But I constantly wanted to look and be like everyone else. I wanted to be a normal, ordinary girl from a small American town – says Jamie.

As her parents divorced when she was less than three years old, she rarely saw her father, and she loved her mother, but she never achieved any special intimacy with her. When she was sent to an elite boarding school, she felt less valuable and tried to fit in as much as she could, imitating others with both her clothes and her manner of speaking. Maybe that’s why she decided to act – to be someone else.

Although she did not have a formal acting education, the first opportunity was given to her by Carpenter, and Jamie then proved herself in a series of horror films as the “scream queen” and as a talented comedian in productions such as “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger or the cult “Fish Called Wanda”. .

But unlike many stars whose tumultuous private lives sometimes attract more attention than their film roles, Curtis has never been the subject of tabloids, and even her struggle with addiction would have remained a secret if she had not declared herself in a desire to help others in a similar difficult situation. That can probably be attributed to an extremely happy marriage that seemed to be destined for her.

The man of her life!

Jamie was only 25 years old when, leafing through “Rolling Stone” magazine, she saw a picture of actor, director and musician Christopher Gest, who was then in the spotlight with the film “This Is Spinal Tap”, and she immediately, she claims, knew that it was the man of her life.

– I will marry him – she told her friend Debra Hill, producer and co-writer of “Halloween”, and as it all happened in Los Angeles, the heart of the show business industry where everyone knows everyone, Debra gave her the number of the Guest Agent.

Jamie called him and left a number for Christopher to call, but he didn’t. And then, after a while, they happened to meet at the Hugo restaurant, where they each came to dinner with their friends (Jamie was with Melanie Griffith and Stephen Bauer), waved to each other and a few days later, Guest invited them to go out together.

Five months after leafing through the magazine that she would marry him, on December 18, 1984, Jamie actually married Christopher Gest and became not only his wife but also Baroness Hayden-Gest. Namely, Christopher inherited the title from his British father, Baron Peter Hayden-Gest, but that does not mean that he belongs to the old English nobility. The title was awarded to his grandfather, a Labor MP, and it was not until 1950 that Peter, as a diplomat at the United Nations, lived in New York, so Christopher was born and educated there, mostly in America, where he studied music and acting.

The couple adopted two children, in 1986 to Annie and ten years later to Thomas. The reason is infertility.

– Adoption was the only way for us to have a family. I think that a couple becomes a real family only when they have a child – the actress explained.

The secret of their incredibly long marriage, in Hollywood terms, is very simple.

– Don’t break up. Really amazing. I could write a book about marriage called “Don’t Go Away,” says Jamie.

He claims that the lessons from addiction treatment, which he has successfully passed, can be applied to marriage.

– The lesson is: “Stay on the bus, the landscape will change.” Sometimes it seems like you are having a terrible week, but stay on the bus, because one day you will look out the window and you will see that it is wonderful outside. I think that refers to almost every situation in which a person currently feels dissatisfied. I’m not headlong romantic. I’m realistic. I respect my husband. And I’m just not leaving – Jamie is honest, who considers herself a happy and fulfilled woman and doesn’t want anything more than what she has. – I live as I always wanted. I have a family that I love and I do a job that I love. Every day I say to myself, “You did it.” And now I just want to become a wise old woman. Not smart, wise.

And she showed that she already has a lot of life wisdom when in 2002 she posed for the cover of the magazine “More” in lingerie, without make-up, manicure and hairstyle, and asked to publish the photo without photo shopping – because she wanted to stop stories about the perfect body.

Have especially expanded after the movie “She Wants the Best”, where she plays a fitness instructor and is constantly in a leotard.

– Without clothes I look the way I look, really. I don’t have very ideal thighs. I have oversize breasts, a soft, plump belly and fat deposits on my back. I don’t want women in their forties around the world to think my figure is perfect. It’s a scam and I won’t take part in it anymore – said Jamie and added: – From now on I will like myself more and I will look the way God wants me to look … with a little help from Manol Blanik.



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