Jeremy Irons’ amazing life story!

Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!

Only nine actors won the so-called triple crown, the three most prestigious world awards: “Oscar”, “Tony” and “Emmy”. One of them, according to many and the most convincing, is the British Jeremy Irons, who in his fifty-year career has achieved a rich range of roles, from classic Shakespearean to completely modern and atypical.

– He’s just amazing! When I watched him as Kafka, or as a lustful father in “Lust,” or as Professor Humbert in “Lolita,” then as a pope in the series “The Borgia’s,” as Antonia in “The Merchant of Venice,” or any other character, I would always he convinced me that this role was the best in his career.

Below is Jeremy Irons’ amazing life story!

Earlier years

He was born on September 19, 1948, in Kaus, Isle of Wight. Jeremy Irons is the third child of accountant Paul Irons and housewife Barbara Ann Brereton, of Irish descent. Along with his older brother Christopher and sister Felicity Ann, Jeremy, as the youngest, was a pet in the family. As is customary in Great Britain, his parents sent him to the boarding school Sherborn in Dorset, then still a school for boys, at the age of twelve, which he attended until 1966. Jeremy Irons - young
– I was impressed by the school, the environment, the fact that I am so far from home. You know, in the post-war period, there was a great shortage of everything and people from the Isle of Wight did not travel to the mainland very often – the actor explained.

However, Jeremy quickly realized that he was not interested in school. He joined a school band in which he played drums, and he also spent a lot of time on the school farm, where horses were bred. Thus arose one of his great life passions, that of riding.

– Horses are the noblest creatures in the world – he explained in an interview. – They are timid, but when you meet them and when they accept you, no relationship can measure up to that.

After high school, he applied to the acting academy in London. He did not pass the entrance exam, but he did not despair because of that, he went from London to Bristol. He didn’t get a chance in any of the city theaters there either, so he made money singing with a guitar in the center of the city. Thus, in a short time, he met many people who, in one way or another, had connections with the theater, and they helped him enroll in the acting school of the Bristol theater “Old Vic”.Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!

Early career

Great effort – dedication to learning and its perfectionism – bore fruit, and in 1970 he got his first role.

Jeremy’s work and talent were noticed, so a call from the Roundhouse Theater in London soon arrived. Irons had no idea that in the next few years in the “Roundhouse”, and then in the much more famous “Wyndham”, in several performances in front of the audience, he would bow more than 1200 times.

– Looking from a time distance, everything somehow went fast, smooth, almost without obstacles – he explained. However, it was not quite so. I was still very young and inexperienced, but I was lucky to see the best in the world of theater in London at that time, so I quickly realized how and from whom I would learn the most. In the meantime, like many actors at the beginning of my career, I did all kinds of work, such as running an agency for cleaning apartments and business premises, equipping bathrooms…

Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!In his youthful blindness, it seemed to him for a moment that Julie Halam, a girl from the theater troupe in Bristol, would be the perfect partner in his life. Before a joint show in 1969, he impulsively married her. However, when the infatuation subsided, they both realized that the decision was hasty and immature, so the marriage was annulled the same year.

With successful performances in two theaters, in the seventies the BBC drama department hired him in the children’s series “Play Away”, and after he did it perfectly, in 1974 he played Franz Liszt in one episode of the series “Notorious Woman”. Critics praised him undividedly and offers began to pour in.

Private life

Although he was not handsome, Jeremy was a favorite among girls. His specific charm and decent demeanor were his greatest trump cards, and his peer, Irish actress Sinead Cusack, whom he married on March 28, 1978, could not resist. Two sons were born in their marriage: Samuel (1978). Who is today a successful photographer, and Maximilian (1985), who followed in his parents’ footsteps, first as a theater actor, then as a film actor.

Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons proudly refused to surrender to the inevitable aging process without a fight. He is pleased to boast that he is as thin as when he was in his twenties – thanks mainly, as he says, to his habit of 40 cigarettes a day that deceive his hunger. On any day or night, you can see yourself elegantly dressed in a tailcoat, silk scarf or knee-length pants and riding boots.

Despite the crises of middle age, Irons retains its hypnotic effect on women. At a recent fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, he was a guest along with Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. He spent the whole evening in the company of a number of models young enough to be his daughters.

One might have thought that at the age when most men were thinking of retiring, Iron had strayed to that party.

More than that, however, the question arises: Where is his longtime wife, actress Sinead Cusack, while her husband walks around the world in the company of a number of beautiful women?Jeremy Irons in movie 'Kingdom of heaven'

Problems in marriage

We may not be surprised that his friends gossip that he is a “serial snogger” who runs from woman to woman, and Ms. Cusack repeatedly states that they have an “open marriage”. Certainly, he has done little in the past to dispel such persistent gossip and hints of his infidelity. But he said a couple of times that he had a “dysfunctional marriage.” He said: “Sinead and I had hard times. It happens in every marriage, because people are impossible. I am impossible, my wife is impossible, life is impossible.” He once admitted: “No marriage is what it seems. It is very difficult to be everything to one person.”

So, a married couple of two actors is not immune to everything that happens in a modern marriage. Despite everything, Jeremy Irons won an Oscar in 1991 for his role in “Reverse Of Fortune”, and Mrs. Cusack is the mother of his two adult sons, Sam and Mack, and an actress in an impressive number of films, some of which have won awards.Jeremy Irons won an Oscar in 1991. for his role in 'Reverse Of Fortune'

Lately, more and more people are living semi-separately. Ms. Cusack decided to move to Dublin closer to her illegitimate son, and her husband remained for most of the year in the isolation of the medieval castle in Cork, which he renovated and spent 2 million pounds for ten years. Irons occasionally joined his wife in a small house with a terrace in the center of Dublin, which she bought to be closer to her son Richard, whom she gave up for adoption as a single mother in 1968. But the neighbors testify that Irons is an irregular guest in that house. The gossip intensified when Irons admitted that his wife preferred to live in their second house in London, away from the Irish castle, where he is happiest. Such a remote arrangement seems to be the most pragmatic solution for a marriage that old friends describe as prone to fierce quarrels, anger, and long periods of silence on both sides. But these prolonged separations have also aroused the curiosity of journalists.

Years ago, Irons was involved in an indecent public argument with the American paparazzi after he was photographed hand in hand with a mysterious brunette in New York. After realizing they had been spotted, the couple quickly separated.

In 2005, Jerry Hall was forced to deny that anything happened between them after she and Irons became “inseparable” while traveling on the French Riviera. He was also seen kissing French singer Patricia, 20 years younger than him, in front of a nightclub in Soho, London.Dominique Ariane Swain and Jeremy Irons
Colleagues say that the actor was also “fascinated” by supermodel

Milla Jovovich for some time.

On the other hand, Irons is used to attributing such speculations to excessive imagination.

– I love hugging and kissing, he says jokingly.

– I’m a very tactile person, but that gets me in trouble.

Interestingly, however, he admitted in the past that he was “emotionally attached” to some of his female partners. But it’s not that he was alone in his flirtations with members of the opposite sex. Miss Cusack, who once dated George Best, left Jeremy for almost three years during the marriage they entered into in 1978, after she began a relationship with the former head of Shakespeare’s royal troupe, Terry Handson.

Cusack later reunited with her husband, but was again the subject of gossip in the theater world because of her closeness to playwright Tom Stoppard. There were times when even their closest friends expected Sineade and Jeremy to announce the demise of their unconventional marriage. These expectations did not help when Irons publicly admitted in 2008 that he and his wife spent practically eight months separated due to work obligations. Still, the couple was seen in public together at a Christmas celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Jeremy constantly denied that he would ever consider a divorce – although he admitted that marital problems led him to seek a therapist in New York a few years ago.

A colleague who has known Irons for 30 years said: “Jeremy is an incurable romantic. He loves women’s attention and when he is in the mood, he is almost irresistible with his charm. But Sinead can also be an extraordinary flirt. She knows what her husband is like and tolerates his They came to a mutual understanding and I think they will stay together for so long”.

Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!

A turning point in the larynx

Two years after he got married, Irons received an offer to act in Hollywood – in the film “Nijinsky”, about the famous Polish ballet dancer, one of the greatest dance artists and choreographers from the beginning of the 20th century. Although the production did not meet the expectations of the producers, it brought the actor a valuable Hollywood experience. Interest in him far outweighed the film’s modest success, and it grew even more after he was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1981 for his role in the television adaptation of Evelyn Vaughn’s novel Back to Braidshid. Thus, in 1981, an offer arrived that marked a turning point in his career – the main role in the film by Karel Rice “The Wife of a French Lieutenant”, in which he starred with the then not yet established Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons in movie 'The Wife of a French Lieutenant'.

The film won the “Golden Globe”, the “BAFTA” award and was nominated for an “Oscar”, and Irons was launched at the top of the Hollywood acting elite. As expected, the producers showered him with lucrative offers, and he patiently and systematically chose the roles and, as a rule, made the right decisions. His popularity grew unstoppable in America, especially after films that were extremely well-received by both audiences and critics: “The Cursed Twins” by David Cronenberg (1988), “Days, World Champion” by Gavin Millar (1989), in which he first appeared with his older son Samuel, and “The Reversal of Destiny” by Barbet Schroeder (1990), where his partner was Glenn Close. The film earned more than 120 million dollars, and Jeremy won the “Oscar” and the “Golden Globe” for the role of a rich European aristocrat suspected of killing his wife. Then, “Fatal Connection” (1992) by Luisa Mala, with Juliette Binoche, etc.

Hollywood’s successes, but also the impressive reputation he gained on the boards of London’s “West End”, provided invitations that Irons, as a British theater actor, could not resist – those from “Broadway”. In 1984, he accepted a role in the play “The Real Thing” – and received the “Tony” award for it. In addition to film and theater, he again worked on television: in 2005, he shot the series “Elizabeth I” with Helen Mirren, in which he played the Earl of Leicester. There was no lack of recognition this time either – he was awarded an “Emmy” for it.Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!

In addition to acting, Jeremy loved challenges in his private life. About ten years ago, for example, in the Irish province of Cork, he bought the dilapidated castle of Kilcoe, built in 1456, which he renovated for years.

Last year, he celebrated four decades of marriage with actress Sinead Cusack.

– I love tidying up old spaces and old furniture – he explained. – Until I finished decorating the castle, I did not record anything, nor did I accept roles in the theater. I am able to be alone on the property for days, in the company of dogs and mares Vini. I enjoy the silence as I drive a peasant wooden cart I procured in France. Today, people have lost their sense of belonging to nature, everyone has gone crazy for social networks and no one listens to the birds singing and the wind rustling. We have all been eaten up by consumerism and few see real life pass us by.

Humanitarian work

In line with his beliefs, Irons is very active in non-governmental associations to help the homeless, advocates the abolition of the death penalty, fights world hunger by helping to organize the delivery of food to areas affected by war or natural disasters. Because of his engagement, in 2011, he became a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations FAO, and three years ago he joined the action “No Cold Homes”, to collect warm clothes and blankets for the unpleasant island winter that affects tens of thousands of Britons.

He still enjoys riding a motorcycle, but in the end he always adds that he still prefers silence, sailing, gardening and staying on one of his three estates – around Dublin, in Cork and on the Isle of Wight, where he was born.Jeremy Irons' amazing life story!


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