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You say you have no enemies? Ah, the one who took part in the battles of life had to acquire them, otherwise he left no trace, that is roughly how Gillian Anderson (52) fell on the British Queen Elizabeth II! And she hurt! Certainly not in his own name. She did it by playing Margaret Thatcher in the globally ultra-popular series about the royal family.

The life story of Gillian Anderson is not as many thought, and in her biography that I will present to you.

I will describe her life that you certainly didn’t know about!?

The fourth season of the BBC series “Crown”, which is probably watched by more than fifty million people on Netflix worldwide (official figures are not yet available), begins with the arrival of Gillian Anderson in a wig at Margaret Thatcher in an audience with the Queen, who proclaims her British Prime Minister. The series ends with the defeat of the Lady of Steel and her kind of reconciliation with the queen. During that period, Great Britain and the royal family experienced almost revolutionary changes, and there were so many misunderstandings, cruelties, scandals, and even hatred in life and family battles and storms, that we follow the series as the most exciting soap opera.

Is everything exactly true in the “Crown” series? The world’s largest media have already dedicated hundreds of texts to this issue, checking what is historically true in the series and what is not. Peter Morgan, the genius author and screenwriter of the series, said briefly:

“We may have moved away from the facts a few times, but we haven’t moved away from the real truth about that family and that time!” Morgan entrusted the role of the Prime Minister, which was hated by many, and she dealt with it stoically, as a Christian martyr convinced that her path was the right one, to his then girlfriend Gillian, with whom he recently broke off his relationship. They had fun for four years, but did not live together. She called it “living separately, but in community” and claimed that it was more romantic and exciting: “If we met, it was an exceptional event every time”.

– If we happened to live together, it would kill our relationship. This way, nothing obliges us to stay together, neither of us ever thought: “Oh my God, how to break this, there is a house, joint ownership…” I really start to miss when we don’t see each other for a while – Gillian explained at the time Anderson, who has lived in London since 2002. She shares the house in the city center with her two sons, Oscar (14) and Felix (12), from a relationship with English businessman Mark Griffin. Piper, 25, her daughter from her first marriage to Clyde Klotz, a Canadian set designer on the “X-Files” series, nolonger lives with her.

The Morgan-Anderson relationship sparkled, just as it did between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher.

The almost parodies version of the British Prime Minister may be a consequence of Gillian Anderson’s extremely personal disagreement with the policy of the Steel Lady. Gillian is a socially engaged activist in Greenpeace, she also deals with endangered rights and the disappearance of the habitats of indigenous tribes around the world, she helps humanitarian organizations that work to save the Amazon and endangered marine ecosystems.

During the 11-year rule of Margaret Thatcher, in the 1980s, Gillian was a rebellious teenager, one of only a few punks in the US state of Michigan. While much praise Gillian who thinks she perfectly “took off” the Steel Lady, especially her deep voice with lordly diction – which she adopted even though she was not born a member of the upper class – some conservative Britons think she exaggerated, turned the Prime Minister into a caricature. What does the author of the series Peter Morgan think? In an interview, Gillian Anderson said that they made a firm decision not to talk about work when they were together, that she would not comment on the scripts and what she would possibly change in them, and he would not comment on her acting. It was extremely difficult for them, because they are both always ready to say out loud what they think, but they succeeded.

Gillian was almost offended when Peter came to the set on the first day of filming, she smiled at him, and he shouted, “That’s it! That’s Margaret Thatcher’s smile! ” She thought she smiled at him like Gillian, his girlfriend. In the evolution of Gillian Anderson from the serious, scientifically dedicated FBI agent Scully, who investigates paranormal phenomena in the “X-Files” series, probably the most famous role of Gillian Anderson, to the steel prime minister who does not like to have fun and finds only pleasure in work, 27 years. And in “The X-Files”, Gillian wore a bit of old-fashioned costumes and a precisely styled old-fashioned hairstyle, and she didn’t want to spend time, but the history of this actress is completely different.

Childhood marked by migrations

Gillian was born in Chicago, her mother was a computer analyst, and her father had a small company for film and television post-production. She was a child when they moved to Puerto Rico, and soon after to London, where her father enrolled at a prestigious film academy. She lived in London until the age of 11 and later adopted a literary English and London accent. But then they moved to America, to the northern state of Michigan, where she soon switched to American English because they were teasing her. That is why today he is fluent in both dialects and can switch from English to American accent as needed.

She was a hard-working teenager because she felt like an outsider. She once said that she was one of those disgusting, blazed teenagers with whom her parents struggle a lot. She shaved her hair on both sides of her head, put a piercing in her nose and made sure she didn’t even physically fit into her new environment. In high school, she was declared the student who has the best chance of ending up in prison once. She was even arrested on the eve of the prom, because she broke into her school. She wanted to fill all the locks with glue.

– Grand Rapids is a small Republican town with only six punks. We were really freaks. It was not like in London – Gillian recalled and explained that at the same time she was a “daring girl and ruin”, she took drugs and sneaked out of the house at night to go to concerts and did everything that rebellious teenagers do.

When asked what drugs she experimented with, she honestly said that she tried everything she could get her hands on. Later, she realized how undisciplined she was, inclined to believe, like many of our fellow citizens, that she lived in the worst of all possible worlds and that “nothing makes sense.” How did she get out of that hopelessness? By the persistence of her parents who forced her into psychotherapy when she was only 14 years old. Then, as she says, she changed her attitude from that “poor me, no one understands me” and stopped with self-destructive behavior. She started thinking about what she wanted to do in life.

She enrolled in the theater academy at DePaul University in Chicago, then moved to New York to pursue theatrical acting, but was mostly a waitress. Dad advised her to learn to “code” as soon as possible if she didn’t want to stay hungry, and she never blamed him. She always states that as the smartest advice she has ever received, but she did not listen to it. In the early 1990s, she moved to Los Angeles to rehearse in film after several Off-Broadway theater productions, of which it was impossible to make a living. But that didn’t work either. She once swore she would never move to Los Angeles, and when she did come, she would never do a television series. But after a year without a job, she no longer promised herself anything drastic. When she was 24, she managed to get into the casting for the “X-Files” series – lying about how old she was. For the role of a serious, young scientist, the producers still wanted someone older. She liked the script very much because the main character was an “independent, strong, intelligent woman”.

She thought she would only film 13 episodes, the length of the TV series at the time. But, Gillian dedicated nine long years of her life to that series and from 1993 to 2002 she recorded 202 episodes. They also made two feature films, and many years later, two more seasons of the series were shot. Her acting and private life was essentially reduced to “The X-Files”. Even today, she is not quite sure if it was a happy period for her, regardless of the Emmy and Golden Globe awards she won. During that period, Gillian, and perhaps even more Agent Scully, according to the votes of the readers of the men’s magazine FHM, was declared the sexiest woman in the world.

– It was quite intense, we filmed 24 episodes a year, eight days per episode. The working day lasted for 16 hours, sometimes we worked on weekends as well – Jillian recalled recently and added that it is no wonder that she constantly had a fight with Duchovny, mostly about whose name will first appear in the rush hour and who is paid how much. She did not have time for a normal private life and even married the set designer of that series. She divorced Clyde Klotz, the father of her daughter, after only three years of marriage and soon married the author of documentaries, Julian Ozane. She was already pregnant with her son Oscar when she divorced Ozane and started living with Griffiths, his father. She broke up with him in 2012, while the children were still small. But she stayed in London, a city she adores.

Fee as a duty

She once described her return to London from America. After landing, she sits in a taxi, without taking out her smartphone, and just watches the city, always endlessly grateful that she lives in it. After the globally popular American series, she decided to do something completely different. After several more or less successful films, she decided to remember growing up in Great Britain and dedicate herself to English classics. She was very successful in the series “Gloomy House” based on the great Dickens novel – she also starred in the mad Miss Havisham in “Great Expectations”, as well as in the celebrated production of the drama “Tram Called Desire” at the famous theater “Young Vic”. He likes to play women who need “help from a stranger”, maybe to help all broken and weak women understand something about themselves. She has repeatedly said that she has no idols other than social activists and that she is a feminist who fights for reproductive and all other women’s rights. She starred in Eva Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” and actively supports “V-Day,” founded by Ensler, to warn of violence against women and girls.

As a feminist, she considered it her duty to be entitled to the same fee as David Duchovny, her partner in The X-Files.

– When we started working together, he was almost a star, before the series he acted in a movie with Brad Pitt. I was completely inexperienced, I only did a few plays in the theater and maybe a scene in a movie. But, in the third season, we were equal stars of the series who worked equally hard, we were really on the set the same number of hours and I considered it inadmissible not to be paid equally. It was a battle that I had to fight every year again, even when we were working on the tenth and eleventh season of the series much later – Gillian said recently.

She was appalled by the fact that at no point in her career did Margaret Thatcher think that she should promote and give responsible positions to women. At the age of eleven, she appointed only one woman as a minister in her government, because she was not even aware that there was something like female solidarity. But before she became Thatcher, a big comeback on the small screens for Gillian came with the “Fall” series. It starred London detective Stella Gibson who is going to Northern Ireland to investigate the case of a serial killer who is eluding local police. Gibson is the emancipated, strong woman that Gillian loves, lives alone and does not hesitate to invite a man she likes to her apartment, but she is actually emotionally damaged, incapable of a real relationship and therefore close to the killer she is investigating.

Still, Gillian has made the biggest shift of her typical characters with the highly successful British comedy series “Sex Education” which started airing on Netflix last year. This year, the second season was shown, and a contract was signed for the third. Gillian plays the completely uninhibited sex therapist Gene, who lives alone with her teenage son, who she fears has lagged behind in the area and should be encouraged to explore and finally mature emotionally and mentally. He, of course, intensely avoids such conversations with his mother and everything she says about sex in front of him or his friends, throws him into despair of shame. Because of her sons, she was a little afraid of that extraordinarily written role in an infinitely witty, warm series that is only seemingly teenage and whose characters are impossible not to love.

– My sons have just started a new school and I was afraid that they would be teased, because my mother constantly tells them about sex in the popular series. But as the series is intelligently written, with uninhibited dialogues like we’ve never seen on television before, I was hoping that exactly what happened would happen: viewers of all ages fell in love with it, and it truly helped me to do even more. I approach my sons. They swear they didn’t watch it, and I pretend to believe them. I don’t think there is such a cool parent, no matter what we think of ourselves, who is sometimes not a source of endless shame for their teenager – said Gillian recently in a radio interview in which she spoke about her engagement in the organization “Childreach International” which deals with fundamental rights children in developing countries.

Gillian has been working hard for the last two years and probably hasn’t finished her dream project yet, a screenplay based on Elizabeth Rosner’s novel “Speed of Light” about children who survived the Holocaust and learned, just like her, how to adjust and forgive everything. A few years ago, she stated that even at the age of eighty, if she had to direct that film herself, even if it cost her life, she had to do it. Once he arrives.

Relationship with David Duchovny

In real life, David Duchovny, Agent Mulder from the “X-Files” series, seems to be more similar to Moody, a writer in a strong creative crisis from the “California” series, who mostly tries to solve his problems with obsessive sex. He constantly quarreled and reconciled with his wife Theo Leoni, they eventually divorced, and in the meantime he had affairs with Ashley Judd, Winona Ryder and many other women, but he was not with Gillian for a single day. As the relationship between Duchovny and Anderson in the series rested on strong mutual attraction and chemistry, and their shootings ignited love sparks, viewers constantly wanted to see them together and in real life, so the tabloids lit up with constant new news about how they were caught together somewhere intimate companionship. But, during the filming of the series, they got on each other’s nerves, they often quarreled, which is not surprising, because they spent days and hours working hard together. Now that the X-Files series and movies are behind them, they have finally become closer.

– The pain associated with working on that series made us monsters – said Duchovny once, and Jillian then added for the film newspaper “Variety” that during all those years they eventually became real friends, aware of worries, desires and needs. The other as well as the fact that they will both benefit from the cooperation.


Like sex therapist Gene, who plays in the Sex Education series, Gillian, who shuns the red carpet and dislikes glamorous events because she is essentially a withdrawn and closed person, spoke openly in 2012 to Out magazine about her love affair with women. She said that she owes that revelation to her ex-girlfriend who recently died from a brain hemorrhage. They met during their studies and were in a long relationship. In addition, her younger sister Zoe, who lives happily in a lesbian marriage and Gillian considers her an exceptional ceramic artist, helped to open that part of herself. Still, he considers her heterosexual, although he does not rule out the possibility of being with a woman again.

– In my opinion, the essence of one relationship is love for another person, the gender of that person is not particularly important here – she said in a 2015 interview.



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