The life story of Kim Basinger

In this text, I will describe to you the life story of Kim Basinger!

Earlier years

She was born on December 8, 1953, in Georgia. Her mother Ann Lee was a model, actress, and she also swam. Her father, Donald Wade Basinger, was a musician who played in an orchestra. She is one of the five children they had, she has two brothers and two sisters.

Kim describes herself as extremely shy, which had a big impact on her growing up. Her shyness was so extreme that she fainted when a teacher at the school called her to answer.

She studied ballet from the age of three. When she grew up to be a girl in high school, she gathered her courage and went to audition for cheerleaders. At the age of 17, she started applying for the Miss elections, in order to receive a scholarship. Although she did not manage to win, the second place brought her the first advertisement that young Kim did.

Shortly afterwards, the largest modeling agency in the world, “Ford”, but postponed the signing of the contract, because she wanted to do dance and acting. She enrolled at the University of Georgia.

Not long after, she signed a contract and became a model!

Although she was earning $1,000 a day in the beginning, Kim Basinger never enjoyed the role of a model and once said:

– It was very difficult. You go from casting to casting and constantly worry about how you look. I couldn’t stand it. I felt like someone was holding my throat.

She never felt particularly beautiful, nor did it matter to her. She told a magazine many years ago that she always avoided mirrors.

Shortly after signing a contract with the “Ford” agency, she appeared on the front cover of the magazine. After that, magazine offers and advertisements started pouring in from all sides. In the early 70s, Kim graced hundreds of pages of the most prestigious magazines, as well as billboards across America.

She took acting classes and sang at a party in Greenwich Village, New York, at a bar.

Five years after the front page, Basinger stopped modeling and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress. She appeared in several TV series, but only a big breakthrough was brought to her by the front page as well as the editorial of the “Playboy” magazine. After that, Kim Basinger became a Bond girl in the movie “Never Say Never”, where her partner was Sean Connery. About her, Sean said shortly after the film came out: “Kim Basinger looks like Liv Ullman’s sister and she has that something.”

Just a year later, she was nominated for the first Golden Globe for the film “Barry Levinson’s The Natural,” where her partner was Robert Redford.

In 1986, she received a screenplay for the film “9 and a half weeks”, a controversial erotic film, in which her partner will be the beautiful Mickey Rourke. Although the film did poorly in cinemas across America, it made a boom in Europe. They compared it to the movie “The Last Tango in Paris” and said that Kim Basinger was perfect:

– She managed to evoke erotic tension … a relationship, complicated and sensual from beginning to end.

In the nineties of the last century, they were the most prolific for Kim, she appeared in comedies but also in serious dramas, and she was great in both genres.

She made the most money in the role of Vicky Vale in the movie “Batman”. After great film achievements, Kim took a break and returned to work only in 1997, when she won an Oscar for a supporting role in the film “Confidential from LA”. She is the only person in the world who posed naked for Playboy and has an Oscar!

Love life

In 1979, Kim Basinger met makeup artist Ron Sander, on the set of “Hard Country,” and they were married shortly thereafter, on October 12, 1980. That same year, Kim fell ill. Namely, the famous actress developed agoraphobia, fear of people and space. The actress suffered a difficult episode in the supermarket, where she experienced a terrible panic attack, after which she did not leave the house for the next 2 months.

Snyder resigned in order to help his wife, but it did not bear fruit. The couple divorced in November 1988, when she left him because of Batman film producer John Peters.

She also had fun with Prince.

Ron Britton wrote a memoir published in 1998, in which he described in detail the time he spent with the famous actress, and revealed that Kim had a miscarriage in 1981, as well as a passionate relationship with Richard Gere.

Her relationship with Alec Baldwin, four years her junior, began in 1990 when they met for dinner at the Morton restaurant to discuss the film “The Marrying Man” that they were preparing to shoot.

– He kissed me and asked if I wanted to have children – the actress, who was newly divorced at the time, said later and claimed that she was not interested in a new relationship.

But she seemed to be interested in Baldwin, who immediately decided to marry her.

Legends about the filming of “The Marrying Man” are still transmitted in Hollywood: how Basinger was late, canceled rehearsals, wanted to change the script, insulting screenwriter Neil Simon that “he has no idea about comedy” and traveled to visit his media in Brazil on the set she walked around without underwear and exchanged loud obscene remarks with Baldwin. Producer Jerry Katzenberg later stated:

– I love my job and most of the people I work with, except for Kim Basinger.

After a frantic courtship on set where the sexual tension between the two stars could be cut with a knife, with lots of alcohol, drama, shouting, banging on doors and throwing phones, Kim and Alec became a couple, but she agreed to marry only three years later, after Baldwin, meanwhile, supported her in perhaps the most difficult period of her life.

The actress participated in the purchase of Braselton in Georgia in 1989, a small town of five hundred inhabitants for which she paid 20 million dollars to its owners, the Braselton family. She had big plans: she wanted to turn that place into a tourist attraction and the center of the film industry with studios and a festival, with an additional advertising message that she “learned what oral sex is” on a nearby meadow.

But none of that mattered. Namely, she gave up her role in the movie “Boxing Helena”, which is why the producers sued her in court, which ruled that she had to pay $8.1 million in damages.

Kim declared personal bankruptcy and sold the town of Braselton, with a big loss, for only a million dollars. Later, the verdict was changed, the actress settled with the producers, and soon recovered financially, but during the trial, while many were maliciously enjoying the trouble she found herself in, Baldwin stood by her faithfully and helped her every step of the way.

After that, she had to say “yes” to him, although when she somehow heard that he went out to dinner with his ex-fiancée, actress Janine Turner, known for her role as pilot Maggie in the series “Life in the North”, she got so angry that she briefly interrupted engagement, but then she changed her mind.

The groom in love organized a romantic wedding in the summer of 1993 in his house on the beach on Long Island, and he planned every detail, from fireworks to tiny white roses in the wreath that Kim wore.

All the Baldwins were at the wedding, including mother Carol, his brothers, actors Daniel, William and Stephen, and both sisters. Father Alexander was already dead at that time – he died in 1983 from lung cancer.

The first years of marriage were idyllic.

“I’m in love with him, we’re crazy about each other,” Kim said in interviews.

The masculine Alec, for the love of his vegetarian wife, gave up meat, and with undisguised emotion he shed tears as he watched her receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1997 for “L. A. Confidential ”by Curtis Hanson, while his career stumbled a bit.

– The problem was that I did not listen to my own instinct, but did what others advised me, but I knew I was wrong – admitted Baldwin, who recorded one failure after another, including a remake of the classic “The Getaway” in which his wife and he tried to replace Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen. However, the film failed among critics and audiences, and Basinger was nominated for worst actress.

Love was certainly sincere, but neither Kim nor Alec could control their temperament to the end. Apart from alcohol and drugs, he also had problems with anger, which he did not know how to control, and it was even rumored that he physically attacked his wife in moments of anger. That he can be violent was shown publicly by Baldwin when in 1995 he hit a photographer who took pictures of them as they were leaving the maternity hospital in Ireland. He paid the photographer $4,500 in damages, and Kim tried to justify it:

– He has the biggest heart of all the people I know, but he also has a bad temper, but that’s part of him.

It was not easy to live with her either, because, as someone who knows them well said, “Baldwin is an unlocked rifle, but Kim is not exactly an advertisement for stability”, and the marriage was additionally burdened by her panic attacks and agoraphobia, so severe that she could not leave the house even with the help of medication (which she later stopped talking and turned exclusively to psychotherapy).

After a while, they could no longer agree on anything, not even on where they would live. While Kim preferred to stay in California, whereas a great animal lover and activist for their rights she kept numerous dogs, cats and plastic ducks in an artificial pond – she gave each a name – Baldwin bought a house in Amangansett, on the ocean near New York, in which he placed the family.

The last quarrel broke out precisely because Kim claimed that Ireland had a constant cold there and that they had to move to a warmer California climate.

The couple divorced in 2000, and they officially divorced two years later when passionate love turned into evil blood, quarrels, tensions over custody of the daughter and mutual accusations of spectacular proportions even for Hollywood criteria.



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