Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

Keep in mind that “no one can instill in you a sense of inferiority without your consent”, Bertolt Brecht wrote.

Lack of self-confidence, faith in one’s own strength, is often a companion of many diseases, which can sometimes lead to depression, anxiety and some wrong defense mechanisms, psychologists claim. The good news is that self-confidence is built, some people who seem completely confident in their abilities are certainly not born that way.

It is important to keep in mind that “no one can instill in you a feeling of inferiority without your consent,” Bertolt Brecht wrote.

Self-confidence is built!

Psychotherapist and mental health consultant Zoe Aston believes that not enough is said about the impact of everything around us on our self-esteem.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

– During the covid 19 pandemic, we talked about loss, uncertainty and the feeling that we have no control. People’s self-confidence was called into question without warning, suddenly last March – she says.

The impossibility of direct contact with friends, the lack of social content forced many to look at themselves and start questioning their possibilities. For the first time, many have started, as psychologists claim, to seriously deal with the disease. Psychotherapists, however, emphasize that self-confidence is built.

– We all have psychological weak points, just as we have physically weak points, some have weaker legs, some have high blood pressure, some are anemic. It is only important to notice them and treat them in a timely manner.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

And when we pay the bill, we take care of ourselves!

As we exercise and strengthen the body, we must exercise the brain and awareness of our actions.

– When we eat healthy, we go to bed earlier, we pay the bills, we do responsible work. All these little everyday little things that we don’t pay enough attention to tell us to take care of ourselves – says Aston.

Calmness and stable thoughts are the key to success

Psychologists suggest that it is important to take responsibility, because in that way we strengthen self-confidence. You are working on building calm, it is important to have stable thoughts, try to think in a positive and motivating way, experts advise.

Psychologists say that everything is connected, so sometimes we have to have a calm and concentrated mind in order to feel good. Conversely, if we feel good, we will have calmer and more focused thoughts, we will be able to organize ourselves easier and faster, in order to solve a problem that sometimes seems insurmountable to us.

A lack of self-confidence does not mean a lack of ability!

Every success, but also the effort to succeed in that, will lead to a stronger faith in one’s own potentials.

It is important to keep in mind that a lack of self-confidence does not mean a lack of ability. Keep in mind that the lack of self-confidence is sometimes a consequence of unrealistic expectations and the desire to fulfill the expectations of others at all costs, while completely ignoring our needs.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

Traits that positive and confident people have

Positive and self-confident people, love themselves, accept themselves and work on themselves!

Being such a person means accepting what we are, authenticity, kindness, enjoying our own choices…

These traits can change the way we treat others and how we experience the world – explains Dr. Sabrina Romanoff, clinical psychologist.

They have a relaxing effect on your environment!

“They are present, focused and interested in the surrounding people. They listen and try to understand – and as a result, they help everyone feel seen and understood, “says Romanoff.

“If you want to, Romanoff suggests that you be fully present at the moment and appreciate the fact that you can share it with the surrounding people. They will always remember that you felt valued and important because of them”.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

Their energy is addictive!

They usually spread their unique energy wherever they go”. The core of this trait is that a person is confident in himself and is not afraid to risk being different”.

They do not apologize for being the way they are!

They do not feel the need to apologize for their special energy”. Being your own and taking risks means exposing parts of what you are, without knowing how others will perceive it”.

They are calm!

Even when their lives are difficult, they have learned not to burden themselves with it, but to accept it and move on. Of course, it is difficult for them or they are insecure, but they accept negative feelings and deal with them.

However, they maintain a casual attitude that allows them to have a clear view of the world around them. In other words, rarely can anything get them out of step!

They are not afraid to try new things!

” Because these people take the time to assess situations before they overdo it or give up, they seem more capable than anyone else – even if they aren’t”, says Jose Ramirez, a licensed mental health counselor.

Whether it’s changing the tire, playing drums for the first time or trying to follow a complex recipe, they take a deep breath and solve the problem.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

“They represent things we’re afraid to do or try. It’s usually a big, almost blind, self-confidence that makes others feel cold”. They always raise the atmosphere. They are never bored with them and they know how to turn ordinary moments into those special and fun ones.

They are independent!

People generally admire them for living on their own, even when their choices are completely different from the others and unique – says Counselor David Bennett and adds:

– People perceive that as good behavior, because we admire people who have the confidence to live bravely the way they want.

Everyone can gain independence, it is necessary to work on yourself and learn.

They are not trying to impress anyone!

Another key component of this attitude is the lack of desire to impress, says life coach Esther Gonzalez-Freeman.

Instead, cool people have a more casual approach: they do things because they’re really interested, not because they think they’re going to turn out to be popular.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!

They believe in themselves!

When someone is full of self-confidence, it seems attractive and powerful to others. They seem not to care what other people say or think. Not only is that okay, but it’s also incredibly attractive, says trust expert Heather Monahan.

They have hobbies they love!

Whether it’s drawing, running marathons, knitting, collecting plants – most of these people have fun hobbies, says Rita Reimer, a licensed therapist and trainer.

They are passionately interested in their hobbies, and they are interesting to others, because they are always learning something new and have something to talk about.

They do not judge others!

Because self-confident people try to accept their whims – whatever they are – they find it easier to accept other people’s flaws. They are open-minded and do not judge others.

Lack of self-confidence – read every word well!


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