The life story of Liv Ullmann – the biggest Scandinavian star

The life story of Liv Ullmann – the biggest Scandinavian star

The famous actress, who impressively portrayed the strength, honesty and experiences of a woman on the big screen, whose life is filled with great roles and passionate love relationships. In addition to acting, he is engaged in directing, writing and humanitarian work!

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Liv Ullman was a symbol of art film.

Beautiful and extremely talented, she gained fame by playing complex characters in films by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Successes in his achievements enabled her to prove her star status in Hollywood, but in the end she returned to European cinema.

– When I was making a film in America, Vanessa Redgrave persecuted me to donate money for some revolutions, and Jane Fonda was constantly looking for an instructor to fix my accent. In Hollywood, actors are valued by the amount of money they get for the role, and that is why it was never my dream to work there. The more money you get, the more you are worth, not only in the eyes of the producers, but also in the public – she said on one occasion.

Liv Ullman is no ordinary movie star. She proved herself in the theater, became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, wrote two books of memoirs, and tried her hand as a journalist and director. Simply put – she built herself as a complex author.

The actress, who is considered by many to be the national treasure of Norway, was born on December 16, 1938, in Tokyo. Namely, her father, an engineer in the aviation industry, was there on a temporary job. She grew up in Trondheim, but lived in Canada during World War II.

She built a brilliant career by playing complex psychological characters in Bergamo’s films, for which she received great praise from critics. Thus, the American Association of Film Critics declared her the best actress three times. She won the Golden Globe once, and was twice nominated for an Oscar, which is a great success for the actress who played in films from the non – English-speaking area. The roles in Ingmar Bergman’s works, and especially in the film “Scenes from Married Life”, made Liv an international feminist and cultural icon during the seventies, and her Nordic appearance and exceptional beauty were the embodiment of the fashion taste of that time. That is why Babe Buell, seeing the picture of Ulman on the cover of “Vogue” magazine, gave her daughter the name she got with Steven Tyler, today a famous actress, after her.

Liv Ullman also proved herself on Broadway, and for her roles in Ibsen’s “House of Dolls” and “Anna Christie”, Eugene O’Neill was nominated for a Tony Award. In addition to a great acting career, Liv also wrote two books of memoirs, “Change” and “Elections”, and then she decided to irreversibly cross over to the other side of the camera and direct.

And she was so good at it that the great Bergman also wrote the script for it.

Visiting Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, she presented her life credo, answering a journalist’s question about how she manages in middle age:

“I am fifty-eight years old and I feel great, stronger than ever. When I was forty, they told me it was over with me. And after that I started writing. I became a director in the fifties. Imagine what awaits me in the sixties”.

And she has achieved a lot since then. She was appointed commander of the Order of St. Olaf, became a doctor of science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, toured the planet as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and was appointed an honorary member of the Women’s Commissariat for Refugees and Children. She was even offered a role in the last episode of the series “Sex and the City” in 1998, but Liv refused because she simply did not find herself in that role, even though she was a big fan of the series.

And as fascinating as her career as an actress was, her love life did not lag behind. She married twice, the first time to Norwegian psychiatrist Hans Jakob Stage, since she divorced in the late 1960s. According to her biographer Ketil Bjornstad, that marriage was filled with infidelity on both sides, and Liv even gave birth to a daughter, Lynn, to another man – Ingmar Bergman, with whom she had a passionate love affair.

Chair of the jury at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, she introduced Lin with the words: “This is the woman Ingmar Bergman loves the most.” In the mid-1980s, she married Boston real estate agent Donald Saunders, since she divorced in 1995, but with whom she still lives together.

In addition to Bergman, she had a passionate relationship with the famous seducer Warren Beatty, and it is interesting that she never had an affair with, also “Bergman’s actor” Erland Josephson, who allegedly fell in love with all his film partners. For us, perhaps the most interesting is her relationship with the famous Belgrade playboy and television creator Dragan Babic. They liked to quarrel, fight and get drunk on all continents, and then everyone went to their side. The comic “Three Pigs”, which they drew together in the California town of Carmel, and Liv Ullman’s memoir “Elections” still remind us of that spectacular love.

Today, Liv spends most of the year in isolation, working on an island in the Sande fjord in Norway, and is in great shape waiting for her next birthday. And even then, it is certain, he will be the biggest Scandinavian star.



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