The life story of Mel Gibson

American – Australian actor, director, screenwriter and two-time Oscar winner Mel Gibson gained worldwide fame by starring in the films “Mad Max” and “Deadly Weapon”, but few people know that Mel Gibson is more dedicated to his directing career. More success than film.

This is the life story of Mel Gibson!

Earlier years

Mel Gibson was born on January 3, 1956, in Pexikil, New York. Hutton Gibson’s father was a railroad worker by profession, and his mother an opera singer. He was raised as an Irish Catholic and was the sixth of eleven children. When Gibson was 12, his family moved to Australia, after winning the grand prize in a quiz.

In Sydney, he went to a male Catholic school. His parents thought that attending classes at that school would calm his wild character, but that did not happen. Entering puberty, Gibson became even more problematic, and at just 13, he began consuming marijuana and alcohol as well as getting into fights.

Later, he wanted to become a journalist, but his sister recognized his brother’s acting talent and registered him with the “National Institute of Dramatic Arts”, and only a few days later he received an invitation for his first audition. When he received the call, Mel was not interested at all, moreover, he was furious with his sister who reported him without his knowledge.

However, as he worked on packing juices, and that job was boring for him, he went to an audition where he easily passed all the entrance exams and enrolled at the “Institute of Dramatic Arts” as a joke. He showed his acting talent very quickly, but due to his temperament, his education did not go well.

In his third year of study, Mel decides to radically change his life for the better – he gets rid of his neglected appearance, which meant long hair and a beard, and moves to become more and more interested in lectures related to acting. In the end, he managed to graduate in 1977.

The film career of a troubled actor

Mel had his acting debut in the TV series “The Sullivans” in 1976, and the first film in which he appeared was “Hot Summer” from 1977.

The film “The Hero” brought him publicity, after which, as it turns out, he got his life role in George Miller’s cult action film from 1979, “Mad Max”. It is interesting that he almost didn’t get this role, because the night before the audition, he had a fight with three men and where he suffered various injuries, such as a broken nose, a broken jaw and the like. As he himself stated, he came to the audition looking like a “black-blue pumpkin” and did not hope to get the role at all. The producers told him to reappear in two weeks, which Mel did and got the role of Max.

This action film experienced dizzying success, earning over 100 million dollars, and thanks to it, Mel gained the popularity needed for further engagement. Two sequels to the film are coming soon, but also his engagement as an actor in numerous other films.

After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Gibson has always wanted to try his hand as a director, in addition to acting. He did it for the first time as an associate director on the film “Forever Young” in 1992. As he liked the job of a director, and Gibson himself proved to be great, it was only a matter of time before he would direct a project on his own. When the script for the film “Braveheart” fell into his hands, the opportunity arose to show himself as a director. The film’s producers soon offered him the lead role. He changed his mind for a long time because of his age and asked if he could play the role of a Scottish freedom fighter. He eventually agreed.

For directing “Braveheart”, Gibson won two Oscars, in the category of the best director and best film. After this triumph, he continued to direct several other less successful films, and in 2004 he wrote the screenplay with Benedict Fitzgerald for the film “Passion”, which achieved great commercial success, which earned 611 million dollars and became the eighth most successful film in history.

Private life and alcohol problems

Mel Gibson married Mel Robin Moore in 1980, whom he met through an agency that dealt with dating and joining couples. In the marriage, which lasted 26 years, the couple had seven children. Although he gained enormous world fame and popularity, Gibson did not know how to save money, so he and his family were mostly supported by his wife employed as a nurse.

Because of this condition in the house, Mel often fell into depression and indulged in various vices, such as marijuana and alcohol. Robin struggled with her husband’s problems until 1995, when she first threatened to divorce him.

The success of the film “Braveheart” and the two Oscars he won, put him back on the right path and Mel manages to change his life for the first time. He stopped drinking and stopped smoking.

However, such a condition was only temporary, because the depression from which Gibson suffered all his life, reappeared, as did his problems in marriage. The couple somehow managed to cope with the crisis until 2009, when they finally broke up. The couple settled in court and Mel paid his ex-wife $400,000,000, which at the time was one of the most expensive divorces in history.

In April 2009, Gibson appeared on the red carpet for the first time in the company of Oksana Grogorieva, a Ukrainian woman who already had a son from a relationship with the famous actor Timothy Dalton. Mel and Oksana had a daughter, Lucia, the same year. Because of his aggressive behavior against Oksana, Mel also ends up in court, which imposes a fine on him and socially useful work. Oksana tried to take away his child and get full custody, but the court rejected it.

2010 is the most painful year for a great actor. The audio recordings of the actors, which contained hate speech, racism, sexism, antisemitism, led to a boycott of all Mel Gibson’s films in Hollywood.

The ex-wife of the famous actor testified in favor of Gibson and publicly stated that she was never abused in marriage. Forensic experts doubted the validity of the taped tapes. The court blamed him for a minor offense, and the actor was already tired of fighting for justice that he could not prove.

In April 2011, Gibson finally broke the silence. In an interview for a magazine, he thanked his two most loyal friends, Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster, who have always advocated for his defense in public. As for the audio recordings, he said:

– I have never threatened or treated anyone unfairly towards the opposite sex, race, religious belief or sexuality – period. I don’t blame some people for thinking that from their garbage that they heard on those fictional tapes that were skillfully assembled.

In the same interview, he added:

I have allowed the case to close but I continue to propagate my innocence. I had the right to keep fighting, but I decided to quit for the sake of my children. I’m sure I would last year and come out as the winner.

In August 2011, Gibson made a deal with Gregory. She received $750,000 and double custody of her daughter Lucia.

Since 201, Mel Gibson has been in love with the former equestrian champion (a sport in which gymnastics is performed on a horse), and the writer Rosalind Ross. In connection with her, he had a son, his ninth child, in January 2017 in Los Angeles.

This actor was not calmed by that either, so he has continued to shock the public with his statements until today, and alcohol is still his everyday life.


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