The life story of Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is a celebrated American actor, boxer and sex symbol of Hollywood in the eighties and nineties of the last century.

As a child, he showed great acting talent and very quickly climbed the ladder of fame. He got his roles primarily thanks to his appearance, which is why he has long been considered the most attractive bachelor in Hollywood, and even today numerous polls conducted by various Internet portals and magazines show that Mickey is still among the most desirable Hollywood actors, despite the ruined appearance of many by the plastic surgeries he underwent.

This is the life story of Mickey Rourke!

Mickey Rourke’s childhood

He was born Philip Andre Rourke on September 16, 1952, in Albany, New York. His father was of German and Irish descent, while his mother had Scottish, French, English and German blood in her blood. He was raised a Roman Catholic and still practices the same faith today. When Mickey was only six years old, his father left the family and moved to another city. Mickey stayed to live with his mother, who married Eugene Edis, a Miami police officer, after the divorce.

Then Mickey Rourke moved with his younger brother and sister, mother, her new wife and his five sons from a previous marriage, to South Florida.

There he attended Miami Beach Senior High School, which he graduated from in 1971. The period of growing up that Mickey spent next to his stepfather was very difficult for him. The actor was allegedly beaten daily by his stepfather. To make matters worse, his stepfather not only abused Mickey, but also beat his mother daily.

During his teenage days, Rourke focused his attention on sports. He joined a boxing club, where he went to self-defense training. Then he fell in love with boxing. At the age of twelve, he won his first boxing match in the 51 kg category. He continued to train boxing under the name “Phil Rourke”.

In 1969, he trained with world champion Luis Rodriguez, who was the number one boxer in the world. Rourke even suffered a concussion in his sparring match with Rodriguez. In 1971, he got another concussion in a boxing match, and the doctors advised him to rest for a year and skip all training and matches. Rourke then temporarily withdraws from the ring to return after a while.

From 1963 to 1973, he set an amateur boxing record of 27 victories, 17 of which were by knockout. During his boxing career, he suffered only three defeats.

The path from boxer to actor

Mickey had his debut role back in 1971 while going to high school. It was a small role in a school play, after which a film was later made. However, his interest was focused on boxing and at that time he thought that he would never appear in any film again. After giving up boxing, his good friend, who was a director, offered Mickey a role. Rurk accepted after a bit of thinking and very soon after that he became a big fan of acting.

He immediately borrowed $400 from his sister to travel to New York and attend private classes at the “Sandra Seacat” studio to train young people who want to become actors. The director of the studio, James Lipton, sent Mickey to his first audition, and Elijah Kazan conveyed to the studio the information that this was the best audition he had seen in the last thirty years.

After that, Mickey starts to get roles. In 1980, the first serious role started, and that was the role of Richie in the film “Fade to black”. Although he had a modest appearance in the film, that was enough for critics to notice him. A couple of supporting and less important roles followed, and in the mid-eighties he appeared with Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts’ brother, in the film “The pope of Greenwich village”.

Although the film did not experience great commercial success, it attracted the attention of directors and producers who were delighted with Mickey’s performance. In the late eighties, this celebrated boxer got better roles and his popularity grew. Although his works were seen as controversial in the United States, he was very well-received and noticed in Europe, especially by the French audience.

In 1986, he received the screenplay for the film “9 and a half weeks”, a controversial erotic film, in which his partner was the fatal Kim Basinger. Although the film did poorly in cinemas across America, it made a boom in Europe. They compared it to the movie “The Last Tango in Paris,” and called their chemistry sensual and charismatic.

The first big awards arrived in the 1990s, and the beginning of the new millennium brought Rourke and an Oscar nomination.

“Although it is indisputable that Rourke is a great actor, his entire career has remained in the shadow of his private life,” said the famous director.

Directors like Alan Parker said it was very difficult to work with. Parker even said that Mickey is a “nightmare” and that he is very dangerous on set, because you never know what he will do next, he is very unpredictable.

Drug problems and numerous plastic surgeries

The popular actor is one of those people who cannot come to terms with aging. Although he was considered a sex symbol of Hollywood for a long time, he changed his appearance beyond recognition by reckless decisions. He started visiting a plastic surgeon more and more often in order to regain his youthful appearance.

After a failed acting career, Mickey turned to boxing again. However, the fight in the ring brought numerous consequences on his face, so after each fight he went to a plastic surgeon to correct the irregularities and wounds caused by the fight. Regarding a number of plastic surgeries, Rourke said:

“I mostly asked them to put my face back in place. However, I admit that I chose the wrong surgeon and got hooked. ”

He had five nose surgeries, where cartilage was taken from his ear and placed in his nose. In addition, he operated on the cheekbones, and regularly puts hyaluronic acid in his lips.

In addition to his addiction to plastic surgery, Rourke has long struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. He attributes the bad path he took to his stepfather and the difficult childhood he spent next to him. Namely, his stepfather was very violent and physically and verbally injured the young actor. In addition to Mickey, his mother was regularly beaten, and he could only find solace in narcotics. Thanks to people who love him, he saw that he had a problem and went to sessions with a psychologist. Today, the actor is in a great mental state, he returned to acting, but he still goes to the psychologist regularly.

Although he looks and presents himself as a problematic guy, Mickey’s gentle side, big and warm heart is not unknown either. Mickey is a passionate fan of animals, especially dogs. He even pointed out that his dog Jack saved him from suicide. When Mickey took the gun in his hands, with the intention of taking his own life, the sight of his dog made him give it up and he, as he says, is eternally grateful to him for that.

Also, Mickey is very humane and aware of the problems of abandoned dogs. During the filming of “Dead in Tombstone”, a stray dog walked on the set, which fascinated Mickey so much that he immediately decided to adopt him and called him Foxy.

He then became aware of the condition of abandoned animals in Romania, so he decided to save many more of them and donated $250,000 to build a modern shelter. After that, he started promoting this project, in order to raise 2,000,000 dollars, through various sponsors, as much as was needed for all that. He proudly points out that his dogs are everything in the world, and even in his speech, when he was awarded the Golden Globe for the film “Wrestler”, he said that when a man is left alone, everything his dog has is left alone. Also, during his periods of depression, as he slept in his closet for days, the sight of Loki’s dog helped him overcome difficult moments.

Love life

Mickey Rourke had fun with a few famous days, including Terry Farrell and Sasha Volkova. He was married twice. In 1981, he married Debra Feuer, whom he met on the set of “Hardace,” and who starred with him in “Homeboy.”

The marriage ended in 1989, and allegedly the reason was the shooting of the movie “9 and a half weeks” with the enchanting Kim Basinger. Regardless of the divorce, Mickey is still on friendly terms with his first wife.

The shooting of the erotic film “Wild Orchid” in Brazil, brought Mickey Rourke closer to the young model and actress Kara Otis. In the film, they even filmed sex scenes, which are still talked about today, because it turned out that the couple really made love on the set.

After the film ended, Mickey Rourke married a young model on June 26, 1992. In 1994, Mickey Rourke was arrested for harassing his wife, who managed to report him and thus defend herself from her angry husband. She soon dismissed the lawsuit and returned to their home. They divorced six years after that.

A few years ago, Kare Otis published the memoir “Beauty Disrupted: A Memoir” and explained what she went through during her days of fame as well as her marriage to a famous actor.

When she posed nude for a magazine, Rourke went crazy with jealousy.

– Everyone can see your ass! That’s my ass and no one else’s – he shouted uncontrollably, and then he sent two criminals to catch the photographer Stephen Meisel who was taking pictures. They found him in an elevator in New York and stole his hat and Polaroid pictures.

“It quickly became clear that I was not fit for work,” Kare recalls.

However, the worst incident she remembers is when she discovered that Rourke had a gun.

– The next day we went to dinner. We almost arrived at the restaurant when I looked down and saw a 357 magnum on the floor, next to my feet – says Otisova.

When she told Mickey to get rid of the weapon, she was forced to carry it in her purse until they got home. Mickey headed to the fridge to get a bottle of wine, and she took the bag with the gun off her shoulder and tossed it on the counter. Then she heard a shot.

– Wait! Help me! You have to help me … I’m bleeding. I’m really bleeding a lot – she was screaming in great pain.

– This is a nightmare. Clean it up! – Rourke shouted anxiously, who was afraid that the incident would leak to the media.

– I panicked wondering what was more important – my life or the story that I was shot with a Mickey Rourke gun – the beautiful actress writes.

After that, they broke up, but they also reunited and eventually got married. When he proposed and after she told him she had to think because she hadn’t seen him in months, he pulled out a Japanese sword.

“No, you will answer me now,” he said calmly and took a sword wrapped in a cloth from the trunk.

– What is it? – I asked.

“Harry curry sword,” he said, unwrapping it, “Answer or I’ll die,” he concluded.

Obsessed with that sick relationship, Kare agreed. He abused her in marriage and as she discovered, she never had an orgasm with someone until she met her other, current husband. She acted highlights with Rourke.

– Yes, I faked as well as most good girls. To make them feel good. There is a sense of false power in that performance. You don’t have to experience vulnerability, but in fact there is no power, it is empty – says Kare Otis.

After they broke up, she was celibate for five years.

Since 2009, Mickey Rourke has been in a relationship with Russian model Anastasia Makarenko.



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