Smart or hard work?

Which is the better choice: smart or hard work? For most people today, the prevailing opinion is that success can only be achieved through hard work that sometimes lasts 12 hours (half a day), and sometimes more than that! You work hard and wait for your day. You wait for promotion, you wait for a raise, you wait for someone to notice your work, but you are often left empty-handed.

These people have wrong beliefs, because hard work brings even more hard work, unfulfilled expectations and inevitably – frustration. Smart work brings pleasure in what we do, a healthy balance between work and private life, and a sense of achievement and success in our careers.

What does “working smart” mean?

Successful people are constantly making smart choices and making the right decisions. They choose their battles which is why they progress very quickly. They are the ones who have great cars, good salaries and everything they want. You see them more at meetings, travels, celebrations … You think “it’s easy for them” and you condemn them because you are convinced that only hard work is good and right.

Wrong! When you learn to value yourself and do what is in line with your values, talents and knowledge, you will stop feeling like a victim who is working hard to do what he does not want. You will start rejecting jobs that waste your energy and time unnecessarily and choosing the ones in which you feel you are making the greatest contribution to your talents and in which you feel good.

Working smart means discovering your strengths and optimizing your time to achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way.

Hard work is one of the forms of control over other people and it is popularized by those people who do not want to have competition, for others to achieve success and their goal is to spend hard-earned money of other people who worked hours and hours for some amount it also covers the basic costs of living. They will constantly point out that only hard work can achieve anything! This is not true!!!

Every job that is done can be organized so that it is done with quality, if it is well planned!

He who works smart, 90 to 95% of his time, plans how to do something, and 10 to 5% is set aside for the implementation of the plan, IE for work!

When the work is smartly organized, then, in certain periods, it is desirable to work hard on a certain part! It is a short-term effort, not a continuous burnout at work that does not bring anything good to that person and those closest to him!

In this case, HARD WORK is a TOOL, but not a RULE !!!

Now you wonder, when is hard work used as a tool, when does it help?

This is achieved when you do the right things, in the right order in the right direction! Then hard work is a supplement to smart work!

The myth of Sisyphus

If this topic was current in the past, the best indicator of that is the “Myth of Sisyphus”, which best shows the nonsense of hard work that is not a supplement to smart!

What is it about?

Sisyphus, the son of the lord of all winds Aeolus, was the founder of the city of Corinth, which in ancient times was called Epirus.

No one in all of Greece could match Sisyphus in insidiousness, cunning, and flexibility of mind. Thanks to his cunning, Sisyphus amassed innumerable riches in Corinth. The fame of his treasure was widely heard.

When the god of death, Thanat, comes to take him to the sad kingdom of Hades, Sisyphus, who previously felt the approach of the god of death, cunningly deceives the god Thanat and shackles him! People on earth stopped dying then, lavish funerals were no longer performed, sacrifices to the gods of the underworld ceased to be offered. On Earth, this disturbed the order that Zeus had established. But then the thunderbolt sent Sisyphus, the mighty god of war, Areus.

He freed Thanat from the shackles, and Thanat then uprooted Sisyphus’ soul, and took her to the realm of shadows of the dead. But even here the cunning Sisyphus manages. He told his wife not to bury him and not to offer sacrifices to the underground gods. Hades and Persephone waited a long time for mortal sacrifices from Sisyphus’ wife. There aren’t any! Finally, Sisyphus approached the throne of Hades and said to the lord of the kingdom of the dead:

  • – “Oh, lord of the souls of the dead, great Hade!” You are as equal to Zeus as possible. Let me go to the Holy Land, I will order my wife to offer you rich sacrifices, and then I will return to the realm of shadows.

So Sisyphus deceived the lord of Hades and he let him go to Earth. He, of course, did not return to Hades’ kingdom, but remained in his lavish castle and began to feast merrily, rejoicing that he was the only one of all mortals who managed to return from the dark realm of the dead.

When they saw that Sisyphus would not return, Hades became angry and sent Thanat again for Sisyphus’ soul.

Thanat appears in the castle of the most cunning of all mortals and finds him feasting. The god of death, hated by gods and men, tears out Sisyphus ‘soul – now Sisyphus’ soul has flown away forever into the realm of shadows.

In the afterlife, Sisyphus endures severe punishment for all the cunning and all the deceptions he committed on Earth. He is doomed to roll a huge rock along a high steep mountain. Straining, he does this job forever. As he approaches the top, it seems to him that he needs a little more effort to finish his work, but then the stone slips out of his hands and rolls down with a noise, raising a cloud of dust. Sisyphus accepted the job again.

So he rolls the stone forever and can never reach the goal – to the top of the mountain.

This myth has been used for centuries as an indicator that hard work does not give the desired results (it is a symbol of futile work) and that the struggle of those who are in favor of maintaining a system in which work is hard, not smart, continues!

Five reasons why hard work does not bring results

According to the previous one, I will list five reasons why hard work does not give the desired results:

1. With hard work, productivity declines

Hard work, which is an end in itself, leads nowhere. Man, as a social being, needs to, in addition to work, practice other activities and be realized in other fields: to be a spouse, parent, friend… If all this is disabled due to work, a person becomes mentally and physically exhausted, and this leads to dissatisfaction, which will be manifested by aggressive and other bad behavior!

2. When the exact goal you want to achieve with the work is not determined

If we do not know what our ultimate goal is, what we want to achieve, we will not succeed! A person who has a goal and knows what he wants, it is easier for him to achieve what he wants, unlike a person who works, but does not know why? For such people, success is lacking!

3. If we do not plan our path and the steps necessary to achieve what we want

When we know what our goal is, the next step is to make a clear plan and discipline ourselves, in order to achieve success? With a good plan, we lay the foundation for the realization of what is our goal and save time – many think that planning and scheduling is a waste of time, but that saves us time and allows us to use it well!

4. If, while working, we occasionally do not analyze our progress, if we do not follow what is happening

An analysis of what we are doing is necessary to determine if we are on the right track? Are we doing what is necessary to achieve the goal? Do we have an effect?

Here it is important to mention Albert Einstein’s definition of madness: “Madness is if we do things the same way and expect different results”!

5. If we are not looking for ways to improve and advance our business

It means innovation and harmonization with the circumstances in which we find ourselves! If we do not follow the developments in the fields we deal with and do not apply better ways of working, we will not achieve the results we secretly hope for and wish for!

Where to start?

Every successful person will always tell you that you need to start from yourself for everything. Discover your strengths and talents, be honest with yourself and write on paper what you enjoy working on and what you would most like to escape from. I’m not saying you need to let go of everything that doesn’t make you happy, but you can try every day, step by step, find ways to “work smarter”, how to delegate work, optimize your time and get what we want – to do what we love.

To get into this situation – to run my own blog and advertise products, I did jobs I didn’t like! But, every day I was motivated by the fact that I knew that this was just a passing stage that would provide me with the necessary funds (money) to get to the job I love and everything it brings – I plan my time, I don’t have a boss over my head, my work and commitment, my success will depend!

Work smarter by gradually:

• do fewer operational and more creative tasks

• Invest more time in understanding the process and finding faster and more efficient ways to work

• Always know what you want and set clear boundaries for others

• manage your time and make priority tasks

• find and set aside time for rest and enjoyment

• focus on providing value, not quantity

• choose the right opportunities carefully and do not say “yes” at first

• Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people

• Boldly come up with your ideas

• put yourself, your health and well-being first.

You will not succeed in working smartly overnight, but grouping everyday small steps in the right direction will lead you to the goal. At the same time, to greater satisfaction, a better position, the raise you dreamed of or starting your own business, if that is your goal !?

Just go ahead and replace your beliefs about hard work. He makes you victims, and you are heroes! Start working smart!

Finally, the main purpose of this text is to achieve the following:

“When a man, anyone, reaches the moment that he has started doing a job he loves and loves the job he does, that man no longer works – it is no longer considered work, but enjoyment”!


Never defeat just a lesson!



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