The life story of Nicole Kidman

Today she lives the life she dreamed of, but the road was thorny and not at all easy. Along the way, she encountered love shipwrecks, sadness and difficult moments.

This is the life story of Nicole Kidman, famous actresses!

Earlier years

Nicole Kidman was born on June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii to David and Ann Kidman, and grew up with her younger sister, Antonia. Her father was a biochemist, clinical psychologist and writer, while her mother was a nurse.

Although both are originally from Australia, when they had their first daughter, Nicole, the Kidman couple lived temporarily in America, which is why she was given dual citizenship – American and Australian – immediately after birth. At the age of four, she returned to Australia with her parents, where she finished primary and secondary school.

She said of growing up, “When I was six, we had to tell what my father taught us in one class. I said, ‘He taught me to always practice and never vote for Republicans.’ My teacher almost didn’t. Fell from a chair in shock. ”

And while she was quite close with her father, she did not have such a relationship with her mother, although she provided her with support. Allegedly, Anne once said to her daughter, “I’m not the type of mother to hug you. It’s just not me, so don’t expect that from me”.

Although she did not give her enough love, she was with her mother when it was hardest for her. Namely, when Nicole Kidman was 17, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and all that greatly affected her and her growing up.

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 17 and it hit me hard. When you watch someone close to you go through chemotherapy … there’s no worse thing. It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life, but it’s also a thing which made me very conscious. I had to face death when I was young and realize that people are not immortal – you are born and you die”.

Fortunately, her mother overcame the malignant disease, and Nicole never forgot that period.

“I started dancing ballet at the age of three, at my own request. I started acting classes at the age of nine. I left school at the age of 17 because I knew very well what I wanted,” she said, adding that her acting career was quite heavy, and mostly because of the height.

“I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I was very tall and I wasn’t one of those girls that guys liked. I was even turned down at auditions for school plays because of my height.”

She made her film debut in 1983, when, at just 16, she landed a role in Australia’s favorite Christmas film, “Bush Christmas”. Shortly afterwards, the roles began to decline, and then she received her first offer in Hollywood – in 1990, she recorded “Days of Thunder”.

Apart from the door of Hollywood opening for her, beautiful things started happening to her in the field of love. On the set, she fell in love with her colleague Tom Cruise, and shortly after filming, the couple got married. Nicole was 23 at the time, so even though the marriage seemed idyllic, it wasn’t like that. She talked about her marriage years later, when her divorce from Cruz became less painful.

“I got married very young, I didn’t see marriage as a source of power and success, but as protection. I got married out of love, but something was wrong”.

“There’s something wrong with a life like that, when you’re so focused on each other that you live like in a bubble and it’s very suffocating, mostly because you’re doomed to each other. On the other hand, it brings you even closer and it’s incredibly romantic at times.”

The marriage brought them many temptations, including a miscarriage that young Nicole faced. “I know what it’s like to want something, to long for something. But I also know very well what it’s like when you lose it. The loss of a child, a miscarriage, it’s something that is talked about too little. It’s an indescribable pain that many women feel.”

After such an experience, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, decided to adopt a child, two years after the wedding. Isabella arrived in their family first, then Condnor. “It was destiny. The adoption was spontaneous. Even today, I believe, whatever the reason, that these children were destined to come to our family.”

As their popularity grew, they became more and more distant, and there was no Scientology on their side – the faith to which Tom Cruise has been committed for years. Tom Cruise relies on the rules of the Church of Scientology and the advice of Scientologists for all the decisions he makes in life. According to people close to this couple, the church is the main reason for all marital problems. Although Nicole changed her religion because of Tom, that was not enough to make the problems go away.

In 2001, just a few weeks after they renewed their wedding vows, Tom Cruise surprised Nicole with divorce papers. After it was all over, Isabella and Connor continued to live with their father, and he kept them under surveillance with the help of Scientology.

Nicole, in the first period, did not have much contact with them. Although she is close with her children today, after the divorce, Tom Cruise defended the fact that he sees them often.

She only recently spoke about parenting and children: “I am very subjective in that story, mostly because I have to keep all those connections. What I know is that I would give 150 percent of myself for my children and that is my meaning of life. They are now adults. And they can make their own decisions. Their decision was to be Scientologists, and I, as their mother, respect that, “Kidman admitted, adding:

“I am a real example of a tolerant person and what I believe in is that, no matter what your child does, he deserves your love, and he must know that his mother’s door is always open to him. That is our task as a parent – to always give them unconditional love. I got married in a hurry, when I was very young, but I don’t regret a moment, because I got Bela and Conor, and I’m happy because that marriage worked perfectly for a while. ”

After the unexpected collapse of the marriage and the problems regarding the custody of the children, she dedicated herself to work in order to forget about real life. “To be honest, I was running away from my own life at the time. I just couldn’t face and struggle with life, and as an actor, you have that wonderful opportunity to be able to enjoy someone else’s life and become someone else for a while.”

And then came 2005, when 38-year-old Nicole experienced a life-changing encounter. At a gala dinner in Los Angeles, she met Keith Urban. It wasn’t until 2013 that she revealed that he had charmed her back then, and although he didn’t seem impressed with the beautiful actress, he eventually admitted it was just acting.

“We were just two lonely people who met at the right time. We were a little scared, but also brave. I really wanted a man with whom I could share my life, and I wanted children even more. I was open to everyone and ready for change. ”

Four months after meeting, a phone call followed. Keith called her and then the most beautiful love story begins, according to her. That he was the right one, Nicole knew after only a few months of the relationship, when he made the right move for her 38th birthday:

“It was my birthday, and he showed up at five in the morning with gardenias in his hand. Then I thought, ‘I’m going to marry that man, I hope.’ . ”It was very intense. I think it was at that moment that I realized that he was the love of my life. Maybe it’s because I’m so romantic, maybe because I’m an actress or because I believe in some things. ”

They got married on June 25, 2006, in Australia, and she only found out what it looked like in 2021, when they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary by publishing a video.

The beginning of the marriage was not ideal. Only four months later, Keith Urban went to rehab and got rid of alcoholism. It was his third time, after he had already spent time in institutions due to cocaine addiction, and she therefore canceled the promotional tour, just so she could be with him.

However, the marriage with him, in the end, brought her the greatest happiness, something she thought she would never experience – she became pregnant and naturally gave birth to their first daughter, Sunday Rose. “It was a real miracle, because I was convinced that I would never be able to give birth to a child in my life. I’ve been through a lot of complications and it’s not a problem for me to talk about it. They told me that I would probably never have a child and I came to terms with that. And then, out of nowhere … Sunday arrived”.

Two years later, but thanks to the surrogate mother, Faith Margaret arrived. Today, she is happier and busier than ever, and she and her husband decided to raise their daughter away from the public eye.



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