One day… – an instructive story!

One day… - an instructive story!

One day, after her husband returned from work and went to bed to rest, his wife said, “What do you think we’re going out today?” He replied, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night, let me go, I want to sleep”. The wife said to herself: “It doesn’t matter, he must be tired” and left him to sleep.

The next day, after the husband returned from work and settled into bed again, intending to sleep, the wife, as yesterday, entered the room and asked:

“Why don’t we go out together, it seems to me that the day is pleasant for a walk”

The husband boldly replied: “I’m not in the mood, leave me alone.” His wife left him to take a nap, thinking: “Something must have spoiled his mood at work”.

This is how the man behaved during the whole week, and his wife found excuses from day to day, until one day he came home without finding his wife in it. He was amazed, but he thought he would show up at any moment. Afterwards, he did not even pay attention to her absence.

One day… - an instructive story!

The next day, when he woke up and saw that his wife had not returned as he had imagined, he looked around the house and found a letter. The letter his wife left for him! It read:

“My dear, the river of justification that has flowed every day has dried up, as has my oasis of patience. Last week was the week I was born, it was that week that I wanted to make you the happiest man in the world. But you made me wish you weren’t born, because you put out the candles of love and cut off the happiness I felt. You killed the heart I wanted to give you. So, may you be happy every year, but without me. Your wife”.

He hurried to his wife’s parents’ house and asked to speak to her. However, she replied: “I’m not in a good mood, let me go”. The husband noticed that his wife was repeating the words he was saying to her, so he kept silent, and then the wife said:

“If you don’t know how to nurture flowers, then don’t even pick them, because if you pick a flower and then stop nurturing it, it will wither and die. I am the flower you picked, so it withered trying to make you happy. Nurture your flower before it withers”.

Most people do not know a person’s value until they lose it, be it a spouse, friend, son or brother.

One day… - an instructive story!


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