The metaphor of a cooked frog – be sure to read!

The metaphor of cooking a blanket – be sure to read!

The metaphor of a cooked frog is quite often used when talking about someone’s mental state and way of life.

Although it may sound ridiculous, it is actually a very serious situation.

What happens if you put a frog in a pot of hot water? It will jump out of him in an instant. However, if you put the same frog in a pot of cold water and start heating it slowly, the frog will relax as the water gets warmer and will not even notice when the critical moment is to jump out of the pot and it will be cooked.

When a person lives in conditions that are unacceptable and difficult, and he does not feel it, because they occurred gradually, we say that he is like a boiled frog. We react violently to stressful situations when they occur suddenly, but if they accumulate over time and gradually, one by one, we do not notice them, but adapt and get used to the situation that arises.

In order to adapt, a person begins to change certain habits. If he lives in a marriage full of quarrels, instead of ending the relationship, the person begins to adjust his behavior toward a more aggressive partner in order to avoid conflicts. In that way, he may avoid confronting his partner, but he unconsciously accumulates nervousness and dissatisfaction that he does not even notice, because somewhere deep inside, everyone knows that it is not right.

The metaphor of cooking a blanket – be sure to read!

Keep in mind that dissatisfaction and stress can create major health problems.

Adapting to problematic situations, such as the one mentioned or like a stressful job that does not bring enough income and creates huge fatigue, occurs because a person is afraid to step out of his own comfort zone and take risks, in fear of a negative outcome, like penury or loneliness. These are certainly justified and real fears, but these people often do not see that this is only half the possibility, because the end result of their change can be absolutely positive.

This adjustment avoids responsibility for one’s own life or actions, and all the blame falls on the circumstances of another person – someone may even think that he is living completely normally, while he feels impatience in himself, which he explains by saying that he has to.

This behavior of passivity and obedience is often mixed with other healthy behaviors, such as empathy, love, acceptance, or inner peace. Fear, low self-esteem, insecurity, and resignation are attitudes that diminish our ability to react, worsen us as individuals, and subtly become a major feature of our lives.

Notice the problem and solve it!

First of all, it is necessary to respect yourself and defend your rights. It may sound illogical to you, but one must sometimes feel uncomfortable and get into conflicts in order to feel better later. Also, it is necessary to set healthy boundaries and learn when to say: “Enough!”

Do not hope that things will change on their own. Accept reality as it is, without creating expectations or assumptions that you can change others because you cannot.

The metaphor of cooking a blanket – be sure to read!


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