Quotes by Barbara Streisand

Quotes by Barbara Streisand

Singer and actress, Barbara Streisand are one of the highest-selling and highest paid stars of all time. And at one time, even her mother discouraged her from a career in show business, believing that she was not beautiful enough. But that didn’t stop Barbra from trying and succeeding.

“I came to Hollywood, although I didn’t have nose surgery, new teeth, or a name change. And I’m grateful to myself for that, “she said later. It was only because of the stage image that she shortened the name Barbara to the sonorous Barbra.

And soon her talent received worldwide recognition. She won two Grammys with her first album. He now has more than 200 different awards, including an Oscar. She became one of the most successful women in modern show business.

In 2016, she took third place on the list of the richest musicians in the United States, Forbes magazine. Her assets are estimated at 370 million dollars. “Don’t be born beautiful and you will succeed in life. Send the whole world to hell and everyone will admire you, they will copy you”- said the star.

Quotes by Barbra Streisand about men, women, and children

“It’s hard to be a child of famous parents, but my son Jason eventually realized that many people had a difficult childhood. And who had the perfect one? They can be counted on the fingers. Difficulties build character. In time, anger disappears, and we gain understanding and learn to be grateful for that experience”.

“I always wear the same thing at home. I’m not interested in jewelry at all and I don’t wear pants that tighten my waist. I like to be comfortable. There are many more important things than appearance”.

“Perfection must contain a small flaw. Because everything is perfectly lifeless and boring”.

“Life is too short, so start with dessert”.

Quotes by Barbara Streisand

“The thought of approaching a critical age – 40, 50, 60 years (everyone is different) leads people to depression. What does it matter how old you are? You woke up in the morning – that’s luck! Thank God for every day lived. If you are afraid of a birthday, why do you live at all?

“Today, a man is considered a gentleman if he takes a cigarette out of his mouth before kissing”.

“Why does a woman try to change her husband’s habits for ten years, and then she complains that he is not the man she married when she got married”?

“I could fill the whole book with the promises men made to me in bed”.

“I don’t think men are equal. We are above them. I would like to be Scarlett O’Hara, but not Vivienne Lee”.

“Fashion dictators sometimes make mistakes, but there will always be millions of women willing to pay for those mistakes”.

“Don’t be born beautiful and you will succeed. He doesn’t love anyone and everyone will love you. Send the whole world to hell and everyone will admire you, they will copy you…”

“Perfection must contain a small flaw. Because everything is perfectly lifeless and boring”.

Quotes by Barbara Streisand


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