Quotes for a happy life

Quotes for a happy life

Confucius or Kung Fu Tzu is a Chinese philosopher and social reformer whose teachings were and remain very important throughout East Asia. He was one of the first private teachers in Chinese history. He taught people justice, honesty, the rules of social relations…

These are powerful life lessons based on the philosophy of a revered Chinese thinker. What is their greatest attraction is that they can be applied even today!

Quotes for a happy life – Find your matching quote and enjoy life.

– It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you DON’T STOP.

– Never make friends with a man who is not BETTER THAN YOU.

– When you get angry, THINK about the consequences.

– When it becomes obvious that you can’t reach your goals, don’t change the goals but the steps YOU TAKE.

If you hate someone, that person has already DEFEATED you.

– What a noble man LOOKS FOR IN HIMSELF, a small man looks for in others.

– Whatever you do, do it with your HEART.

– Give guidance only to those who have realized their IGNORANCE and are looking for a LEADER.

– Preoccupation with small things prevents you from doing BIG things.

If they gossip about you behind your back, it means that you are IN FRONT OF THEM.

Quotes for a happy life


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