Russian proverbs that will delight you!

Russian proverbs that will delight you!

  • In this text, I will give you Russian proverbs that will delight you!

Folk wisdom – the strongest wisdom!

  • Enjoy!
  • With a rich hat, you will not hide poverty in your own head.
  • It is easier to avoid quarrels than to end them.
  • If you go fast you will catch up with trouble, if you go slow, trouble will catch up with you.
  • Don’t praise me in the eyes, don’t scold me behind your back.
  • Man is not jealous when he loves but when he wants to be loved.
  • He who insults the sky has no one to pray to.
  • Tears for someone else’s pain dry quickly.
  • Happiness is like a fever; when he wants, he will fight.

Human malice always comes from helplessness.

  • The secret of a human being is not to live, but why he lives.
  • The height of the culture is determined by the attitude towards the woman.
  • Only tears in the heart of great pain know, but no tears in the eyes!

Russian proverbs that will delight you!

  • Girls think of marriage, and married people think of love.
  • Two can be more than one, but one can be more than ten.

The best traveler is the one who knows when to return.

  • A child is like dough: as you need it, so it will grow.
  • Only the man who leaves children behind never dies!
  • A kind word is like a spring day.
  • Only a friend will agree with you, but a true friend will argue.
  • Put a praise on the hook and you’ll catch fools.
  • To know a lot means to grow old prematurely.
  • What we ask for in youth, we throw away in old age.

While money speaks, the truth is silent.

  • Poverty is a sin that the rich never forgive.
  • From your efforts, you will be full, but not rich
  • Be sure that you are right, and only then go forward.
  • The one who waits impatiently waits a long time.

Fear is the first helper of the enemy.

  • When the husband drinks, half the house burns; when a woman drinks, she burns whole.
  • The rich man in the fight tries to save his face and the poor coat.

Russian proverbs that will delight you!


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