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Sharon Vonne Stone is an American actress, director and former model. She was born on March 10, 1958, in Midville, Pennsylvania. She began her television career starring in a couple of commercials, after which she appeared in Woody Allen’s film, Stardust Memories, as a supporting actress.

A year later, the first real role in the horror film “Deadly Blessing” followed. During the 1980s, she appeared in “Irreconcilable Differences,” “King Solomon’s Mines,” “Cold Steel” and “Above the Law.” She gained popularity by starring in the 1990 film Total Recall. Sharon received international acclaim after portraying Catherine Tramell in the film “Basic Instinct”, for whose role she won a Golden Globe nomination. Critics also praised her role in the crime drama “Casino”, for which she was again nominated for a Golden Globe in the “Best Actress” category.

Her most prominent films from the 1990s and 2000s are “The Mighty”, “The Muse”, “Sliver”, “The Specialist”, “The Quick and the Dead”, “The Last Dance”, “Sphere”, “Cat Woman”, “Broken Flowers”, “Alpha Dog”, “Basic Instinct 2”, “Bobby, Lovelace, Fading Gigolo and The Disaster Artist”. In 1995, the actress received her star on the “Walk of Fame”, and in 2005 she was named “Officer of Arts and Letters” in France.

Stone became famous by acting in series as well. Some of them are “War and Remembrance”, “If the Walls Could Talk 2”, “The Practice”, “Agent X” and “Mosaic”. In 2010, she won an Emmy Award for “Best Actress in a Drama Series” in “Law and Order.”


Sharon Vonne Stone was born in Medville, Pennsylvania. She lived with her mother Dorothy Marie, an accountant, father Joseph William Stone II, a factory worker, older brother Michael, younger sister Kelly and younger brother Patrick. She was considered a gifted child, which is why she started the second grade at the age of only five.

She graduated from Saegertown High School in Pennsylvania in 1975. While studying at Edinboro University, Sharon won the Miss Crawford County title, and was a candidate for Miss Pennsylvania. One of the judges told her to leave school and move to New York, to become a model. Two years later, Stone left Medville and moved in with her aunt in New Jersey. She immediately got a contract with a Ford fashion agency in New York.

In 2016, after being inspired by Hillary Clinton, Stone returned to Edinboro University to get a degree.


Stone later decided to move to Europe where she realized that she did not want to do modeling, but acting. She returned to America to star in Stardust Memories and then Deadly Blessing. French director Claude Lelouch gave her a role in the 1982 film Les Uns et les Autres, where she starred with James Caan. In the same year, she starred in a television series called “Silver Spoons”.

In 1983, she continued to star in series, this time in “Bay City Blues” and “Remingtone Steele”. She got her next major role in the film in 1984, starring in “Irreconcilable Differences,” alongside Ryan O’Neal, Shelley Long and young Drew Barrymore.

In 1985, she starred in “King Solomon’s Mines”, and in 1986 in “Allan Quatrain and the Lost City of Gold”. Two years later, side by side with Steven Seagal, she starred in the film “Above the Law”. In the same year, she appeared in “War and Remembrance”.

In 1990, she starred in the film “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The project received positive reviews, earning 262 million dollars, which helped the actress develop her career. She appeared in five smaller films the following year, and then starred in the romantic comedy “He Said, She Said” and the psychological thriller “Scissors.”

Stone starred opposite Forest Whitaker in the dramatic thriller “Diary of a Hitman,” which was presented at the Deauville Film Festival, after which she appeared in “Year of the Gun.” In the same year, she found herself in “Where sleeping dogs lie”.

In 1992, Stone took on the role of Catherine Tramell in “Basic instinct”. Many actresses turned down the role because of the nude scenes, and they made her a star. Although the reviews for the film were mixed, Sharon received praise for her participation. She received a Golden Globe nomination in the “Best Actress” category, four nominations for the MTV Movie Award, but also a Golden Raspberry nomination in the “Worst New Star” category. The film became one of the most successful productions of the 1990s, earning $353 million worldwide.

New projects

In 1993, Stone starred in an erotic film called “Sliver.” Although critics condemned the film, and Sharon received a Golden Raspberry nomination in the “Worst Actress” category, the film was a commercial success, earning $116 million. In the same year, she appeared in the action film “Last Action Hero”, again with Schwarzenegger.

In 1994, Stone starred opposite Richard Gere and Lolita Davidovich in “Intersection”. The film received negative reviews, and did not make the expected earnings. In the same year, she found herself in “The Specialist” with Sylvester Stallone, again participating in a project that received negative reviews and commercial success.

For her last two films, Sharon won the Golden Raspberry Award and the Stinkers Bad Movie Award in the “Worst Actress” category, but she was also nominated for the MTV Movie Award in the “Most desirable lady” category. In 1995, she starred in “The quick and the dead,” for which she received a Saturn Award nomination, again for Best Actress.

In the same year, Sharon starred with Robert De Niro in the adaptation of the book “Casino”. The project received great reviews, earning 116 million dollars. Critics also praised her performance, after which Stone received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination in the “Best Actress” category. At the end of the year, Sharon also received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and won the “Women in film crystal” award.

The following year, Sharon starred again in two projects that were not well-received. Thanks to that, she was again nominated for “Worst New Star”. In 1998, Stone starred alongside Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson in “Sphere.” Then she voted for the animated film “Antz”, in which many stars from both the world of film and the world of music participated. The project went well, earning 172 million dollars. At the end of the year, Sharon achieved success again, this time in the film “The Mighty”, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of “Best Supporting Actress”.

In 1999, another failure and nomination for worst actress, Stone received a role in the film “Gloria”, which was repeated with a comedy called “The Muse”, although Stone received a nomination for “Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical” .

In 2000, Sharon starred opposite Ellen DeGeneres in the HBO drama “If the walls could talk 2”. For this role, she received the Women in Film and Lucy Award. In the same year, she found herself in the comedy “Beautiful Jo”.

Health problems

After being hospitalized for a head injury in 2001, Stone decided to take a break from acting, and returned to the big screen only in 2003, in three episodes of the series “The Practice”. For this performance, she received an Emmy Award in the category of “Excellent Guest Actress in a Drama Series.” At the end of the year, she found herself in a James Woods commercial, to raise people’s awareness of heart attack symptoms.

During the early 2000s, Sharon wanted to return to commercial film roles. She achieved this by starring in “Cold Creek Manor” and “Catwoman” with Halle Berry. Although both films achieved unprecedented success, “Catwoman” was declared by critics as one of the worst films of all time.

The next major success was with “Broken Flowers”, which she worked on with Bill Murray and Jessica Lange. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2005, she was appointed “Officer of Arts and Letters” in France.

After several years of negotiations, “Basic instinct 2” was shown on March 31, 2006. The reason for such a big difference between the sequels is the alleged desire of the actress for a larger number of nude scenes in the film, with which the directors did not agree. The group sex scene was dropped from the American version of the film so as not to be labeled as an adult film, while the same famous scene remained included in the British edition of the project.

Although the film had a budget of 70 million dollars, in the first week of showing it, it earned only 3 million, and after 17 days of showing in cinemas, it earned a total of 6 million. It was then declared a failure. The project did better in Europe and Australia, earning 38 million from the screening and sale of DVD releases.

In 2006, Stone starred in “Alpha dog”, which premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival”. This, as well as the next project, called “Bobby”, received positive reviews, and Stone was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award, and won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for “Best Screenplay”.

In December 2006, Stone hosted the Nobel Prize in Oslo, Norway. In the same year, she appeared in the last episode of the Turkish series “Kurtlar Vadisi” with Andy Garcia. In 2007, Stone starred in “When a man falls in the forest”, which premiered at the “Berlin Film Festival”, after which she was nominated for a Golden Bear.

That same year, she found herself in “If I had known I was a genius”, after which she recorded “The year of getting to know us”, “Five dollars a day” and “Streets of blood”.

In April 2010, Sharon appeared in four episodes of the series “Law and Order”, for which she received very good reviews. She then starred in the French action film “Largo Winch II”, which premiered on February 16, 2011, in France. She also achieved great success with the thriller “Border Run”, which was released in 2012.

In 2013, Sharon found herself in two successful projects. The first was premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival”, titled “Lovelace”, and the second was released at the 38th “Toronto International Film Festival”, titled Fading Gigolo.

Stone played an actress who became a publisher in an Italian drama comedy called “A golden boy”, alongside Riccardo Scamarcio. The film was directed by Papi Avati and premiered at the “Montreal World Film Festival”. It was released in theaters on September 18, 2014.

In 2014, Stone also starred in an action drama called “Agent X” that aired on the TNT channel. Two years later, she found herself in the film again, this time with Susan Sarandon and Courtney Cox in “Mothers and Daughters.” The project received mixed reviews. That same year, she starred with John Travolta and Kate Bosworth in “Life on the line.”

In 2017, she appeared in an independent drama called “Running Wild” and in the comedy “The Disaster Artist”, directed by James Franco. The film was honorably screened at the South by Southest premiere, which is a great honor in the film industry.

The following year, Sharon returned to filming the series. This time, she appeared in a mystery drama called “Mosaic”, for which she received positive reviews.

In 2001, Sharon suffered a severe stroke, from which she was recovering for a long time. She later revealed to the media that she had to learn basic things again, such as speaking, walking and writing. This event significantly affected her career, because she was practically written off in Hollywood.

“My whole life was erased. They looked at me as damaged goods and avoided cooperating with me.”


In a career spanning over three decades, Stone has landed over a hundred roles in movies and television series. She has won ten awards and 41 nominations, including an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe and two MTV Movie Awards for “Basic Instinct.”

Public image

Since her scenes are full of erotica, Sharon gained the status of a sex symbol, mostly thanks to movies from the nineties. The actress appeared on the covers of almost 300 magazines during her acting career. In 1986, she appeared naked for the Vogue magazine, which she repeated four years later, to promote the film “Total Recall” in Playboy magazine.

In 1992, People magazine ranked her on the list of “50 most beautiful people in the world”. In 1995, Empire magazine ranked her among the 100 sexiest stars in film history, and in 1997, she was ranked in the top 100 movie stars of all time. Four documentaries were made about her and several biographies were written.

On October 23, 2013, Sharon received the Peace Summit Award for working with people suffering from AIDS or HIV.

In 2015, she was the guest of honor at the Pilosio Building Peace awards ceremony in Milan. She started an unplanned auction on the stage in front of an audience full of directors of various companies. It has raised enough funds to build 28 schools in Africa.

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