The key difference between strong and weak people

The key difference between strong and weak people

Everything you need to know about other people’s personalities, Freud said a long time ago.

It is often thought that strong people are quite resilient to everything, they just focus on their goal and move forward, not looking back, not feeling regret or insecurity. Also, they are often perceived as “cold” and distant people who know how to channel emotions and who live for their own benefit.

There are untruths and misconceptions in this statement because a strong person can be vulnerable, a gentle soul in need of love, an open heart, and a source of kindness. Strong people did not manage to achieve everything they achieved overnight and create a strong personality, but they went through a journey that was full of ups and downs, obstacles, and great efforts to achieve their desires.

Sigmund Freud explained the key difference between the strong and the weak people:

“People think that reality is unsatisfactory and that is why they live in a fantasy world, imagining the fulfillment of their desires. A strong person realizes this desire. The weak one still lives in this world of hers and her fantasies are embodied in the symptoms of various diseases.”

Weak people also have their goals and dreams, but they rarely achieve them. Not because not everyone has the same chances and opportunities, but they simply find it difficult to accept changes and stay in their comfort zone forever. The fear of change in these people causes constant regret and dissatisfaction, but it can take decades until you realize that it is only necessary to get out of the comfort zone, make changes and engage in the realization of their dreams.

These are people who are afraid to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Sure, you have a person in the environment who has been complaining about his job for years, his boss, colleagues, and salary, but he is not doing anything to find a new job and change his situation.

“Most people don’t really want freedom because it involves responsibility, and responsibility is terrifying for most people”.

A strong person is not afraid of change, he tries to make himself better, and he is not afraid to take responsibility for himself, but also for others. She has a strong will, but also a sincere heart.

One important characteristic of strong people is that they are optimistic, but at the same time they look at life objectively, they do not build illusions.

The key difference between strong and weak people


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